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Vampyr is a role-playing (RPG) game that successfully introduced the theme of vampires, and you have to plunge into this gloomy and brutal world. The main actions in the game send our hero in the days after the end of the First World War, where you will encounter unpredictable turns of events and will begin to resist with insidious enemies on the way. Play the role of the protagonist, who acts as a doctor here. Due to certain circumstances, our hero bites a vampire, and, accordingly, he also becomes this bloodthirsty creature.

New version: Vampyr v1.1.7 — GOG + The Hunters Heirlooms DLC!

This game has been updated 23-03-2021, 05:13 to the latest version Update 3 (upd.25.09.2018).

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Wallachia Reign of Dracula Build 5610992 (upd.21.03.2021)

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Wallachia Reign of Dracula — the gameplay here does not offer anything beyond the unusual, and is based mainly on the classic mechanics of the genre. But it stands out by the dynamics of everything that happens on the screen. Here you will not have time to think and plan actions — you will have to quickly think, act ahead of the curve, and just run forward without stopping. It would seem not so difficult, but alas, it is not. In fact, each level will be a real challenge for you. Once you get distracted only once, the enemy arrow will fly right into the heroine, or miss one hit, and everything, further passing the level will be very difficult.

This game has been updated 21-03-2021, 18:15 to the latest version Build 5610992 (upd.21.03.2021).

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Golden Light upd.19.03.2021

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Golden Light — huge halls of a gloomy office, long dark corridors, gloomy rooms crammed with traps and dangers, creepy monsters, from whose appearance sometimes starts to turn back, the eternal lack of ammunition and weapons — all this creates a simply indescribable atmosphere. And what’s even cooler is that here you have to be constantly on the alert. Just one wrong move or a little inattention, and that’s it, the next monster is already killing you. There are more than enough enemies here, and each is unique in its own way.

This game has been updated 19-03-2021, 10:45 to the latest version upd.19.03.2021.

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Nioh 2 The Complete Edition v1.27.00 (upd.19.03.2021) - CODEX

Nioh 2 The Complete Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Nioh 2 The Complete Edition — is the second installment of the soulslik style game series that was released in 2017. The authors of the first part of the series, Team Ninja, are responsible for the creation of this series. The game takes us on a journey to an alternate version of Japan from the Sengoku period, known from the first part of the series, where we look at the world from the 15th and 16th centuries. In addition to the wars that the Land of the Rising Sun plunges into, the yokai, that is, demons and monsters taken straight from mythology, also pose a danger to its inhabitants. The game was set before the events of the previous part of the series, and during the game we play the role of a hero or heroine who, as a half-human, half-yokai.

This game has been updated 19-03-2021, 10:04 to the latest version v1.27.00 (upd.19.03.2021).

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Beyond a Steel Sky v1.3.27878 (upd.03.02.2021)

Beyond a Steel Sky Game Free Download Torrent
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Beyond a Steel Sky — is a third-person action-adventure game set in a sci-fi setting. In the game, you take on the role of Robert Foster and travel to one of the last metropolitan areas of Union City to find your own son. As you progress, you will meet with interesting characters and exciting puzzles. In order to succeed, you need to hack the artificial intelligence that controls the city. A sequel to the 1994 dystopian cyberpunk adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. This is a gripping story of loyalty and redemption set in an eerie and terrifying AI-controlled world of social control. This story is woven with the studio’s signature humor, supported by the art style of legendary comic book artist Dave Gibbons.

This game has been updated 19-03-2021, 14:21 to the latest version v1.3.27878 (upd.03.02.2021).

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My Hero Ones Justice 2 v20210224 - CODEX

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My Hero Ones Justice 2 — continues a direct continuation of the cult fighting game, but now with radically new characters and modes. Now you can test your strength in battle in the «two by two» format, and during the battle, the surrounding locations and other elements of the location will be destroyed. The presence of military equipment, as well as a host of other chips, will make the gameplay much more unique.

This game has been updated 18-03-2021, 06:14 to the latest version v20210224.

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The Trivial Dead v1.0 (upd.17.03.2021) - TiNYiSO

The Trivial Dead Game Free Download Torrent

The Trivial Dead — take friends or take the risk of solitude to fend off a horde of brain-eating zombies by answering thousands of trivial questions. Earn a series of kills to fight the undead by answering several questions in a row. Choose your complexity and the number of waves you can survive against, or even try our endless survival mode. Test your quiz skills with several categories. There are thousands of puzzles and questions with multiple choice answers in the areas of Sports, Entertainment, History, Science and Nature, Geography, Arts and Leisure, People. Earn critical assassination series by answering several questions in a row.

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Firescout v1.0 (upd.16.03.2021) - SKIDROW

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Firescout — is a multi-user online shooter. Players will be able to immerse themselves in a world where there are many game modes, including a team battle to the death, the kill mode is confirmed. Capture the CTF flag, conquer and hurry to catch up on time. And best of all, you can also play offline with bots. Make each round a new adventure and show what you are capable of. Online or offline entertainment. Play online with players from around the world or, if you don’t like it, you can just play offline against bots. Unique levels, many levels to play. Each level is a different experience for you. The developers try to post updates online every day.

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Survive the Nights v1.7 (upd.15.03.2021)

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Survive the Nights — is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival simulator with an emphasis on the realism of what is happening. Like any respectable survival, Survive the Nights forces you to shake over every can of canned food found or selected. However, realism differs from realism. Some simulators allow, in some incomprehensible way, to erect entire barricades, build fortified towers and dig kilometer-long caves with a sapper shovel with a wave of the hand. It’s not that simple in Survive the Nights. In order to turn a house into a fortress, you will have to do a lot of everyday things, drag wheelbarrows with boards, slate windows, install stretch marks and mines from gas cylinders, create weapons from bolts and rusty pipes. Also keep in mind that not much works in Survive the Nights.

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Feed and Grow Fish v0.14.1.3 (upd.15.03.2021)

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Do you like the underwater world? If your answer is positive, then you can not miss the Feed and Grow Fish project. You can relax and get a lot of positive emotions while being under water. You will become a fish that peacefully swims and eats small fish. But do not forget that the proximity may be a larger fish, which will find you a delicious delicacy. Learn underwater beauty, eat and grow.

This game has been updated 15-03-2021, 05:29 to the latest version v0.14.1.3 (upd.15.03.2021).

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