Moonlighter v1.15.2 (upd.13.05.2024)

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Moonlighter is a captivating blend of action, adventure, and indie charm that invites you to embark on a thrilling journey through a world brimming with mystery and danger. Developed by Digital Sun and published by 11 bit studios, this gem of a game takes you on an unforgettable adventure that began in 2018. In Moonlighter, you play the role of Will, a courageous shopkeeper with dreams of becoming a legendary hero. By day, you manage your quaint little shop in the charming village of Rynoka, catering to the needs of curious customers and eager adventurers. But by night, you don your armor and delve into the depths of mysterious dungeons that loom just outside the village gates.

Is you explore these treacherous labyrinths, you’ll encounter a myriad of formidable foes, cunning traps, and priceless treasures waiting to be discovered. With your trusty sword and shield in hand, you’ll need to rely on quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive the perils that lie ahead. But «Moonlighter» is more than just a dungeon-crawling adventure. It’s also a tale of exploration, discovery, and entrepreneurship. As you uncover new items and artifacts during your expeditions, you’ll stock your shop with rare and valuable goods, attracting even more customers eager to spend their hard-earned gold.

But managing a successful business isn’t easy, and you’ll need to carefully balance your time between adventuring and running your shop. Will you risk it all for the promise of untold riches in the depths of the dungeons, or will you focus on building your reputation as the finest merchant in all of Rynoka? With its charming pixel art graphics, engaging gameplay, and heartfelt storytelling, Moonlighter is a must-play experience for fans of action, adventure, and indie games alike. So grab your sword, gather your wares, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey under the moonlit sky.

NOTE. Uploaded version: 13 May 2024 [v1.15.2]. This is Full Release and latest version of game. The game is already Pre-Installed and ready to run the game, read the instruction below.

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Game Details

About This Game


​Every day in the village of Rinoka goes like this: you put up goods for sale, determine their prices, manage your resources, hire assistants and try to improve your store. But be careful, because from time to time you will be approached by customers who are not averse to stealing anything from the display case, until you see! Being a good trader, you need to understand what the villagers and their guests need. Some of them have special quests for you, while others ask for rare items in exchange for a solid reward.

The system of crafting and magical improvements affects the progress of the game. Communication with the villagers will help you craft new weapons and armor or improve existing equipment. This allows you to achieve the greatest efficiency when combining different types of weapons and armor. Visiting other worlds, collect valuable resources, weapons, armor, treasures and powerful artifacts. Then sort the items in inventory with your unique skills. Battles with various enemies and bosses rely entirely on your skill level and the ability to use every aspect of deep combat mechanics. The interaction between the weapons, skills and additional effects of various items carried out at the highest level. Develop your own fighting style and overcome opponents.​

System Requirements


OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad 2.7 Ghz, AMD Phenom(TM)II X4 3 Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 260, Radeon HD 5770, 1024 MB, Shader Model 3.0
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible


OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 660
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible


Moonlighter Game Free Download Torrent Moonlighter Game Free Download Torrent Moonlighter Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. After downloaded, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. At the end of the unpacking process, a shortcut appears on the desktop.
5. Start the game.

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Game Update History:
  • Moonlighter Build 13998966 → v1.15.2 [ 13.05.2024 ]
  • Moonlighter Build 13752473 → Build 13998966 [ 12.04.2024 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.14.37.13 → v1.15.0.0 (Build 13752473) [ 17.03.2024 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.11.22.1 → v1.14.37.13 [ 03.07.2021 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.10.39.0 → v1.11.22.1 [ 11.10.2019 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.9.19.5 (GOG) → v1.10.39 (GOG) [ 13.08.2019 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.10.37.1 → v1.10.39.0 [ 05.08.2019 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.10.35.2 → v1.10.37.1 [ 31.07.2019 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.9.19.0 → v1.10.35.2 [ 26.07.2019 ]
  • Moonlighter v1.8.19.1 (GOG) → v1.9.19.5 (GOG) [ 14.05.2019 ]

This game has been updated 13-05-2024, 05:44 to the latest version v1.15.2 (upd.13.05.2024).

Comments 10

Skigameco 2 June 2018 14:20
- - - BUG FIXES v1.4.4.0 - - -
As far as we know - we solved below issues completely - but if some of them still persist - please let us know.

Critical fixes:
  • Solved several problems with closing the shop mechanics
  • Problems closing the main menu after using pendant
  • Several problems related to quests givers
  • General memory leak related to something called “materials” that might be behind several other issues.
  • Not dropping welding rods (achievement blocker)
  • Issues related to buying upgrades for Will's shop and other shops
High priority fixes:
  • Possible softlock when killing final boss
  • Getting stuck inside the town board
  • Soft lock when dying inside slime (nice one!)
  • Clone Items exploit
  • Soft lock in pre-menu when opening pause menu
  • Forest: Player able to place spinning mushroom into obstacles
  • Customer entering the shop when everyone else is leaving (it’s a free town!)
  • Hawker’s items not decreasing the probability of thieves.
  • Visual glitch after upgrading weapon.
  • Vase still remaining as an obstacle after being destroyed
  • Desert: Patrol Golem freezes in place upon re-entering room
  • Golem Dungeon: Player can open inventory and spend money on pendant before tutorial
  • Store opening/closing text switched in German
  • Character disappearing after using the merchant emblem
  • Font problem: no umlauts
  • Chest in shop gets blocked when interacted directly before shop closing
  • After entering Desert II weird things were happening (yeah, this is a vague one!)
  • Game was starting always with the V-sync option on
  • Soft lock upon placing teleport directly above secret rooms abyss
Avarage & low priority fixes:
  • Tutorial showing WASD even if rebinded
  • Wandered killing the player during the animation entering a boss
Skigameco 9 June 2018 04:19
Moonlighter - Update 1.5:

