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Fobia St Dinfna Hotel — is a psychological horror adventure game. It was developed by the independent Brazilian team Pulsatrix Studios. The main character of Fobia St Dinfna Hotel is a newly minted journalist named Roberto. In search of material for a widely read article, the protagonist travels to Trese Trillas, where he stays at the St Dinfna. His goal is to investigate the activities of a mysterious sect that conducts experiments on people in the name of the unity of science and religion. A week after the start of the investigation, Roberto receives irrefutable evidence that supernatural forces are involved in what is happening in Treza Trillas. From that moment on, his stay there turns into a struggle for survival; To find a way out, Roberto must travel back in time and face the monstrous creatures that are on his trail.

This game has been updated 17-09-2022, 15:29 to the latest version Build 9460237 upd.17.09.2022.

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  • Disney Dreamlight Valley v1.0.5.85 upd.17.09.2022

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    Disney Dreamlight Valley — invites players to embark on an interesting journey through the universe of Disney and Pixar studios. It is proposed to play as a character who accidentally landed in a fairy-tale land and got acquainted with the whole variety of cartoon characters. The characters have been inhabiting this country for many years, everyone is busy with their own interests, and the heroine of the game is trying to rationalize her existence. Everyone, to one degree or another, has already met with many characters from various Multiverses.

    This game has been updated 17-09-2022, 15:29 to the latest version v1.0.5.85 upd.17.09.2022.

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    Ankora Lost Days — is an incredibly colorful and beautiful game in which the user will have to explore a planet with different biomes. The area is inhabited by amazing creatures that may not be entirely friendly to the character. But to each of them you can find your own approach and try to make friends. Moon is the youngest of the Space Patrol Rangers. This time she was supposed to go to study one of the systems, but her ship malfunctioned and crash landed on the planet Ankora, which is similar in climate to Earth. The girl successfully lands her ship and goes on a short journey through the local lands to assess their size, as well as find the local population.

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    Operation A-Bis — is an exploration game in which the player assumes the role of a scientist lost in the depths of the Mariana Trench. The French operation «Operation A» was sent to the depths to prove that monsters do not exist. After an accident, you are the only survivor, locked in your damaged submarine. The main task and the main goal of this game is a rather interesting task, you need to explore every crack. You will have at your disposal a set of tools that will help you explore the abyss, a radar that will accurately show interesting artifacts, also in the player’s equipment there will be ballast, a map and much more.

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    Honey, I Joined a Cult — is a fun top-down management simulator in which you will move towards enlightenment, faith and money. In the game you have to build your own commune of cultists. As you progress through you will expand your settlement, manage sectarians, distribute resources and increase the power of faith, funds in the treasury and the size of the flock. Members of your cult have their own needs, and you need to feed, drink and entertain them. Monitor the overall physical and mental well-being so that everyone in the cult can reach their full potential. Take charge of your own 70s cult. Build and expand your base, manage resources and squeeze as much money out of your loyal followers as you can.

    This game has been updated 17-09-2022, 15:30 to the latest version v0.6.104 upd.17.09.2022.

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    Dark Quest Board Game is a tabletop RPG that has been brought to life as a PC game. Exciting adventures and exciting battles with the evil that is advancing on your lands await you. Choose a hero to your liking and hit the road. You will have to confront a powerful sorcerer who managed to acquire an assistant. Together with his apprentice, the insidious magician rebelled against the existing way of life and fixed his views on the lands that lived peacefully until recently. Their magic is so strong that only the best warriors of all tribes can resist it. You must send out the sad news and assemble a full-fledged army that will repel the created monsters.

    This game has been updated 17-09-2022, 15:07 to the latest version v0.59 upd.17.09.2022.

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