Portal Reloaded upd.20.04.2021 - ALI213

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Portal Reloaded — is a shareware mod for the first-person puzzle platformer Portal 2. You can now travel in time in the game. It became possible to use not only the traditional blue and orange portals to connect two points in space, but also the green one, which will allow you to move to the future. According to the plot, you have to play as a test subject [4-5-0-9], who is awakened by a local AI, and then sent for tests. In Portal Reloaded, you get a triple portal device. The familiar blue and orange portals connecting two different places in space, and a third green time portal that connects two different timelines. Players will be able to travel between present and reality in 20 years. Essentially, this will open up a whole new way of solving puzzles that promises to intrigue players.

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Max Payne 3 Complete Edition v1.0.0.255 - Goldberg

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Max Payne 3 — 3D third-person shooter in which you have to play for the legendary Max Payne. You are waiting for a shootout, a sea of enemies, various weapons and more. The plot of the game tells the story of Max Payne, the policeman, about whom real legends have already begun to compose. But the game takes place nine years after the events of the previous part. Now Max spends all the time in a bar in New Jersey, and is practically not in demand by anyone. But suddenly a certain Raul Passos comes to him and offers a bodyguard job. From this moment on, the most interesting part begins. Max agrees to work, not even suspecting that he can wait ahead.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 12:25 to the latest version Complete Edition v1.0.0.255.

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Fictorum v2.1 (upd.20.04.2021) - PLAZA

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Fictorum — role-playing game, which is based on the theme of the militants, where you have to become a party of enchanting resistance with insidious enemies. You will take on a rather unusual role — the role of a wizard who will have magical abilities full of power. Go to the virtual fantasy world, which is open to achievement and research. You will become a real professional, a master of your craft, whose knowledge is endowed with a forbidden magical order. On your way, there will always be different characters who will somehow influence the outcome of the events.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:17 to the latest version v2.1 (upd.20.04.2021).

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Dying Light v1.31.0 (Hellraid) - PLAZA

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Dying Light — is not just some kind of addition, it’s a completely redesigned game with a bunch of new features. You are waiting for a completely new graphics, great optimization, as well as all the released add-ons: Be the Zombie, Cuisine and Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde and much more. After download Dying Light you can again plunge into the world of survival. A lot of new locations, new interesting characters, as well as new opportunities. Now players can move on special cars and even arrange insane races. As soon as the sun goes out, the infected immediately begin to creep everywhere — they cannot be beaten all of them. But if you can not avoid a collision, you need to fight to the last.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 12:23 to the latest version v1.31.0 (Hellraid).

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Warhammer 40000 Dakka Squadron Flyboyz Edition v154254 (upd.19.04.2021) - CODEX

Warhammer 40000 Dakka Squadron Flyboyz Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Warhammer 40000 Dakka Squadron Flyboyz Edition — is an arcade flying game set in the universe of the same name. You will take on the role of an orc pilot who has received a responsible mission to destroy enemy bases. You have to explore the surrounding locations, fly over many worlds and discover all the enemy forces. Climb to a sufficient height, and then go on patrol. You will be able to sit at the helm of one of the proposed aircraft, each of which can be equipped with a fairly powerful weapon.

This game has been updated 19-04-2021, 13:09 to the latest version v154254 (upd.19.04.2021).

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XIII v20210223 - CODEX

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XIII — Remake is of the 2003 first-person shooter of the same name, in which you again have to play the role of a soldier who has lost his memory, «The Thirteenth». You are accused of assassinating the President of the United States, and now you need to do everything possible to find out the truth about your past throughout 34 levels. An almost classic first person shooter. Favorably distinguishes it from its counterparts that the developers have inserted into the plot and graphics a kind of comic elements, such as the sounds flying out during impacts and all kinds of actions in the form of the inscriptions «Boom» or «Ta-ta-ta». The graphics themselves are drawn. In general, quite original and interesting. Unfortunately, the realization of this interestingness let us down. The cartoony of the surrounding looks annoying and in places just ugly.

This game has been updated 19-04-2021, 14:58 to the latest version v20210223.

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State of Decay 2 v23.1 (upd.07.01.2021) Juggernaut Edition - CODEX

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CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

State of Decay 2 — a game in the style of adventure on the popular theme of zombies. Here you will again go to the resistance, in order to protect your own life as best as possible. The world in which you are, plunged into total darkness, as a result of the virus that is spreading over the surface at a rapid rate. You will survive, and also save the remaining survivors, in order to overcome those who have already infected.

This game has been updated 19-04-2021, 08:48 to the latest version v23.1 (upd.07.01.2021) Juggernaut Edition.

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Prison 69 v1.0 (upd.18.04.2021) - SKIDROW

Prison 69 Game Free Download Torrent

Prison 69 — is a cinematic screening designed to simulate problems that occur in prisons. The events of the game are based on imagination and are not related to real life, with short boot screens and game sections divided into scenes. There is a boxing fight and a hand-to-hand attack. Most of the game comes with a third-person view, the game also contains a number of levels, inflict powerful combat strikes and collect as much damage as possible, you start your way in the prison yard in a battle with a gang of 4 people.

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Project Boost v1.0 (upd.18.04.2021) - SKIDROW

Project Boost Game Free Download Torrent

Project Boost — is a third-person shooter. The game focuses on the fast pace of an exciting gameplay with an exciting storyline that gradually unfolds as the game progresses. Storm the Hoi Polloi Technologies building and get answers. Overcome each floor and rise above each meeting, gradually discovering the cause of all this chaos. Fast pace of exciting action. Immerse yourself in crazy combat arbitrariness with shooting with one rule any last survivor. Various abilities that can be unlocked and used to your advantage. As you progress through the game, discover different abilities and use them tactically or as a maniac with a full frontal attack. Different enemies with different weapons in front of your face. Fight different enemies with different traits and behaviors, while they will be relentlessly picked up on you at every corner.

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Medieval Dynasty v0.5.0.0 (upd.17.04.2021)

Medieval Dynasty Game Free Download Torrent
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Medieval Dynasty — is an adventure in medieval Europe ruled by nobles and churchmen. The country is actively engaged in trade with its neighbors and is flourishing. You will become a poor man, hunting and farming. Walk the path from a loner to the head of the community. Set up a small camp and turn it into your own settlement. Get food by chasing wild animals including deer, boars and rabbits. Master a bow with arrows, a hammer and over 60 types of tools. Use an ax to get wood. Explore caves and collect stones using them as building materials. Install furniture and build new rooms in your house and other huts in the village. Become a good family man by feeding your wife and children. In addition to mined meat, diversify your diet with fruits from fruit trees.

This game has been updated 17-04-2021, 13:48 to the latest version v0.5.0.0 (upd.17.04.2021).

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