Farm Together Paella Pack

Farm Together Paella Pack Game Free Download Torrent
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Meet the new project from the creators of the famous Farm Simulator — a magnificent farm simulator called Farm Together Paella Pack. In it, you can not just try your skills in agriculture — you have a unique chance to turn a small plot of a couple of acres into a huge ranch or plantation. In Farm Together you have the opportunity to constantly increase the territory of your farm. Buy new plots, plant various crops or tree saplings there, arrange a farm for your animals or build a warehouse. In general, the possibilities you have are enormous. By the way, you will constantly receive various tasks, the fulfillment of which will bring you a reward in the form of experience — for it you will be able to get access to new buildings and objects. You can also buy various equipment, with which you can speed up the main work, but it will require additional costs.
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ZUSI 3 Aerosoft Edition v3.3.0.1 (upd.05.07.2019) - SKIDROW

ZUSI 3 Aerosoft Edition Game Free Download Torrent
ZUSI 3 Aerosoft Edition comes with 10 routes of various ages, including the Port City route, created with the goal of Aerosoft Edition. This is therefore what you need to explore the most FIVE hundred kilometers of highways. Zusi 3 is also possible to increase according to its own taste. Pick from a wide range of additional routes, trucking money, timetables and more; pile on them and add to this — either use the attached editors to form your own personal extensions with the goal of Zusi and share stand out with society.

This game has been updated 5-07-2019, 05:12 to the latest version v3.3.0.1 (upd.05.07.2019).

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Prison Architect upd.27.06.2019 + The Clink - PLAZA

Prison Architect Game Free Download Torrent
PLAZA Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Prison Architect is a real simulator where you take under your control and control a huge prison. You have to first design and then build the most secure institution for prisoners who will not have a chance to get out. Correctly build every cell of prisoners so that there is no escape possibility. Under your control, all aspects of the prison’s activities will fall at once, so be attentive to even the smallest details. The game provides a campaign mode, where there is a plot line. It is on this storyline that you will pass, recognizing personally each of the prisoners. In addition, there will be a sandbox mode where you can build your own prison, with all entrances and exits, as well as numerous corridors. Follow the order and do not allow shoots, because this will depend on the reputation of your possessions.

Added GOG version Prison Architect (The Clink Update) v1.01 + Multiplayer v4e

This game has been updated 3-07-2019, 08:28 to the latest version upd.27.06.2019 + The Clink.

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SimAirport v02.07.2019 - ALI213

SimAirport Game Free Download Torrent
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Computer game SimAirport is a simulator of the airport, and will appeal to all fans of this genre. It combines elements of hardcore, and has a sandbox mode. You will perform all the tasks that can only occur at the airport, do all the work. Employ employees, take care of creating an infrastructure, monitor all processes to avoid a malfunction. Also this project is supplemented with a career regime, and has a free regime.

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First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator v2.3 (upd.30.06.2019) - SKIDROW

First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
First Person Tennis The Real Tennis Simulator — fascinating and unique in its kind tennis simulator, which was specifically designed for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and WMR. This means that the game supports the possibility of playing in the mode of virtual reality. The game also works in non-VR mode and can be played with the joystick or keyboard. Now you can play on a real tennis court and meet with professional tennis players. You will have to show all your technical and tactical skills. The game is designed for a gamepad or keyboard, too.

This is the no-VR mode edition v2.3.

This game has been updated 30-06-2019, 17:05 to the latest version v2.3 (upd.30.06.2019).

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Civitatem Alpha 2.50

Civitatem Game Free Download Torrent
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Civitatem is a fascinating town-planning simulator in which you will have to go to the Middle Ages and try to build a prosperous city in those difficult times. It would seem that nothing complicated - you take a certain territory and begin to build a city. But in reality, in Civitatem, there are more than enough difficulties, and it’s not so easy to build a really big city here. Moreover, you will have to start from the smallest. At first you will receive only a small plot of land, build the first buildings on it and settle the first people in the camp, and only then will the most interesting things begin. You will have to deal with social issues, solve complex economic problems, build houses, extract resources, defend and defend yourself, fight for territories and not only.
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Who Is This Man v1.0 - DARKSiDERS

Who Is This Man Game Free Download Torrent
Who Is This Man — a game of espionage, where you can fully feel yourself a scout. Here you will be given a number of tasks that you must complete as completely as possible, silently and try not to get in the eye of your goal. Each new target will have its own housing, into which you will penetrate with the intention of finding as many valuable things or documents as possible. You must quietly penetrate the territory of a house, search it far and wide, and then take away all that will attract your attention.

This game has been updated 29-06-2019, 14:07 to the latest version v1.0.

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Gravity Vector v29.06.2019 - SKIDROW

Gravity Vector Game Free Download Torrent
Gravity Vector is elementary fun game the purpose of presentation, but not easy to learn. See the key nuances of the game move, with which you will need to have a problem. Look at the map of the degree of inspection, in order to find the best direction of operations. Focus the focus and determine the initial rate of capsular initial design. Avoid various threats, similar to the same as a tool, asteroid steppe and other aggressive objects, keeping the presence of this original intended line of motion. Apply gravity gun in order to perform a gravitational obstacle. Make goodies according to the whole degree and reveal the secrets that have all the chances to unlock the latest features, like the newest degrees and updates to the purpose of your capsule. Get an in-game money unit.
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Sigma Theory Global Cold War v0.18.0.7

Sigma Theory Global Cold War Game Free Download Torrent
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Sigma Theory Global Cold War — Spy games are considered the most interesting and exciting among all. Become a professional agent to study carefully the news reports about discoveries and interesting developments in other states. And as soon as something interesting appears, it is imperative to immediately capture the information and make it the identity of your state. Being a professional agent, a young girl is able to use the most diverse and interesting ways of obtaining: deception, seduction, intimidation and much more. All this will allow you to easily achieve the desired goals or simply break through the path for new tasks. You should not worry, gradually you will understand all the features of the new activity and will be able to deftly manipulate all the functions.

This game has been updated 29-06-2019, 03:47 to the latest version v0.18.0.7.

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Hearts of Iron IV Man the Guns v1.7.1 - CODEX

Hearts of Iron IV Man the Guns Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Hearts of Iron IV Man the Guns is a strategic computer game, you can be at the head of the Second World War, choosing one of the conflicting countries. Gamers will appreciate the realistic simulation of military action that takes place in real time. The gameplay will begin with the fact that the player will need to make a choice in favor of one of the states represented in the draft, for which he will have to fight later. Users have the right to choose as a huge empire, for which war is a common thing, and a small country that just wants to quietly survive the storm. Then you have to put together an army, gaining the greatest commanders who can fight on tanks, airplanes and ships, using various weapons, ranging from guns to the latest weapons of mass destruction.

This game has been updated 27-06-2019, 14:00 to the latest version v1.7.1.

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