Usability changes:
  • Added a binding option for the Map key.
Shop-oriented Fixes:
  • Shop assistant is now working as designed again
  • Item names are now displayed properly
  • Game no longer crashes while paused inside the shop
  • Enchanted weapon do not get "de-enchanted" after returning from Dungeon
  • Items do not disappear from Helper and do not return to inventory upon exiting to main menu from dungeons
  • Word 'Skip' on shop summary is not cut off in German anymore
  • Added models for two NPCs in Notebook
Dungeons Fixes:
  • No more game freezes on the loading screen after killing the 2nd boss
  • Pathway to exit the dungeon is now displayed as it should
  • Damage over time can no longer kill Will after the boss was defeated
  • Dungeon doors are no longer opening while still being boarded up with planks
  • Players no longer get teleported to next level of Dungeons after killing enemies near the teleport
  • Desert Dungeon: Infinite loading when going through emblem to the room before boss should not be appearing
  • Last boss room should not cause damage before the fight starts
  • Map is displayed even upon placing emblem and going back to a dungeon
  • Vases should no longer have colliders after they are visually destroyed
  • Tech Dungeon: Electric Post now have death animation
  • Tech Dungeon: No redundant collisions after killing Tesla boss
  • Updated Korean translations.
  • Updated PT-BR translations.
  • Russian: New controls translations
  • Adding deadzone on controller sticks.
  • Fixed the FPS drop after soaking on Pause Menu
  • Fixed crash while talking to NPC (Zenon).
  • Fixed crash while switching between books.
  • Player can no longer interact with "Roll" button
  • Mouse controls buttons appear properly during tutorial
  • Shield icons is now displayed properly on health bar
  • Trails behind characters when using special attack no longer appear
  • Wishlist are now displaying selected items properly
Skigameco 17 July 2018 14:33
Moonlighter - Update 1.6

Dungeon Fixes
  • Wanderer can no longer be spawned outside of the map
  • Wanderer no longer gets stuck on obstacles
  • Character is not going to get automatically teleported to next level of Dungeons right after all enemies in the room are killed
  • Wanderer icon will not be visible during boss battle
  • Tech Dungeon: Improved Death Generator behavior during fight
  • Forest Dungeon: Game no longer freezes in one specific room
  • No longer possible to exploit damage and attacks by switching weapons in the shop
  • Items sent home from the Dungeon do not disappear upon exiting the game
Shop fixes
  • Price of the second sold item was not updated in Notebook
  • Items from previous sale will no longer be displayed on sales summary if the game was quit before closing the shop
  • Fixed Soft lock on opening pause menu during tutorial
General fixes
  • Soft lock upon interacting with the Witch
  • Soft Lock upon crafting weapon/armor at the Blacksmith
  • [OS X] Game crash when character is enveloped by Slime and character's health reaches 0
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck inside Townboard or Witch's Wooden Hat 
  • No longer possible to control character during credits
  • GUI does not appear during final cinematic
  • Missing Space between Will and GUI sections in controls
Skigameco 31 July 2018 09:57
General fixes:
  • Soft lock upon starting a new game by overwriting previous save
  • Inconsistency in Banker’s prices
  • No longer possible to open Inventory during Intro cutscene
  • Updated Chinese and Japanese translations
  • FPS Drop after resuming game from an extended “soak” on pause menu
  • Soft lock after finishing credits that were opened during gameplay
  • Random crash after publisher screen
  • No longer possible to open chest during “waking up” animation
  • Exclamation mark remaining above NPC even after everything was “read”
  • PS4 Touchpad button instead of Xbox “View” button on Map binding
  • GUI was not refreshing upon swapping held items in the inventory
  • Overlapping buttons in options when opened for the first time
  • Cursor no longer goes back to the top of the list after crafting something at the Blacksmith
  • It was not being possible to enchant items that were placed in bedside chest
  • Credits texts overlapped with button prompts in Russian and German
  • Issues with cursor in multi-paged bedside chest
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Soft lock upon pausing game during Merchant Emblem tutorial
  • Dungeon blocker after killing first monster mini-wave before the second appears in Enemy Waves Secret room
  • No longer possible to open inventory between two stages of the final boss fight
  • Crash on picking up an item that was dropped on death in Tutorial Dungeon
  • Skeletons were looking intact upon returning to the room again
Shop oriented fixes:
  • Notebook prices were not recorded if the item before patching to 1.6 was sold for a cheaper price than after the update
  • Items from previous sale were displayed on sales summary if the game was quit before closing shop
  • No longer possible to receive two quests requesting the same item
Informer 17 August 2018 13:52
Moonlighter - Update 1.7.9

