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SpaceEngine the first thing that catches your eye is the real size of our universe. What are hundreds of billions of galaxies and hundreds of billions of stars in each of them? — just dry numbers in an astronomy textbook. But here, all this is felt in its own skin. And you begin to understand how our humanity, with all its petty problems and mouse wars, is insignificant in comparison with the magnitude and incomprehensibility of the Universe. No, we are not grains of sand, or even dust, we are nothing at all. And no one will even notice if our sun suddenly goes out tomorrow and another civilization will sink into oblivion, without leaving any heritage behind.

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  • DYSMANTLE v1.1.1.5

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    DYSMANTLE — RPG with a bit of humor and action. Your character was saved only thanks to the bunker. The world was struck by an unknown infection. But the time has come when the main character is forced to go upstairs and explore the world. As a result, the man discovers a house overgrown with grass, many animals, living people, but also monsters. Your task is to help a person adapt in a world where new rules reign. The main character will be hindered in every possible way by monsters, of which there are plenty on the island. There are no more shops.

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  • Soulash v1.0.12.3 upd.10.09.2022

    Soulash Game Free Download Torrent
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    Soulash — is a fantasy turn-based roguelike RPG in which you take the role of a long-forgotten god who has returned to the mortal world to destroy him. At the beginning of the game, you will be very weak, you just managed to capture the body of a mortal in order to maintain your presence in this world. As you travel through the open world, you will meet different people and be able to absorb their souls to regain your strength. You will only leave a trail of blood and ash on your way.

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  • NBA 2K23 Build 9443638 upd.09.09.2022 - P2P

    NBA 2K23 Game Free Download Torrent
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    NBA 2k23 — is the twenty-fourth game in a series of basketball sports games licensed by the NBA American League. The Visual Concepts team, with the support of Take-Two Interactive, is once again responsible for the creation of the new part. NBA 2K23 follows the direction set by the previous entries in the series. Thus, it is a sports game in which we play basketball games. We can lead real teams to victory or our own dream teams, made up of both contemporary NBA stars and legendary players like Michael Jordan pictured on the games cover.

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  • StarCrawlers v1.1.4.1 (38046) - GOG

    StarCrawlers Game Free Download Torrent
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    StarCrawlers is a typical bagel, but translated into a modern twist and received an admixture of traditional science fiction and as such cyberpunk. Here you are waiting for battles, adventures, intrigues and conspiracies, and of course the sea of action. The story in the game is about the distant future, in which mankind not only mastered space travel, but also began to colonize other planets. But this is only one side of the coin — the second is the emergence of a huge number of mega corporations who are eager to get more money and power.

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  • South of the Circle v23 (57608) - GOG

    South of the Circle Game Free Download Torrent
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    South of the Circle — an adventure game that takes us to the middle of the Cold War. The protagonist of South of the Circle is Peter, a climatologist who, after a crash in Antarctica, seeks salvation, reflects on his past and analyzes his chosen life path. South of the Circle takes us back to the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War. The protagonist of the game is Peter, a climatologist and university lecturer whose journey ends in a hard landing in Antarctica. In search of salvation and in the struggle for survival, the protagonist recalls his past from childhood, career growth, romance with Clara, whom he met at the university and with whom he became involved in a political conflict and analyzes his current, crisis situation.

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  • X-Plane 12 v00b2 upd.10.06.2022

    X-Plane 12 Game Free Download Torrent
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    X-Plane 12 — is a realistic flight simulator created by airplane enthusiasts for the same dedicated flying car fans. Try yourself as a pilot of both civil airliners and military fighters. Immerse yourself in the subtleties of control and go through detailed training, and then hone your skills directly in the sky. Show off your talents and experience a range of unforgettable gaming experiences. The developers boldly call their project unique and they do not exaggerate at all, because this is the first game that conveys a realistic experience of flying and controlling an aircraft at the level of flight simulators. The players will have a real dashboard in front of them, not a simplified version of it, and you will need to master it thoroughly.

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  • Baldo The Guardian Owls v1.01 (57184) - GOG

    Baldo The Guardian Owls Game Free Download Torrent
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    Baldo The Guardian Owls — is an action-adventure RPG where you will face many interesting mysteries and puzzles. Go to the magical world and help the main character Baldo decipher an ancient prophecy. You will travel across uncharted territories, enter unfamiliar cities and towns. You will be able to make new acquaintances and find out information that may be useful for further investigation. You have to face cruel enemies, which can only be dealt with with the help of weapons and your own fighting skills.

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  • Spirit of the Island v1.0.5.0 upd.10.09.2022

    Spirit of the Island Game Free Download Torrent
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    Spirit of the Island — is a life simulator with RPG elements set on a tropical island. Explore the once-thriving resort, help the locals, care for the animals, grow crops, and do whatever it takes to restore the island to its former glory. Don’t forget your history too. Go through various tests and discover long-forgotten memories. The creators of Spirit of the Island focus on the plot. In the game we have to turn a small abandoned tropical island into a popular resort, at the same time revealing the secrets of the past of both the city and the hero.

    This game has been updated 10-09-2022, 13:50 to the latest version v1.0.5.0 upd.10.09.2022.

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  • Rec Center Tycoon v0.7.1 upd.10.09.2022

    Rec Center Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rec Center Tycoon — Get to know your economic strategy. This time you need to build not a metropolis, but a health center. In addition to controlling construction processes, you need to properly manage funds, look for the right employees and do everything so that patients stay at your center will benefit them. First you need to build the modules where patients will go. The rooms should be comfortable for a comfortable stay of customers. It is mandatory to build a cafe and other premises for various pastimes. There should be a sports hall, a cinema, a swimming pool and other entertainment for which people pay money.

    This game has been updated 10-09-2022, 05:27 to the latest version v0.7.1 upd.10.09.2022.

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