Tortuga A Pirates Tale Build 13434563 (upd.13.02.2024) - SKIDROW

Tortuga A Pirates Tale Game Free Download Torrent

Tortuga A Pirates Tale is a project that will take you on an exciting adventure of a lifetime! In this game you will plunge into the life of a pirate, traveling through treacherous seas, participating in battles on ships and obtaining treasures. So pick up the Jolly Roger and set sail! The action takes place during the golden age of piracy, in the Caribbean. The player takes on the role of a pirate captain, building his crew and ship and making a name for himself in the pirate world. The player begins the game in Tortuga, a notorious pirate port and center of pirate activity in the Caribbean. Gameplay involves a combination of strategy, exploration and combat. The player must manage his crew and resources, deciding where to sail, which ships to attack, and how to divide the spoils.

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  • DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS Build 13056337 (upd.13.02.2024) - SKIDROW

    DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS Game Free Download Torrent

    DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS brings forth a captivating blend of action, adventure, and RPG elements, promising players an immersive journey through a beautifully crafted world filled with creativity and exploration. Developed and published by Square Enix, this title is set to enchant gamers in 2024, offering a unique spin on the beloved «DRAGON QUEST» series. In DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS, players find themselves in a realm ravaged by darkness and chaos, where the once-thriving civilization of Alefgard lies in ruins. As a legendary Builder chosen by fate, players must harness their creative talents to rebuild the world and restore hope to its inhabitants. With the power of imagination and the guidance of iconic DRAGON QUEST characters, players embark on a quest to construct towns, fortresses, and monuments while defending against the encroaching darkness. The game’s action-packed gameplay invites players to explore vast landscapes, gather resources, and engage in thrilling battles against fearsome monsters and adversaries.

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  • Stronghold Definitive Edition v1.2 (upd.13.02.2024) - RUNE

    Stronghold Definitive Edition Game Free Download Torrent
    RUNE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Stronghold Definitive Edition brings medieval England to life in a strategic and addictive game. In this classic real-time strategy, gamers will have to restore a destroyed kingdom, unite disparate forces and fight the insidious villains the Rat, the Pig, the Snake and the Wolf. The story takes place on a war-torn frontier where the king has been betrayed and the kingdom is on the brink of collapse. The user will have to go through a series of missions from lifting sieges and capturing enemy castles to building grandiose fortresses and defending against continuous assaults. Your strategic skill will be tested to the limit as you manage resources, protect citizens, raise armies.

    This game has been updated 13-02-2024, 12:56 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.13.02.2024).

    2.51 GB
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  • Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior Build 13371529 (upd.13.02.2024) - TENOKE

    Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior immerses players in a fast-paced hack-and-slash adventure with unique time manipulation mechanics. Step into the shoes of Ime, a formidable warrior with the ability to rewind time and create remnants echoes of her past actions. Unleash your blade and battle the fearsome Raks, monstrous creatures that threaten to devour the once peaceful kingdom of Antala. The addictive gameplay of Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior is based on Yma’s ability to rewind time. By strategically rewinding moments, players can create an army of remnants, each replicating Ima’s past moves and combat maneuvers.

    11.6 GB
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  • SpellForce Conquest of Eo Build 13391570 (upd.13.02.2024) - SKIDROW

    SpellForce Conquest of Eo Game Free Download Torrent
    SKIDROW Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    SpellForce Conquest of Eo is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements in which you have to become a powerful magician and try to spread your influence over the entire kingdom called Eo. True, if earlier magic was something unusual and powerful, now you have to prove your superiority. Be careful, there are a lot of different enemies around, many of which are extremely powerful. Being a magician means constantly developing and discovering a lot of new things. On your adventure, you will face various enemies, find various artifacts and meet heroes who can join your squad. All this will allow you to extract a piece of pleasure, understanding of what is happening.

    This game has been updated 13-02-2024, 15:10 to the latest version Build 13391570 (upd.13.02.2024).

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  • ZEPHON v0.5.0 (upd.13.02.2024)

    ZEPHON Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Gamers in ZEPHON have to take control of the remnants of humanity in order to survive on Earth. There were few habitable areas left on the planet, and most of the cities were destroyed. In wild areas there are mutated creatures that gather in small groups and begin to hunt for surviving people. Alien robots with damaged systems roam the surface, while the aliens themselves hide and try to ensure their survival. The game is made in the 4x strategy genre, where you have to take control of the New Generation of Humanity, which is forced to resist the Voice and the ZEFON machines.

    2.25 GB
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  • House Flipper v1.2439 (upd.13.02.2024)

    House Flipper Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    GOG version this latest and full release of pc game House Flipper. If you still have not guessed, this time it will be a question of a home repair simulator. That is, in the game you have to redeem old houses, carry out cosmetic repairs in them and then try to sell more expensive. Cope with this task? Then do not waste time! The game is developed by the company Empyrean, which is confident in the success of their offspring. In fact, success can be quite, because no one has done this kind of game projects. Therefore, you just have to wait for the release of the game and right after you can download House Flipper torrent for free. Now you can do detailed repairs and try to do it as best you can, whether you succeed, for now just stock up in patience.

    This game has been updated 26-02-2024, 10:58 to the latest version v1.2439 (upd.13.02.2024).

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  • Fire survival v1.0 (upd.13.02.2024) - TENOKE

    Fire survival Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Fire survival presents a thrilling amalgamation of action, adventure, indie, RPG, simulation, and strategy elements, offering players an immersive and challenging experience set amidst the chaos of a raging inferno. Developed and published by ByDesignk, this title is scheduled to ignite the gaming world in 2024, promising a fiery test of survival skills. In Fire Survival, players find themselves thrust into the heart of a blazing catastrophe, where they must navigate treacherous environments, brave intense heat and flames, and make split-second decisions to survive. As they progress through the game, players will encounter a variety of challenges, from rescuing survivors and battling infernos to managing limited resources and strategizing their escape.

    765 MB
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  • The Traveller Vanilla Version Build 13382745 (upd.13.02.2024) - TENOKE

    The Traveller Vanilla Version Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    The Traveller Vanilla Version is a captivating erotic visual novel/choice-based game that promises thrilling adventures without sacrificing quality. Embark on a journey as the main character, a mysterious and witty young man codenamed «Traveler». Possessing British charm, he brings unique talent and humor while carrying out various secret missions for a secret organization. The traveler is not an ordinary hero; his youth and energy set the tone for the entire story. Driven by an unwavering sense of justice, he fearlessly challenges, offering his help to those in need, in particular interesting women in difficult situations.

    780 MB
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  • Erannorth Chronicles v1.065.1 (upd.13.02.2024) Ultimate Edition - TENOKE

    Erannorth Chronicles Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Erannorth Chronicles is an old-school role-playing card sandbox game that focuses on the freedom to build a deck and customize a character. A challenging game that uses its own unique mix of role-playing and card games. It has different rules than in other card games or role-playing games, and to learn and master you need to read a lot, by trial and error. There are over 150 different keywords and mechanisms, and you can’t learn them all in a few hours or even all weekend. This is a slow burning that can keep you hooked for hundreds of hours. The freedom to customize the character will allow you to create your own unique Hero, choosing one of 9 species with 35 options and 9 classes with 47 specializations, each with different skills, Perks, starting decks and card pools.

    This game has been updated 13-02-2024, 04:23 to the latest version v1.065.1 (upd.13.02.2024) Ultimate Edition.

    7.98 GB
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