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Master of Magic — this strategy was invented so that Heroes of Magic was written after it. The previous cult game of its time included diplomatic, economic and action strategy for each player from the old school club. You start out as a simple magician in a small village. You have learned several spells. Subordinate to two small detachments of soldiers, and the ability to improve them as you progress through the game. The creation of your own large army takes place from the moment you modernize your own village and capture others.

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  • Starfield Premium Edition v1.9.67.0 Beta (upd.08.02.2024)

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    Starfield Premium Edition is an RPG game set in space developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The action takes place in a single-player open world environment and features an original and detailed storyline. Users take on the role of an astronaut who becomes humanity’s last hope after their spaceship crashes on a mysterious alien world. The player will have to explore the expanses of space and unravel the mysteries of the alien world in order to find a way to return home. Gameplay in Starfield involves both combat and exploration as the player travels across various planets and celestial bodies, encountering hostile alien creatures and discovering ancient ruins.

    This game has been updated 8-02-2024, 09:09 to the latest version v1.9.67.0 Beta (upd.08.02.2024).

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  • Ooze Odyssey upd.08.02.2024

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    Ooze Odyssey is an upcoming game set to launch in 2024, offering players a delightful mix of Action, Adventure, Casual, and Indie gaming experiences. Developed and published by May B Entertainment, this title promises a whimsical and entertaining journey through a world filled with oozy adventures. As an Action-Adventure game, «Ooze Odyssey» presents players with dynamic gameplay mechanics that blend fast-paced action with exploratory elements. Players will embark on an adventure as ooze-like creatures, navigating through colorful and imaginative environments while overcoming obstacles and encountering various challenges.

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  • Timeloop Sink Again Beach v1.4 (upd.08.02.2024) Enhanced Edition - SKIDROW

    Timeloop Sink Again Beach Game Free Download Torrent

    Timeloop Sink Again Beach — is an upcoming action-adventure indie game set to be released in 2024. Developed collaboratively by FangsLab and Fatcoon, and published by FangsLab, this title promises a unique gaming experience filled with action-packed sequences and intriguing adventures. As an Action-Adventure game Timeloop Sink Again Beach offers players an immersive journey through dynamic environments and thrilling encounters. Players can expect intense action sequences, challenging puzzles, and a compelling narrative as they explore the mysterious beach caught in a timeloop. The game’s Indie status suggests that it may feature innovative gameplay mechanics, creative art styles, and unique storytelling approaches characteristic.

    This game has been updated 8-02-2024, 15:53 to the latest version v1.4 (upd.08.02.2024) Enhanced Edition.

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  • Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Build 13348887 (upd.08.02.2024)

    Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Among the various simulators, certain success is enjoyed by those that are associated with the work of different services, for example, ambulance, fire and so on. Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS — excellent simulations of a single emergency service, in which you will have to head the city rescue department, which includes police, firefighters and ambulance. You have to choose one of the departments and, working closely in other departments, carry out assigned tasks and missions, preventing various incidents and events that will occur in your city. Each department has its own budget, employees, vehicles and equipment, which can be improved in the course of the game. The game Flashing Lights Police Fire EMS is available for owners of computers running Windows.

    This game has been updated 8-02-2024, 14:25 to the latest version Build 13348887 (upd.08.02.2024).

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  • From Glory To Goo upd.08.02.2024

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    From Glory To Goo throws users into a hostile alien world, where they will have to establish a colony among a creeping threat. This sci-fi survival RTS combines base building with orbital combat, requiring resource management and tactical skill to combat an evolving threat. Players juggle the needs of their land-dwellers and their celestial counterparts. Finding resources fuels research and construction, giving birth to defensive structures and combat units to hold off the relentless advance. Meanwhile, the matryoshka ship is hungry for its own spoils, requiring a constant influx of materials to upgrade its modules and support the colony below.

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  • Thyria v0.902.10 (upd.08.02.2024)

    Thyria Game Free Download Torrent
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    Thyria is an upcoming RPG set to release in 2024, offering players an immersive journey within the Indie gaming sphere. Developed by Twokats and published by GrabTheGames, this title promises a captivating adventure filled with exploration, character development, and rich storytelling. As an Indie RPG Thyria is likely to feature a unique art style, narrative approach, and gameplay mechanics that distinguish it from larger studio productions. Players can expect a handcrafted experience that showcases the creative vision and passion of the development team. Thyria, players will immerse themselves in a fantastical world teeming with lore, mysteries, and diverse characters. As they explore the expansive landscapes of Thyria, they’ll encounter a variety of challenges, ranging from perilous dungeons to intricate puzzles and dynamic combat encounters.

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  • OM6N Build 13364897 (upd.08.02.2024) - TENOKE

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    OM6N is an upcoming game set to release in 2024, offering players an exhilarating blend of Action, Adventure, and Indie elements. Developed and published by CJWorks, this title promises an immersive and dynamic gaming experience filled with thrilling challenges and adventures. As an Action game, OM6N delivers fast-paced gameplay mechanics, requiring players to demonstrate quick reflexes and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles and adversaries. Players can expect adrenaline-fueled encounters, intense combat sequences, and pulse-pounding moments as they navigate through the game’s world. The Adventure aspect of the game suggests that players will embark on an epic journey filled with exploration, discovery, and perilous quests. From traversing mysterious landscapes to unraveling ancient mysteries, OM6N offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rich and immersive world teeming with secrets and surprises.

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  • Slime Rancher 2 v0.4.0a (upd.08.02.2024)

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    Slime Rancher 2 — is an entertaining continuation of the simulator, where the next adventures in the slime world will await you. Your heroine ends up on the Rainbow Island, which hides many mysterious secrets. You must help your ward cope with all the difficulties and unravel the secrets of the island in order to discover new types of slime. Go explore the surrounding locations, overcome trials and solve challenging puzzles. You can meet new characters and make useful contacts. Complete numerous tasks and get experience points that you will need to upgrade your own skills. Pick up useful items and invent new uses for them to move further along the storyline. Make your way deep into the Rainbow Island and unravel its mysteries. You will have to face enemies that can only be dealt with with the help of special weapons. Continue your journey and enjoy exciting adventures that will open up new and completely unusual environments for you.

    This game has been updated 8-02-2024, 15:19 to the latest version v0.4.0a (upd.08.02.2024).

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  • Command Modern Operations Build 13323181 (Showcase Icebreakers) - SKIDROW

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    Command Modern Operations — a military simulator in which you feel like a leader — you have to manage the operations that happened over a long period of time, starting from the Second World War and ending with our days, you can even plunge into the future and try to simulate a military operation there. You need to take control of every stage of the battle, you need to control literally everything that happens on the battlefield, though without Russian support it will be difficult to navigate, the developers have dropped too deep, you need to know too much.

    This game has been updated 8-02-2024, 15:44 to the latest version Build 13323181 (Showcase Icebreakers).

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