Heat and Run v0.46.1 upd.30.06.2022

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Heat and Run — offers users several modes of its passage. The main characters can take part in fights or team competitions. The action takes place on the island of Navadran, where two groups have been at war for a long time the Kingdom and the Empire. Both of them are under Mavos curse. His task is to maintain the Fire, not to let it go out. Mavo is an ancient colossus engulfed in flames. In the past, he was engaged in the devastation of the island. And only when the fire on the opposite side is extinguished, then the warring groups can find peace.
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  • Soda Story Brewing Tycoon v0.9 upd.30.06.2022

    Soda Story Brewing Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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    Soda Story Brewing Tycoon — is a colorful adventure game project with an unusual plot line. Take control of the main character, whom you will develop and improve in every possible way as a cook. Your profession will be unusual, as you will become a brewing specialist creating all kinds of soda. The game invites you to take part in an exciting TV show where only the strongest can win. Brew soda and then sell it to increase the number of fans and, accordingly, buyers. The storyline will tell you about a select group of prisoners, one of which you are.
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  • Age of Grit v1.3 upd.30.06.2022 - DOGE

    Age of Grit Game Free Download Torrent
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    Age of Grit — looks like a great example of a hybrid of science fiction and steam punk that may be of interest to those who are fans of Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. Age of Grit follows the struggles and adventures of a lone airship owned and operated by a player. He also seeks to create an unlikely mix of steampunk and cowboys, inspired mostly by science fiction smugglers and austere traders. Put on the dusty boots of Jebedai Rockwell, the gray captain of the shabby steam airship. You and the team of your ship will set off on a journey through the vast world of the Wild West in a story-rich role-playing game. Improve your airship with accurate rifles, Gatling’s formidable machine guns, destructive guns and many other steampunk-style items. Build your state with every job you do and with every illegal explosion dropped from the sky. Try your hand at head hunting, duels with criminals, smuggling and anything else to pay the bills and keep your ship in the sky.

    This game has been updated 30-06-2022, 05:43 to the latest version v1.3 upd.30.06.2022.

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  • The Lord Of The Parties Build 9030804 upd.30.06.2022 - TiNYiSO

    The Lord Of The Parties Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Lord Of The Parties — is a 2D Party Shootem Up RPG about a girl who goes on an adventure to find her missing father and a childhood friend who helps the girl. Explore a unique fantasy world with a variety of teammates you’ll meet on your travels. When you wake up in the morning, your group members decide what to do today. Party members who don’t like the decision or are in bad shape can opt out of the mission. You control the entire party, not just one unit. If at least one is alive, the adventure can be continued. During the adventure you will meet captured soldiers. Save them and they will be happy to help you. If three or more of the same soldiers join a squad during an adventure, they will combine to become a higher rank soldier. Group members can join up to 10 people.
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  • Clown For Speed Build 9033175 upd.30.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Clown For Speed Game Free Download Torrent
    Clown For Speed — is a realistic drift, detailed racing cars, many aesthetic attractions and open online lobbies in which you can get lost for several hours in a row. Immerse yourself in the real world of the ultimate drifting experience. Choose your perfect trip and get ready to burn some tires. Optimized for the best PC experience. Get an unlocked framerate and experience Clown for Speed in any resolution, only on PC. Plus, experience the thrill of sideways movement with a steering wheel and peripheral support from a range of manufacturers, including Logitech. Let’s sum it up in a few words. Clown For Speed currently has 18 cars to choose from, an offline mode with 3 maps and an online mode with 16 players on one map. Realistic rides with realistic features, beautifully hand-crafted tracks, carefully selected and fully licensed soundtracks.
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  • Project Lazarus Alpha v2.9 Build 9032794

    Project Lazarus Game Free Download Torrent
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    Project Lazarus — is a survival game with an upside-down machine gun and rogue-lite elements! Upgrade your fur arsenal to survive waves of alien monsters. Collect items and crystals to level up, equip and upgrade your fur, and establish a fire advantage. Each fur has its own control scheme and weapon slots, so make the right choice for the environment and your playstyle. Then deploy your fur on alien planet soil and survive the fall.
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  • Lil Horror Stories The Camp Fire Build 8996368 upd.30.06.2022

    Lil Horror Stories The Camp Fire Game Free Download Torrent
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    Lil Horror Stories The Camp Fire — Camp Fire Game is an open-world adventure horror game where you have to go in search of firewood in any order you like to start a campfire. This is the only safe place and checkpoint. You received a voucher for a free trip from the bank. Now you can relax a little and enjoy your vacation in the fresh air. It’s a good thing that boogeymen and monsters don’t exist. Just keep the fire burning all night and they have nothing to worry about. They are drawn to your light. Stay low to be enough. Collect 12 logs. Supports a partial menu controller, still needs to be moved with the mouse. Audio is best played with headphones. Minor flashes, blood, screamers. This is the first story in the Lil Horror Stories series and also my first game release. Inspired by the old Creep Show and Goose Bumps stories.
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  • Acolyte Build 9021034 upd.30.06.2022

    Acolyte Game Free Download Torrent
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    In Acolyte, gamers are immersed in an amazing detective story full of mysteries and unexpected twists. But there is also a rather interesting feature here the main character has his own assistant, working through artificial intelligence. You can turn to him for help, independently formulating phrases and receiving valuable information about certain things. As it turns out later, the character was at the center of a conspiracy plot for a long time. And now, you need to make a lot of efforts to unravel this tangle and understand what is hidden behind multi-stage schemes and manipulations.
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  • Rangers Build 9024287 upd.30.06.2022

    Rangers Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rangers — this is a zombie survival game for single player and 4 player co-op. Single player with 4 player co-op, join host sessions hosted game, player characters, chat system, dynamic crossroad, point system, random weapon box, observation and respawn system, bonus drops, respawn system, deadly things like train. This game is also a support project for my new VR game. There are also regular updates and improvements to the game, at the moment the damage from moving carts has been fixed, the leaderboards are now adjusted to kill zombies. Leaderboards can now be seen in the Community Center.
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