Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia Build 5597210 (upd.26.09.2020)

Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia Game Free Download Torrent
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Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia — an action-adventure game in which players can take control of Jim Lake, a man preparing to save the universe. In this game the players must be able to stop the troll Porgon advance and prevent his plans from happening. The protagonist will not be alone in this fight, he will be helped by Claire and other popular characters that you can meet in a cooperative playthrough. The game combines the best mechanics of action, RPG and adventure. Actions take place with a side view, which allows you to conveniently deal with enemies at a wide variety of levels, you can improve weapons, armor, pump skills and abilities. Enemies are countless and each has unique characteristics, so you need to be prepared for the most difficult.

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Metal Gear Solid Collection v1.0 (upd.26.09.2020) - GOG

Metal Gear Solid Collection Game Free Download Torrent
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Metal Gear Solid Collection — towards the end of the 20th century, a small fortified state called Outer Heaven founded by a mysterious war hero whose name and identity is shrouded in mystery threatens the existence of the West state by developing a new experimental weapon Metal Gear. Metal Gear is a walking tank capable of launching nuclear warheads from anywhere in the world. You are Solid Snake, and you are a mercenary of the American special forces FOXHOUND.

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Chernobylite v31663 Hotfix 2 - ALI213

Chernobylite Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Chernobylite — is both a role-playing action and a first-person shooter, horror and horror. Here you will find a journey to the very heart of Pripyat, radiation, supernatural and skirmishes. Unfortunately, so far not much is known about the plot. Only one thing is known — your main character became a stalker, one of those adventurers who go to the Chernobyl Zone in order to find something that will allow them to enrich themselves. And so, you are in the Zone, but ahead of you are not waiting for wealth, but trials, which not everyone can survive.

This game has been updated 11-10-2020, 14:19 to the latest version v31663 Hotfix 2.

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Airmen v1.19.7 (upd.26.09.2020)

Airmen Game Free Download Torrent
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Airmen is a game in the sandbox genre with design elements that offers you to go to the world of steampunk. The game gives you a specific task, which will not be so easy to complete. Here you have to first design, and then properly build a certain type of airship. Once the deal is done, your ship will go to insane regrets with other opponents, which must be destroyed once and for all. There are five people in your team, each of whom has his own duties and purposes in work. Here there is a professional repairman who is ready to solve any emerging problem, and a pilot who intends to conduct the battle at the exact rate.

This game has been updated 26-09-2020, 03:27 to the latest version v1.19.7 (upd.26.09.2020).

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Halo The Master Chief Collection v1.1389.0.0 + All DLC - CODEX

Halo The Master Chief Collection Game Free Download Torrent
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Halo The Master Chief Collection — the collection presents the idea of campaign lists, which are lists of campaign missions from any of the four games, as well as other settings such as difficulty level, skull selection and scoring settings. Examples of playlists, Tanks Tanks Tanks all missions where players control the tank, Me and My Hog, all missions where there is a section for driving that has warthogs, Speed Runners Choice mission choice specifically for high-speed runners and The Legendary Master Chief Saga entire campaign all four games on LASO Legendary difficulty with All Skulls On.

This game has been updated 26-09-2020, 04:13 to the latest version v1.1389.0.0 + All DLC.

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Crossbow Bloodnight Build 5584639 (upd.25.09.2020)

Crossbow Bloodnight Game Free Download Torrent
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Crossbow Bloodnight — is an action, shooter and arcade game developed by Hyperstrange for the PC platform. An arcade first-person shooter from the creators of Postal Brain Damaged. 1139 year. The Second Lateran Cathedral, under the leadership of Pope Innocent 2, declares anathema against the use of a crossbow. The council members considered his unbridled power to be wicked, demonic in nature. They were partly right. The ancient order of hunters, who once proclaimed themselves the Crossbow Coven, vowed to preserve the balance between the forces of heaven and hell, faced a serious problem. Ancient horror from the other world breaks into our reality. Behind him, legions of nightmarish creatures appear in the darkness. The bloody night is coming, let the hunt begin.

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Dead Motherland Zombie Co-op Build 5576011 (upd.24.09.2020)

Dead Motherland Zombie Co-op Game Free Download Torrent
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Dead Motherland Zombie Co-op — is a cooperative shooter with an isometric camera view about a zombie apocalypse in a post-Soviet country. As you progress, you will explore your native places cities, villages, industrial zones, enjoy a gloomy, realistic atmosphere. The game has an extensive arsenal of domestic weapons, and for successful survival you need to build fortifications and traps. Also, you can survive both alone and in co-op for 4.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus v1.40 (upd.09.08.2020) - CODEX

Granblue Fantasy Versus Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Granblue Fantasy Versus — a classic fighting game that contains all the newest and most unique trends of the modern world. This is an amazing game that should be released any day, so we look forward to it. Judging by the reviews, the fighting game came out very good, high-quality and unbanal, which is quite difficult to do in our time, when the gaming industry is full of an abundance of products of this kind. Install the game and start playing it, making your evening even richer and more attractive. As in all similar fighting games, the main goal is to destroy the opponent on the contrary. You can use various combinations of attacks by pressing certain keys, or you can simply beat with single blows, doing normal lunges of an arm or leg. Also, make combo hits that appear under certain circumstances. At the top there will be several bands with the level of health, mana and energy.

This game has been updated 24-09-2020, 15:51 to the latest version v1.40 (upd.09.08.2020).

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Halo 3 ODST Build 5525729 (upd.23.09.2020)

Halo 3 ODST Game Free Download Torrent

Known for their bravery, valor and ability to achieve the impossible, Orbital Marines pride themselves on being the first to enter any military conflict. In Halo 3 ODST, you return to battle as one of these elite soldiers, as they disembark on the streets of the devastated city of New Mombasa to gather information on the reasons behind the devastating Covenant attack on this gigantic metropolis. Developed by Bungie, this Halo 3 backstory gives players a chance to touch one of Halo 2 greatest and unsolved mysteries the battle for Earth. You can enjoy Skirmish, a new co-op mode that throws you and your allies into battle against waves of Covenant invaders. And for fans of intense online battles, a large set of multiplayer maps from Halo 3 has been prepared.

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Going Under v1.0.3 (upd.23.09.2020)

Going Under Game Free Download Torrent
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In Going Under, the user will have to try on the role of an explorer who must travel through the ruins of once great enterprises. The main character will become an ordinary trainee, occupying an unremarkable position in a gray town. Of course, no one is going to pay him a salary. It is necessary to collect all the garbage left from the office and go through the underground labyrinths to success. Enterprises have disappeared for a reason, they have gone underground, and workers have become monsters who wander and search for souls along abandoned corridors. You can destroy these monsters by taking all the remaining money from them, while giving it to your boss.

This game has been updated 23-09-2020, 16:29 to the latest version v1.0.3 (upd.23.09.2020).

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