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Kainga Seeds of Civilization — is an excellent city-building game in which you have to travel back to ancient times and try to build a civilization, starting with a very small ordinary village. Antiquity, dangers are literally everywhere, huge animals and predators, weather conditions and cataclysms, a wild world that strives to destroy people all this is not a complete list of what you will have to face. But believe me, even this is enough to properly spoil your nerves. Now you control a whole village, an ancient settlement that you need to grow and turn into a full-fledged city, and possibly into a real stronghold of human civilization.

This game has been updated 6-12-2022, 15:36 to the latest version Build 10088211 (upd.06.12.2022).

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    Mirror Forge — takes the user into a universe that only its appearance and tension can scare even the most experienced player and lover of the horror genre. The visual component is reminiscent of the atmosphere of chamber scary films about abandoned cities and towns, and the style involuntarily echoes with elements of science fiction and modern pop culture. The result is the quintessence of reality with psychedelic surrealism and terrible otherworldly creatures that do not stop following users for a minute. The central character has no weapons — only a flashlight illuminates the road with its beam of light.

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    God Souls mainly focuses on bloody combat experience and rich level design, similar to Prince of Persia, God of War and so on. Chaos is the protagonist of the series, using a variety of weapons and magical powers to fight against many different types of enemies, the vast majority of which are creatures based on Greek mythology. For most enemies, Kaos can also trigger a QTE that requires precision, killing opponents with bloody kills.

    3.61 GB
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    In game Path of Ra, you accompany the soul of a pharaoh, transformed into a hieroglyph on the frescoes of his tomb. Move the slabs and create a path for him to collect the pieces of his heart. Bring his story to life and learn about the circumstances of his death with a beautiful hand-crafted cinematic. Inspired by the magnificent hieroglyphic murals of the pyramids, Path of Ra will take you on a journey to ancient Egypt like you’ve never seen before. Move and rotate the tiles with a simple motion to rearrange the murals. The game is designed so that everyone can play it. Over 60 meticulously handcrafted levels challenge each new picture.

    657 MB
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    Space Wreck — invites you to visit an interstellar ship drifting in space. The authors were inspired by the famous works of the world of computer games, trying to create their own masterpiece. This spaceship is seriously damaged and needs to be repaired. You will play as the captain and try and handle the situation. In the presence of sufficient tools, in order to use it correctly, you need to try. There are several ways to solve the problem. What will you get. Freedom of action pleases. The project stimulates the players ability to think and creativity.

    This game has been updated 6-12-2022, 07:09 to the latest version v1.2.0 (upd.06.12.2022).

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