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ZAR Game Free Download Torrent

ZAR Game Free Download Torrent

ZAR — after another outbreak of coronavirus, the authorities decided to test the new vaccine and sprayed it in the hinterland of the Russian province. The vaccine helped, and the epidemic was extinguished, but six months later, all those who died and were buried during the epidemic began to rise from the ground, turning into zombies. The territory was fenced by the military. To study this phenomenon, volunteers began to be sent to the quarantine zone for a small fee. Unemployed people from all over the country went to the quarantine zone in search of work. You are one of those volunteers. Your task is to stay in the zone as long as possible, to study the strengths and weaknesses of zombies, as well as to kill two special zombies who, for some unknown reason, have acquired special abilities. Appears in the cemetery in the village.

In close combat he hits with a shovel. In the distance, three more zombies are calling near you. Spawns near the waterfall. In close combat, hits the hook and fish. In the distance, it dries a person, causing a strong thirst. He lived all his life in the taiga, and when the dead began to rise from the ground, he finally lost his mind and now kills everyone who approaches his house in the woods. In close combat, he strikes with a hunting knife. shoots from a distance from a double-barreled edge. The knife and the trim, if you’re lucky, can be taken away as a trophy after killing the hunter. Also in the village is a seller of live fodder, a seller of weapons and a doctor. They are the same as you came to the quarantine zone to make money, and they are paid, but they have to give food, weapons and medicine to other players.

Game Details

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7; 8; 10
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G530 @2.40 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: HD5450
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 1 GB available space


ZAR Game Free Download Torrent ZAR Game Free Download Torrent ZAR Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. 
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it. 
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. 
5. Copy the contents of the folder «DARKSiDERS» in the folder with the game. 
6. Start the game.

Download ZAR v1.0 (upd.26.04.2021) - DARKSiDERS [ 707.45 MB ]

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Game Update History:
  • ZAR → v1.0 [ 26.04.2021 ]
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