Factropy v0.2.8 upd.29.08.2022

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Factropy — is a simulation game that invites players to immerse themselves in production work in a factory, where everything must be controlled down to the smallest detail: from the manufacture of products to their sale, quality control and the development of the factory building itself. Working in your own factory, each time you will need to improve it, improve the machines and much more, but the parts will not come immediately, adding realism to the gameplay. Moreover, many resources cannot be bought, they need to be farmed on their own.

This game has been updated 29-08-2022, 11:00 to the latest version v0.2.8 upd.29.08.2022.

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  • Arma Reforger v0.9.5.116 upd.29.08.2022

    Arma Reforger Game Free Download Torrent
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    Arma Reforger — as a versatile, creative and fully customizable platform aimed at future development. According to the authors, the game will be the first step towards the fourth part. In Arma Reforger, players will find themselves in an alternate 1989 on the 51 square kilometer Everon Island from the very first part Arma Cold War Assault and will be able to take part in battles between the US or the Soviet Army. The game will be in early access for about a year. During this time, she will receive 3 major updates with new content, improved artificial intelligence.

    This game has been updated 29-08-2022, 03:56 to the latest version v0.9.5.116 upd.29.08.2022.

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  • Airport CEO v1.0.40 upd.29.08.2022

    Airport CEO Game Free Download Torrent
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    Airport CEO is an airport simulator where you will play the role of CEO. Build your airport, starting from the runways, ending with small shops. Your task is to create and manage a profitable business. With the money earned, you can improve your airport and thereby increase the flow of passengers. The more passengers — the more you can earn. Airlines and their travelers are an essential element of Airport CEO as they consist of the main source of your airport’s income, signing contracts with airlines bring cashflow and passengers to your airport which means opportunities for claiming an armada of different service fees as well as passenger consumption.

    This game has been updated 29-08-2022, 04:37 to the latest version v1.0.40 upd.29.08.2022.

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  • Wobbledogs v1.02.01 upd.29.08.2022

    Wobbledogs Game Free Download Torrent
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    Wobbledogs — a fun physical simulator for breeding weird dogs, whose offspring will evolve and mutate depending on what you feed them. Key features are a detailed simulation of bodies including even what is going on in the animal’s stomach and a genetic system that sometimes yields amazing results. Mutations depend on what your pets eat, you can learn what is happening inside the dog. To make you aware of the local humor, dogs hatch from cocoons, and genetics can deduce something that will haunt you in nightmares.

    This game has been updated 29-08-2022, 04:11 to the latest version v1.02.01 upd.29.08.2022.

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  • Lawn Mowing Simulator Build 9294871 upd.25.08.2022 - Goldberg

    Lawn Mowing Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Lawn Mowing Simulator — is a fun simulator in which participants can ride a lawn mower with a breeze while mowing their lawns professionally, somewhere in the UK. Players will have the opportunity to realistically mow lawns on very realistic lawn mowers and the opportunity to start their own company that does this activity. For efficiency in your work, you can use the settings of the lawn mowers, including branded attachments, accessories and various improvements. We suggest you download the Lawn Mowing Simulator torrent for free in Russian and ride through the picturesque and lively corners of the UK.

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  • Chef A Restaurant Tycoon Game v1.3 upd.25.08.2022

    Chef A Restaurant Tycoon Game Game Free Download Torrent
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    Chef A Restaurant Tycoon Game — is an economic simulator of a restaurant owner, where the player is free to independently choose the vector of development of his establishment to get profit and positive feedback from customers. After all, satisfied visitors are the main indicator of quality service. This will help build your own empire in the restaurant business and get a huge fortune. The game only supports single player playthrough. The campaign starts from a small cafe, which is opened by the main character the protege of the gamer.

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  • Song of Farca v1.0.2.9 upd.26.08.2022 - GOG

    Song of Farca Game Free Download Torrent
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    Song of Farca — is a fun simulator and adventure in which the participants will tenderly tackle the case of robbop theft, playing the role of a cyber detective named Isabella Song. The main events of the game take place in the near future, where technologies are familiar and irreplaceable binders in everyday life. IT corporations over time have more attention and are turning into a modern aristocracy, going against the law and humanity. The city will soon turn into cyberpunk, despite the fact that the criminal structures are trying to resist the corporation.

    This game has been updated 26-08-2022, 03:18 to the latest version v1.0.2.9 upd.26.08.2022.

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  • House Builder Build 20220824

    House Builder Game Free Download Torrent
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    House Builder — is a realistic house construction simulator where you can build houses for all tastes, from simple African huts to ultra-modern energy-efficient architectural wonders. Everything that you create can be unique. Thanks to the materials available, you can give your home individuality. Then the time comes to take advantage of the imagination and show it 100%. Perhaps after completing this game you will want to build your own house in reality. This project is able to inspire.

    This game has been updated 25-08-2022, 04:20 to the latest version Build 20220824.

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  • Sailwind v0.19.1 upd.25.08.2022

    Sailwind Game Free Download Torrent
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    Embark on adventures in the world of Sailwind. This sailing simulator with elements of survival features realistic swimming physics and a huge open world to explore. Embark on a cargo delivery mission, furnish the boat with furniture and jewelry, or enjoy fishing. Relax and go on a relaxing trip to the local islands or, when you are ready for adventure, buy a big boat and go on a dangerous journey across the ocean to distant lands. Use navigation devices, sun and stars to stay on course, fight storms and strong winds and don’t forget to stock up on food and water for the long journey. Complete realistic physics of sailing for a successful voyage you have to maneuver, strengthen the sails in bad weather, follow the direction of the wind to find the perfect angle. Keep up with the ever-changing weather and waves. Six boats of different sizes and sails to choose from, each with its own unique sailing characteristics and features.

    This game has been updated 25-08-2022, 03:43 to the latest version v0.19.1 upd.25.08.2022.

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  • Bartender Hustle Build 9304254 upd.25.08.2022

    Bartender Hustle Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bartender Hustle — in front of you is a new bartender simulator, where you have to prove yourself as a good specialist in this field. Mix drinks in five unique bars, moving up the career ladder, then test your endurance and compete in the world leaderboard in arcade mode. Meet many patrons, continuing to follow their destiny and setting the mood by creating a playlist with a library of music to choose from. Use your earnings to modernize your home and then customize it with a variety of finishes and decor.

    This game has been updated 25-08-2022, 03:58 to the latest version Build 9304254 upd.25.08.2022.

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