Christmas Wonderland 13 Collectors Edition Build 10155692 (upd.08.01.2023)

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Christmas Wonderland 13 Collectors Edition — is a highly atmospheric adventure game that will get you into the holiday spirit and immerse yourself in the pre-Christmas chores. Experience both colorful Springfield, where the locals hustle and bustle to get things done, and the North Pole, where Santa and his helpers are hard at work getting ready for the year’s big annual gift-giving night. Make your contribution and help find the necessary items along the way checking your attentiveness. Get into the New Year spirit and relax with an exciting gameplay. The game will be a real find for those who lack the New Year’s mood, because the developers in the annual update not only improved the graphics component several times, but also updated the musical accompaniment.

499 MB
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  • We Are The Caretakers v1.1.1.0 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    We Are The Caretakers — The coolest thing in this game is that it allows you to assemble a truly unique squad in which each character will be truly unique. You yourself will decide which class the character belongs to, how to develop him, what abilities he will eventually possess. And all this over time will affect his strength, power, abilities, and character. In turn, it will depend on your actions, decisions and interaction with the outside world, how the outside world will relate to you, whether they will be afraid of you, etc.

    This game has been updated 27-01-2023, 03:13 to the latest version v1.1.1.0 (upd.08.01.2023).

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  • Running With Rifles Build 10256126 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    Isometric shooter Running With Rifles — opens before the players a lot of opportunities. The game with a view from above allows you to conduct fascinating military events. For the process to be effective, a large number of weapons were introduced. Developers have created a variety of missions of any complexity, passing them will be quite difficult, but it is very interesting. Large-scale game locations with an unusual environment make it possible to move around and recapture the territory.

    This game has been updated 8-01-2023, 15:09 to the latest version Build 10256126 (upd.08.01.2023).

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  • Lawless West Build 10274469 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    Lawless West — by personal order of the president, a group was created for particularly important and dangerous cases. The function of this group is to implement the laws in life as a prototype of the marshal service. You are appointed as its manager. You will be required to perform assignments throughout the US, directly manage a team, develop the skills of team members and participate in the development of strategy and tactics. Each team member has his own specialization, the budget is limited, but you will bring order to the Lawless West.

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  • The Lost Condor Walking Simulator Build 10259623 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    The Lost Condor Walking Simulator — is a first-person walking simulator in which you can explore Machu Picchu, an ancient city in Peru. Listen to the sounds of the birds, the wind, walk under the waterfall and explore the ruins. There is no plot or goal here, but interactive objects. This is not a full-scale accurate rendering of the site, but rather an artistic low-poly version inspired by late 90s adventure games. This is a low budget game made using some marketable assets and some original 3D models.

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  • Fishermans House Build 8995757 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    Fishermans House — you have been mysteriously captured by a terrible fisherman. The fisherman is known for stealing his victims in order to eat them later. Your mission. Run away as fast as possible before the fisherman kills you. Fisherman’s home is waiting for you in this game. This house has all kinds of tools and keys to help you escape from the house. But you should be careful, because the fisherman listens very clearly. Randomly generated puzzles. Each game includes new randomly generated locations where you can hide items such as keys or tools.

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  • Return to abyss Build 10275588 (upd.08.01.2023)

    Return to abyss Game Free Download Torrent
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    Return to abyss — you will play the role of a heroic spirit that rose from the dead, accept the order of the God of Chaos and re-enter the terrible abyss, long occupied by demons and monsters. In the abyss, you will face thousands of hideous monsters at the same time, and they are endless and seem endless. There is no need to be afraid, although there is nowhere to retreat, the artifact in the hand is powerful, and the command bullet is capable of destroying a large number of enemies. You can hold up to 4 weapons at once. Each weapon can be upgraded, choose one of 6 ways and turn it into a powerful artifact. The former kingdom of the gods, where lava flows, a lost city after a nuclear war, a swampy planet captured by interstellar colonists. You will go into these abysses, which long ago turned into purgatory on earth, and fight against hateful monsters.

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  • There Is No Light v1.1.7.1 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    There Is No Light — what would you do if the world plunged into the abyss of chaos, darkness and total destruction. Surely you would go to fight and try to rectify the situation. So our hero decided to challenge the darkness, however, the further he moved, the more he learned about the situation and the more he wanted to leave this world. You have to go through hell, which broke out and destroyed all life. And for what reason did this happen, and why in a sense did the demons take the right step? You will learn about this personally.

    This game has been updated 8-01-2023, 06:12 to the latest version v1.1.7.1 (upd.08.01.2023).

    4.08 GB
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  • Stay Still Build 10275843 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    Stay Still is both a thrilling adventure and a classic first-person horror game that revolves around Vietnamese culture. Therefore, immerse yourself in a variety of stories, puzzles, and at the same time try to repel the threats spirits that lie ahead. Do you think you can survive in this traditional horror game developed by an independent studio? Where you, along with Namam, will have to explore one city mansion and try to survive at all costs, in order to then uncover a terrible secret. By the way, our main character is in search of an inexpensive house in order to rent it for a day. His friend recommended this house, as the price for it is relatively low.

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  • The Crackpet Show v1.1.1 (upd.08.01.2023)

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    The Crackpet Show — takes players to a show that people come up with and then watch at home in noisy boxes. The essence of the project is a battle between funny animals that kill other animals. Sponsored prizes and entertainment are the main source of income and views. The user gets into this show, where he has to face bloodthirsty animals. Appearance can be deceptive, and a cute rabbit is the most dangerous participant in the project. In the game process there is a cooperative mode for up to 3 participants. The gamer takes control of cute creatures that have undergone genetic modification. In mid-October, bloodthirsty, armed to the teeth and have only one goal to kill everyone they see in the arenas.

    This game has been updated 8-01-2023, 04:33 to the latest version v1.1.1 (upd.08.01.2023).

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