Iron Harvest v1.1.0.1916 (upd.17.12.2020) - CODEX

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Iron Harvest — is a game project developed in the strategy genre, the basis of which is taken from the works of a famous Polish artist. You go to the very center of events occurring as a result of the battle between robots and high technology. Take on the role of the main character and go to the past, namely in 1920. All actions in the game occur in real time, which will allow the user to become a full part of this exciting atmosphere. Your strategic planning skills will become faithful comrades on the path to success, so you should pay attention to improving them.

This game has been updated 22-01-2021, 04:47 to the latest version v1.1.0.1916 (upd.17.12.2020).

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Frontline World War 2 v1.0 (upd.01.01.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Frontline World War 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Frontline World War 2 — players command Allied forces in the most famous battles of World War II, liberating Europe, Africa and the Pacific from the Axis powers. Make your way through 23 campaign missions and 20 carefully targeted scenarios, counterattack and strategically coordinate your teams. Learning enemy tactics and using Special Abilities will lead to victory. New units become available as the campaign progresses, depending on your ingenuity, skills, tactics and timeline.

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Castle Constructor Alpha v2.9 (upd.01.01.2021)

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Castle Constructor — is a mix of a strategy card game and a tower defense game where you have to build castles, fend off attacks from all kinds of enemies, and save your kingdom. This is inherently a typical strategy simulation game in which you will need to deal with kingdom building, construction, battles, exploration, and much, much more. The game does not offer anything fundamentally new, and nothing is really known about its plot at the moment. But then it immediately becomes clear that the emphasis is on two areas construction and defense.

This game has been updated 1-01-2021, 15:07 to the latest version Alpha v2.9 (upd.01.01.2021).

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Spacebase Startopia v0.21.1 (upd.31.12.2020) beta

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Spacebase Startopia — is an unusual and very entertaining game that combines elements of an economic game and empire building from scratch. The action here will take place in real time, and you cannot do without humor and sparkling humor. The game has a rather difficult passage mode for one player, as well as a mode for several players with competitions among themselves or joint passage. It won’t be enough for you to monitor the work of three decks on a huge space station, amuse alien guests and defend against intruders who decided to attack you and take your property. This implies the presence of the narrator in the person of artificial intelligence, who will dilute the game process with his funny and funny comments and remarks.

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Surviving the Aftermath v1.12.2.8042

Surviving the Aftermath Game Free Download Torrent
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Surviving the Aftermath is a city-planning simulator, but in which you will have to build not a city, but a settlement or even a colony, and even in the conditions of the apocalypse that happened the day before. The plot tells the story of a world in which, after several climatic cataclysms, a real apocalypse happened. At first the cities were destroyed, after which the world began to change, and later a virus appeared at all, which began to destroy everything around. But humanity still has every chance of survival, and you will have to multiply these chances by becoming the founder of a real colony. Get ready for trials, illnesses, work, endless worries and adventures.

This game has been updated 30-12-2020, 17:20 to the latest version v1.12.2.8042.

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112 Operator upd.30.12.2020 - CODEX

112 Operator Game Free Download Torrent
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112 Operator — a strategic simulator of military service, where you, going to any city in the world, will take on the performance of a very responsible role — the role of a rescuer. You do not have to travel to their destinations, because your task is to correctly build a telephone conversation. Become the best in your difficult task, helping the victims of cataclysms and all kinds of natural disasters get out of the circumstances. A feature of the game is that you can manage emergency response services from anywhere in the world.

This game has been updated 30-12-2020, 17:18 to the latest version upd.30.12.2020.

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Graviteam Tactics Edge of Storm upd.30.12.2020 - SKIDROW

Graviteam Tactics Edge of Storm Game Free Download Torrent

Graviteam Tactics Edge of Storm — by October 1941, the situation on the Eastern Front was catastrophic for the Red Army. Leningrad was under siege. German troops launched an offensive on Moscow, dubbed Operation Typhoon. In the south, near Kyiv, more than 600,000 soldiers and officers of the Southwestern Front were surrounded. Fearing a repeat of the Kyiv catastrophe, the Supreme Command ordered the South-Western Front to advance 80-200 km to the east from October 17 to 30 and leave Kharkiv, Belgorod, and the Donetsk industrial district. Shabby troops 38 A, following orders, retreat with battles under pressure of 6 A and 17 A. Wehrmacht. Among them: 169 RD, 199 RD and 14 TBde, who lost more than 50% of their personnel and most of their heavy weapons in previous battles.

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Cartel Tycoon v0.8.5.926 (upd.30.12.2020)

Cartel Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Cartel Tycoon — after the success of the series «Narco» and a new wave of popularity for one of the most famous drug lords Pablo Escobar, it’s no wonder that the developers released a business simulator based on drug trafficking. You have to build a real empire in Latin America of the 80s. Your main market: USA! Of course, you have to build the most thought-out distribution networks. The price of error is extremely high. You need to be one step ahead of UBN, the armed forces and even the CIA! The criminal business requires ingenuity. Look for ways to deliver your product in a variety of ways.

This game has been updated 30-12-2020, 05:44 to the latest version v0.8.5.926 (upd.30.12.2020).

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Steel Division 2 v37929 - CODEX

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Steel Division 2 is a continuation of a series of turn-based strategies dedicated to the Second World War. This time you have to take responsibility for the operation «Bagration», aimed at repelling the Nazi attacks on Belarusian lands. Battles can be fought in general mode, including dynamic action on maps on a scale of 1k1, and the colonel, who is responsible for strategic planning of the operation and distribution of weapons between the units.

This game has been updated 30-12-2020, 11:32 to the latest version v37929.

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Atmocity Build 6006783 (upd.29.12.2020)

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Atmocity — allows you to build impressive cities that challenge gravity. Test your mayor’s skills in campaign mode with goals or give free rein to your creativity in free roaming mode. Create bright and beautiful cities that are not bound by the laws of physics. Build and manage facilities that produce building materials, food and goods that the growing city and its residents need. Enter into long-term trade contracts or trade resources directly on the world market. Implement policies such as tax rates, social security and pension systems to meet the needs of both citizens and local businesses. Campaign mode with 15 levels to slowly introduce the player to the systems. A huge and constantly expanding variety of buildings from residential buildings of lower class to higher classes and commercial buildings, from industrial premises to universities.

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