Polylithic v0.3.2 (upd.10.11.2023)

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Polylithic is a survival simulator with an isometric camera that invites you to go to the vastness of the ancient world to personally make every effort to save your family or just your personal life. Time and your choice will tell what exactly needs to be saved, because in this adventure you are free to choose: survive alone or become the one who will unite other ancient people into a single settlement. You just need to start taking action and the result will not take long to arrive. The interesting thing about the adventure is that you are free to do whatever you want. You can just wander around the world and look for survival items.

This game has been updated 10-11-2023, 09:39 to the latest version v0.3.2 (upd.10.11.2023).

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  • Devil Engine Build 12614546 (upd.10.11.2023) - TENOKE

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    Devil Engine, the protagonist is given a one-shot to destroy what was once the salvation of an entire race. This is the final part, in which the threat to the entire future must be eliminated. Control the last ship left to you to fight thousands of opponents. One ship will oppose the entire army of the Earth. Andraste is the remaining hope for victory, and you are equipped with the Devil’s Engine. The gameplay is presented in the form of a dynamic side-scrolling action adventure, and the developers were inspired by similar classic projects. 32-bit graphics and hundreds of locations where you will have to visit and eliminate numerous enemy units, gaining new upgrades for combat vehicles.

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  • Saturnalia Build 12653799 (upd.10.11.2023) - TENOKE

    Saturnalia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Saturnalia is a survival horror and adventure game. The game stands out for its visual style. The project has three-dimensional graphics, stylized as hand-drawn pencil sketches. A shaky image appears while driving. The title uses a first and third person view. Indie project inspired by Italian folklore. You have to play for 4 different characters, whose fates are intertwined in a common plot. They explore an old village on the island of Sardinia and try to learn its secrets, which are associated with strange rituals. As the non-linear narrative develops, the stories of the characters themselves are revealed. Saturnalia has roguelike elements.

    This game has been updated 10-11-2023, 05:46 to the latest version Build 12653799 (upd.10.11.2023).

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  • Urbek City Builder v1.6.7 (upd.10.11.2023)

    Urbek City Builder Game Free Download Torrent
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    Urbek City Builder — is an exciting city building simulator. Build your own city with residential areas, industrial areas and streets for wild nightlife. Increase the population and use the available natural resources to improve the quality of life. The game provides a wide freedom of action and variations of buildings. Analyze the population density and build what the contingent of that area needs. Put grocery stores and parks nearby. Choose a neighborhood that is not the most densely populated, otherwise residents will not like the noisy neighborhood.

    This game has been updated 26-03-2024, 04:33 to the latest version v1.6.7 (upd.10.11.2023).

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  • Wrestling Empire v1.6 (upd.10.11.2023)

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    In Wrestling Empire, the lightweight champion goes full circle with higher resolution visuals and smoother frame rates while maintaining a retro look that puts fun first. With a new focus on multiplayer, the intuitive what you see is what you get customization process invites you to create dream matches right in front of your eyes by adding as many characters and props as you can. Or create your own star and start a career to face 350 opponents on 10 different rosters in the most epic shared wrestling universe. Take the right steps behind the scenes as well as in the ring to fight for your worth and retire with a career worth remembering, while weekly news reports help you absorb more data than ever before. Once you feel like you’ve seen it all, you can save your changes to each list to make the world your own and never miss the fight again.

    This game has been updated 10-11-2023, 09:56 to the latest version v1.6 (upd.10.11.2023).

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  • Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde v3512 (upd.10.11.2023)

    Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde Game Free Download Torrent
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    Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde — is a cool combination of action and roguelike, where we have to play an unusual role — the role of a soul hunter. The main task is to destroy as many monsters as possible, collect their souls, which, in turn, will increase your strength. Go to explore numerous locations, get valuable attributes and fill your combat arsenal with powerful weapons. It is important to pump the character, learning more and more new combinations that will help him on the battlefield.

    This game has been updated 10-11-2023, 11:45 to the latest version v3512 (upd.10.11.2023).

    760 MB
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