METAL GEAR SURVIVE Game Free Download Torrent

Metal Gear Survive is a cooperative stealth action, designed for four players, whose actions take place in an alternative universe right after the events of Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes. The game Metal Gear Survive is an alternative version of Metal Gear Solid V events, with events unfolding in another universe. The player will create his own character and overcome the emerging difficulties. It is necessary to collect resources, create weapons, build a camp and explore the world, honing their survival skills in a hostile environment. In the joint game mode, you can team up with three other players and work together to integrate into zones or protect them from the hordes of hostile creatures. At the same time, you need to carefully place the fortifications and lines of defense in order to gain an advantage.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 v1.8 (Season Pass Edition) + DLC - CODEX

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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A large number of players tried themselves in the role of a sniper, playing a famous franchise, created by Polish developers City Interactive. With the first part of Sniper: Ghost Warrior it was possible to get acquainted in 2010, and the second one was released only in 2013, which is quite long for the computer games industry. Now many people are interested in the issue of the release of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The exact date is not reported by the developers, it is known only that it will be possible to play it in 2016 already. Creators prepare versions for consoles, and also develop a game for the PC.

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The Escapists 2 Big Top Breakout - PLAZA

The Escapists 2 Big Top Breakout Game Free Download Torrent
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Step forward and try to avoid the most interesting prisoner yet! In Big Top Breakout there are all the bells, whistles and creaky flowers that you expect from a life imprisonment in a circus. Listening to your time as a clown in a traveling circus, you have to earn yourself on a lion, tame, draw a face and draw with balloons while still making sure that you show up for the show to perform for paid circus members. This stupid prison facility comes with new items to find, use and use to once again articulate your greatest escape. Will you shoot your way to freedom, or will you finish the custard pie all over your face and under the power of Strong people and their vicious watch poodles to the end of your days? There is only one way to find out — stop the clowns and download Big Top Breakout. Big Top Breakout is available separately or as part of the Seasonal Pass.

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Regalia Of Men and Monarchs The Unending Grimoire - CODEX

Regalia Of Men and Monarchs Game Free Download Torrent
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The game Regalia Of Men and Monarchs is a unique project in which you are waiting for both battles and adventures. In this game, you will need to recruit the most fearless thugs and reckless brave men to fight with the various monsters attacking your kingdom. Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is characterized by an interesting and unpredictable plot, very beautiful landscapes and modern graphics. Your house is in danger and only you can protect it from spiteful and cruel enemies.

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Bus Driver Simulator 2018 - SKIDROW

Bus Driver Simulator 2018 Game Free Download Torrent

Bus Driver Simulator 2018 — advanced simulator of the driver of the passenger bus, developed by the studio KishMish Games. Today the game is in early access and is inaccessible to most players. The final release of the project is planned for early 2018. A feature of the Bus Driver Simulator is the opportunity to ride along the familiar streets of Russian cities and towns. This solution will be very popular with Russian players, although it may be completely uninteresting for foreigners. During the trip you will need to collect passengers at stops and clearly follow the pre-planned route. Rules of the road can not be violated. First, you can get into an accident. Secondly, the police can write a fine or even remove the driver’s license, because of what you can not continue the trip.

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Moto Racer 4 Sliced Peak - PLAZA

Moto Racer 4 Game Free Download Torrent
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Meet a new series of exciting motorcycle races - MOTO RACER 4 — Choose from a variety of daring riders and get a taste of adrenaline riding freestyle or on the race course. Show your opponents what you can do with your best drifts and tricks! Show of your skills to win the championship and send your enemies of the road or into traffic for spectacular crashes.

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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - CPY

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Game Free Download Torrent

The classic is back and now every user has the opportunity to touch the perfection and enjoy the pleasant gameplay. All you have left is just to enjoy the gameplay and FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE torrent download. This fairy tale will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions and will allow you to enjoy a pleasant pastime that will give a lot of positive emotions and just let you know a romantic and very pleasant story. The grandiose game series offers to familiarize a completely new part of the adventure saga about the magical world and colorful characters. This time, you again have to save the world from all-consuming evil.

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Star Conflict Evolution v1.5.0e.116770 - SKIDROW

Star Conflict Evolution Game Free Download Torrent

​The multiplayer game Star Conflict from StarGem Inc company is able to remind War Thunder, especially as the publisher is a general — Gaijin Entertainment. Only in this case it’s not about the technique of the Second World War, but about fantastic spacecraft, of course, combat ones. As the name implies, it is a conflict. It occurs in the far-distant future between the factions Federation, Jericho, Empire. Everyone is trying to obtain artifacts stored in Sector 1337. Previously, everyone thought that this part of the space is empty, but suddenly it was established that the great civilization of the Forerunners was developing here. It disappeared, and the values are preserved. Peacefully to divide them did not work, the war began.​

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Tropical Escape Update 3 - CODEX

Tropical Escape Game Free Download Torrent
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Try yourself on the lost islands, where it depends on your decisions, whether you will survive. Try to find the rest of the survivors. If you want to live until dawn, then you need to take care of food, water and other supplies, and stay away from dangerous animals and poisonous plants. Your main goal is to leave these lost and deadly islands. But while you are stuck in this isolated archipelago, you can freely explore the rainforests, coral reefs, waterfalls, exotic animals and much more.

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Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection - CODEX

Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Game Free Download Torrent

Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection has long won the love of fans around the world, and in modern re-release this game is ready to raise to a whole new level everything for which you love the simulator of the zoo. Prepare yourself: it will not only be fun, but fun. Unleash your imagination: in the Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection at your disposal about 200 species of stunningly recreated animals and the most elaborate environment. Build your zoo and drive it alone or in the company of four friends via Xbox Live. This simulator of the zoo will not leave any animal lover indifferent. It’s easy to start, it’s nice to play — in Zoo Tycoon you can directly interact with animals and look at your zoo from the inside. The game will offer affordable intuitive control, and the training mode introduces you to the basics so that you can get the most out of the fun. Operate wisely — animals and visitors react to your decisions, on which your success in Zoo Tycoon depends.

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