ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan v1.0.10.98 upd.16.10.2022

ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan Game Free Download Torrent

ARCANIUM Rise of Akhan — all battles are carried out in real time: the user can give orders to his characters using a tactical pause. It is necessary to be able to competently implement the abilities of various units, as well as consumables that are not easily obtained. The game assumes a sequential passage, during which the player unlocks new skills, artifacts and, of course, heroes. Thanks to the random occurrence of locations, the user will spend hundreds of hours of addictive and dynamic game. From the very first battle, you can get an opponent who is several times stronger than you. This is a challenge to your operational tactics build your decks wisely.

This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 17:55 to the latest version v1.0.10.98 upd.16.10.2022.

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  • Sea Salt v1.1.1 upd.16.10.2022

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    Sea Salt is a pixel action strategy game in which you play as the old god — Dagon. For a long time, you blessed believers with a fair wind, which allowed them to collect seafood and live a wonderful life. Worshiping you and the prayers of believers have empowered you, but one day, the Bishop of your church went against your will. He imagines himself above Dagon, which infuriated you. Now these pathetic and cowardly people will answer for everything! Send your army of sea monsters to punish people for their dirty misconduct.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 12:27 to the latest version v1.1.1 upd.16.10.2022.

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  • Floppy Knights v1.2.16 upd.16.10.2022

    Floppy Knights Game Free Download Torrent
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    Floppy Knights — is a humorous game that combines elements of strategy and tactical games, enriched with elements borrowed from card games. The project was developed by the independent studio Rose City Games, whose portfolio includes The World Next Door. The idea for this, as well as the concepts for other works by this group, was born during one of the game jams. Floppy Knights takes us on a journey into a fantasy world. Who is trying to earn enough money to move away from her parents. Being a talented inventor and programmer, the girl designed Carlton, a bionic arm capable of turning worn-out floppy disks into titular knights. This skill proves to be extremely useful when all sorts of monsters appear on the ground that our hero encounters.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 16:20 to the latest version v1.2.16 upd.16.10.2022.

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  • Fueled Up v1.0.4 Build 9729584

    Fueled Up Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fueled Up — is an adventure that will take the player to the distant future. The story begins with a group of adventurers wandering through space, where they are thrown far beyond the borders of their home planet. Now the team needs to join forces to overcome all the difficulties that the galaxy is fraught with and pave the way to home. This is very difficult, because in addition to natural barriers, adversaries interfere with the heroes. They represent the servants of a huge octopus, which the flight of their servants to punch holes in the skin, break devices and many other tricks in order to delay the squad.

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  • Camp Canyonwood v0.251 upd.16.10.2022

    Camp Canyonwood Game Free Download Torrent
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    Camp Canyonwood — is an unusual life simulator with 2D hand-drawn graphics. Events take place in the colorful world of intelligent birds that behave almost like people. The player needs to play as a counselor, a boy scout forest camp, and the game has a full-fledged opportunity to control him, as well as the main character separately. So, a very decrepit camp is given to management and the player needs to breathe life into it, return the boy scouts again and provide them with a pleasant and useful pastime.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 17:49 to the latest version v0.251 upd.16.10.2022.

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  • DYSMANTLE v1.1.1.23

    DYSMANTLE Game Free Download Torrent
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    DYSMANTLE — RPG with a bit of humor and action. Your character was saved only thanks to the bunker. The world was struck by an unknown infection. But the time has come when the main character is forced to go upstairs and explore the world. As a result, the man discovers a house overgrown with grass, many animals, living people, but also monsters. Your task is to help a person adapt in a world where new rules reign. The main character will be hindered in every possible way by monsters, of which there are plenty on the island. There are no more shops.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 16:22 to the latest version v1.1.1.23.

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  • Tainted Grail Conquest v1.61 (59431) - GOG

    Tainted Grail Conquest Game Free Download Torrent
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    The world of Tainted Grail Conquest — was created by Polish writer Krzysztof Piskorski. This is an alternative version of the universe, known from the legends of King Arthur, in which the Knights of the Round Table were killed, and the world plunged into chaos caused by a dark force called Wyrdness. In Tainted Grail Conquest, the game world is most often viewed from above, although the camera often changes its position, zooming in and out to show us events from different angles. Developed by Awaken Realms Digital, the game is an RPG with clearly defined roguelike and card game elements. The map on which the game takes place looks a little different each time.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 13:41 to the latest version v1.61 (59431).

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  • Cantata v0.3 upd.16.10.2022

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    Cantata — is a strategy game with an emphasis on deep combat tactics, set in a fantasy world of the future. All the action takes place in a strange universe where the world is divided into 10 factions, but there are 3 bases of their direction, these are aliens, people and robots. Each side of the conflict has its own types of weapons, as well as different buildings and technologies. This makes the game for any of the parties unique in its own way. The scene itself is a different planet, and the goal of the game is to expand its power to new territories.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 17:41 to the latest version v0.3 upd.16.10.2022.

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  • The Riftbreaker v1.32782 (59458) - GOG

    The Riftbreaker Game Free Download Torrent
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    GOG version for PC game The Riftbreaker — is a great strategy for those who are accustomed to relaxing, immersed in virtual reality. This project is for survival. There are also action elements here. You will also need to carry out the construction of the base. You will become Captain Ashley Novak. She is an elite Commando Scientist who is wearing a powerful mech suit. The main task is to build a base on the planet, which is located at the very edge of the Milky Way. This will allow you to return to Earth and engage in colonization. Use your fur suit. It will work even in very difficult conditions. It is also important to build a base that is equipped with everything you need.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 13:39 to the latest version v1.32782 (59458).

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  • The Planet Crafter v0.6.005 upd.16.10.2022

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    The Planet Crafter — this pc game can be attributed to the genre of an exciting survival simulator Earth Analog in combination with sandbox, crafting, and science fiction style. Here you have to deal with survival in space conditions, as well as terraform a large open world. Go to a hostile planet and try to transform its ecosystem in such a way that people can live there. Gather resources, build your own base, and then adjust the supply of oxygen, heat, pressure and other parameters. You will take on the role of a hero who was sent to another planet with one single goal to adapt all conditions so that you can equip a human colony there.

    This game has been updated 16-10-2022, 03:45 to the latest version v0.6.005 upd.16.10.2022.

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