Battle Mage Build 10140083 (upd.04.01.2023)

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Battle Mage is a rogue-like souls-like Metroidvania. It features fast-paced combat with swords, bows, and spells in an endlessly repeating, randomly generated world. It features a procedurally generated narrative that encourages the player to explore a vast, maze-like world. Battle Mage follows the fantasy or Dungeons and Dragons tradition with an emphasis on the mysterious and unexplored. Even in the earliest works of great authors like CS Lewis etc., there is a world that exists between worlds.

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  • Dark Past Build 10243131 (upd.04.01.2023)

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    Dark Past is a first-person cooperative horror game with a psychological thriller feel. It can be played solo, as well as two, three or four players online. It is much easier to run in a small company around locations, because this way the chances of success increase. Players can communicate with each other via voice chat. The volume of the voice depends on how close their characters are to their allies. The microphone also allows you to interact with otherworldly spirits. They react differently to intonations and words of users. Users play the role of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

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  • Sapu Build 10249560 (upd.04.01.2023)

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    Sapu is a young frog who lives in a frog village located in a frog forest. On a fine Tuesday afternoon, Sapa was awakened by the other villagers, who informed him that his grandfather had been bitten by a poisonous carnivorous plant while he was catching fireflies for dinner, and that he was on the verge of death. Sapu despairs, but soon comes up with the idea of how to save his grandfather and sets off in search of adventure in the forest. Controls are simple: walk, jump, double jump and dash. The game can be played on a keyboard or controller. Supports Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers.

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  • Summer Village Build 10250942 (upd.04.01.2023)

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    In game Summer Village, the player controls a hero who must jump over obstacles and platforms during his journey through the medieval world. Along the way, the hero can find armor, shields and swords that make him stronger and more capable of fighting enemies. The plot of the game is exciting the mysterious disappearance of the hero’s friend in the Summer Village and the journey to save him. The player will face enemies and overcome difficult obstacles while searching for hidden artifacts to complete his mission.

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  • Attack Zone Build 10254617 (upd.04.01.2023)

    Attack Zone Game Free Download Torrent
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    Attack Zone — in endless mode, you fight endless advancing enemies until you die. Your goal should be to kill as many enemies as possible. In challenge mode you fight until you complete your quest, if you complete your quest without dying you will receive your reward for the respective task. In the Shooting Area mode, you can try out all the weapons and shoot practice multiple times at the same time. There are several targets you can shoot at to practice your aim at the same time. Perks are mods that affect how the game works, which you can unlock different bonuses with bonus points. Unlocked bonuses help you fight. Where do you get bonus points? You get bonus points when you level up and when you complete tasks, of course also when you kill enemies.

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  • Victoria 3 v1.1.2 (upd.04.01.2023) - FLT

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    Victoria 3 — allows gamers to feel the restless atmosphere of the 19th century and early 20th. The third part of the series covers the period from 1836 to 1936. The world map shows dozens of countries that existed at that time. Users are allowed to control any of these powers. They also need to represent their power on the world stage. The triquel genre has remained the same. This is a global strategy with an emphasis on economics and politics. This title has a complex and well-thought-out economic component. Users are allowed to decide what is better to develop — industry or agriculture. You can establish trade with neighbors, import cheap raw materials, look for new markets for selling your products. There is an opportunity to influence other empires with the help of trade.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 11:53 to the latest version v1.1.2 (upd.04.01.2023).

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  • My Island Build 10211276 (upd.04.01.2023)

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    Survival games are gradually evolving and despite the lack of fresh concepts, many developers are trying to improve the already available adventure options. My Island is a game that introduces another story about human survival in the wild. But this time you will be surprised that the main character has great potential and skills for this, starting with a simple planting of various plants and ending with the construction of large structures. But, as one would expect, for the realization of all this, you will need a huge amount of various resources. The main feature of the game adventure will be the ability to do what you want.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 14:17 to the latest version Build 10211276 (upd.04.01.2023).

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  • Ancient Cities Build 10219793 (upd.04.01.2023)

    Ancient Cities Game Free Download Torrent
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    Ancient Cities — try to build your ancient city in the most beautiful ancient era. This game is a kind of sandbox, a classic representative of the genre, so if you are a true connoisseur of this theme, then you are welcome. The game invites you to take an exciting journey and take part in an adventure that will be remembered for the rest of your life. A city-builder based on ancient times what could be more beautiful and exciting. The game was praised by many professional historians. Most of the playing time you will have to build and create something unthinkable and interesting. Give out amazing pearls and get them out of your head, creating such structures from which others will go crazy. Use a variety of technologies to create, both modern and antique. Achieve the highest result and beat all competitors who don’t believe in you.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 12:30 to the latest version Build 10219793 (upd.04.01.2023).

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  • Dead Grid v0.3.20 (upd.04.01.2023)

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    Dead Grid — is a strategy game developed in the RPG genre where we have to cope with a rather difficult mission. You are the commander-in-chief of a detachment of elite mercenaries who have a fairly rich combat experience and a powerful arsenal of weapons. The main goal is to destroy the enemy, but it will not be so easy to deal with it. The storyline tells about the world on the verge of destruction, which was filled with soulless and insidious zombies.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 11:55 to the latest version v0.3.20 (upd.04.01.2023).

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  • Warriors of the Nile 2 v0.9505 (upd.04.01.2023)

    Warriors of the Nile 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Warriors of the Nile 2 is a game where, as in the original version, epic battles and exciting fights take place. Blessed by the Egyptian gods, brave warriors are sent to confront the Roman army. This is a quick strategy, unlike its predecessor, it has an option where each character has a set of their signature skills. Using skill boards for each hero, you can create a completely unique selection of abilities. The novelty of the dynamics is betrayed by changes in the attack mode and a multifunctional system. It should also be noted the features of the game: the ability to build a capital, explore the ruins, visit the stalls. You can also challenge in the arena and collect bonuses, raise the skill level of fighters to gain access to skill trees and equipment.

    This game has been updated 4-01-2023, 05:59 to the latest version v0.9505 (upd.04.01.2023).

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