General fixes:
  • Infinite loading when using the portal in the new patch with old save.
  • Desert Dungeon: Player gets stuck in a room upon traversing to 2nd/3rd floors.
  • Bard puppet makes buffed enemies immortal.
  • Patrol Golem is rolling out of the room in the challenge room.
  • Healing ponds stop healing Will after charging attack with Gloves.
  • Cloning items hack in Special rooms.
  • Softlock when talking to NPC as they may teleport.
  • Softlock when obtaining emblem and pausing game.
  • Softlock if you die inside a Slime.
  • Golem Dungeon: 'Tutorial' Golem Butler spawned on the 3rd floor.
  • Shileds do not appear correctly on PC.
  • FPS drops after walking in "Elemental Puddles".
  • OSX: Placeholder instead of enchanted weapon icon.
  • Other various stability and performance fixes.
Skigameco 14 September 2018 03:50
Fixes in 1.7.10:
  • Micro fix making sure all above fixes are available for all new and current users.
Skigameco 11 October 2018 14:06
  • QUICK-SELLING MIRROR: One of the most community-requested features is here! Tired of selecting each item to be sold while you're adventuring? Now you'll be able to select the Mirror and just click over the elements you want to sell. Handy!
General fixes:
  • Updated and improved translations
  • Credits screen no longer gets corrupted upon skipping
  • Controls are now displayed correctly on the tutorial scrolls and HUD buttons
  • In-game UI no longer can be displayed in Main Menu
  • Names of the DLC weapons are now displaying correctly
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Big red slime should no longer push character through walls
  • Fixed "fake floor" in some specific rooms
  • No longer possible to access inventory during Forest Boss fight
  • Fixed opening animation of Forest dungeon doors
  • Helmets no longer pierce through slimes
  • Fixed issue where Hot springs did not stop glowing when they were inactive
  • No longer possible to interact with empty slots at the Blacksmith
  • Fixed infinite loading screen upon returning to Forest Dungeon via portal
  • Bard puppet can no longer make other enemies invulnerable to damage
Mike 11 October 2018 18:33
When are you gonna add just the updater since im not able to copy my savefiles i cant find them anywhere so i need to manually update the game instead of installing the new version i need the updater so that i dont lose my progress
Skigameco 30 October 2018 04:27
Moonlighter | Update 1.8 - hotfixes!

General fixes:
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to switch tabs in the inventory and Notebook after using Merchant Emblem
  • Wishlist is no longer carried over from base game to new game+
  • Developer and Publisher videos are now playing properly on OSX
  • Minor improvement in Pirate Weapon upgrade menu to make enchanting more clear
  • Minor fixes and improvements in translations
  • Icons of held items are now properly refreshing in inventory GUI
Dungeon fixes:
  • Fixed issue where quests from new game+ could not be completed
  • Merchant Mirror now gives a correct amount of money
  • All icons are now properly displayed on Map
  • No longer possible to get randomly teleported to a boss room
  • Fixed issue where some Golden chests could not be opened upon re-entering rooms
  • Camera is now properly fixed in final dungeon when playing without VSYNC
  • No longer possible to exploit healing potions placed in dungeon chests
  • Fruit Turrets are no longer stuck in place when standing in a puddle
  • No longer possible to sell items while standing in hot springs
  • Wind Tree Sprout enemy now behaves correctly when re-entering the room
  • No longer possible to access inventory during Enemy Waves room challenge
Shop fixes:
  • Prices are now displaying correctly on sales summary screen
  • Helper dialogue can now be skipped with interaction button
  • Adjusted price for top tier weapons and Pirate weapons
  • No longer possible to skip shop tutorials
Skigameco 13 February 2019 09:57
General Fixes:
  • Improved item "picking-up" mechanic. Items should no longer "fly away" from Will
  • Damage absorption buff (orange health bar) gained from sleeping in the upgraded bed was increased in the New game+
  • Fixed issue where some weapons could not be enchanted beyond the first upgrade
  • (Steam Only) - Supporter Bow no longer can be enchanted over and over
  • Fixed issue where Wishlist could display wrong information about ingredients when an item was added to it at the Witch
  • Fixed issue with ingredients for weapon enchanting
  • Fixed minor issue with Hawker item prices
  • Fixed minor UI issues at the Witch and Wishlist
  • Fixed minor localization issues
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Desert dungeon pillars should no longer lock the player in the dungeon room
  • Hermit Slime no longer can mix up corrupted dungeon items in the character's inventory
  • An issue where Bard Puppet could become invincible (flying golem from the Desert Dungeon) is now finally fixed
  • Character no longer gets stuck when opening a chest when the Wanderer (green monster) is about to destroy it
  • Golem Dungeon Boss' hand slam attack should now follow the character properly
  • Fixed issue where 5th Dungeon Boss did not receive damage from arrows during one animation
  • Fixed Forest Dungeon Boss' leap attack damage
Shop Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where Will could get stuck in the shop not able to open counters, sleep or exit through the door
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