Armed to the Gears v1.200108 (Build 20200116)

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Armed to the Gears — arcade shooter with elements of a strategic genre, where you will become part of the dynamic events associated with the total destruction of the supporters of enemy force. You as the main character will go to the near future in which totalitarianism is raging in full force. Such actions led to the enslavement of humanity by robots, which were subjected to power. The government uses robots for their own selfish purposes, thereby trying to destroy the maximum number of inhabitants of the globe.

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Project Hospital v1.1.17901

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Project Hospital is a construction simulator in which you have to build a hospital and manage it. At Project Hospital you can be both an inspired architect, a successful manager and a talented doctor. Design your own hospital, customize every detail and take immediate medical duties. Sign contracts with insurance companies to get patients with the most interesting diagnoses, conduct research, laboratory tests and use a variety of medical equipment to solve difficult cases. Treat your patients with the most advanced methods, earn a reputation and get access to the most advanced equipment. An interesting construction simulator.

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Pax Nova v0.9.1 (upd.15.01.2020)

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Pax Nova is a sci-fi strategy game with step-by-step gameplay whose actions take place in the future. Environmental problems of the Earth led to devastating wars. The planet has become almost uninhabitable. It was then that people received a signal from far space and were able to move to a new planet, Eos. People have a new chance to correct their mistakes and build a prosperous civilization. This is what you will do in the game Pax Nova. Lead one of several factions consisting of three different races. Explore space, make alliances, fight and make key decisions affecting the storyline.​

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Rec Center Tycoon v0.2.2 (upd.15.01.2020)

Rec Center Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Rec Center Tycoon — Get to know your economic strategy. This time you need to build not a metropolis, but a health center. In addition to controlling construction processes, you need to properly manage funds, look for the right employees and do everything so that patients stay at your center will benefit them. First you need to build the modules where patients will go. The rooms should be comfortable for a comfortable stay of customers. It is mandatory to build a cafe and other premises for various pastimes. There should be a sports hall, a cinema, a swimming pool and other entertainment for which people pay money.

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Strategic Mind The Pacific v2.07 - CODEX

Strategic Mind The Pacific Game Free Download Torrent
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Strategic Mind The Pacific — takes us to the Second World War, Japan and the United States in the vast Pacific Ocean. They approached the creation of the project with great attention to the makers and historical accuracy. We strongly recommend to all lovers of strategy games. You have a complete immersion in the atmosphere of this serious confrontation, the command of both parties to the conflict.

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Mad Tower Tycoon v14.01.2020 - DARKZER0

Mad Tower Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent

Mad Tower Tycoon is almost the only skyscraper building simulator of its kind. Here you will need to build a skyscraper and do everything in order to earn as much money on it and its premises. But the main task is not money. The main goal is to get six stars. And this is not so easy. We will have to take into account a bunch of different criteria, which are mandatory for teaching the sixth star, to equip the skyscraper in accordance with all requirements and make more of it than just a building. But no one will limit you in anything: you can fill the floors at your own discretion, rent the premises and entire floors for rent, equip everything as you see fit.

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Airships Conquer the Skies v1.0.14.4

Airships Conquer the Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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Airships Conquer the Skies — a pixel game in the genre of the designer, where you have to create various aircraft, on which you will go into enchanting battles, facing numerous rivals face to face. You have to fight for supremacy, where all the battles will take place in heavenly space. Create large flying fortresses, and try to strengthen them as much as possible, as well as provide you with various kinds of weapons that will help you to further crush the enemy. The game will be held with a side view, where all your buildings will look in section, and all departments are visible. Each team member must execute your orders, so try to take everyone under your control. Go to battle with other players, where you can have a great time with your friends.

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Trials of Fire v0.361 (upd.14.01.2020)

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Whatboy Games is a British indie studio that has been working on Batman Arkham for 11 years as a gameplay programmer. Now Whatboy Games announced their first game — Trials of Fire. The Universe of Trials of Fire is a fantasy world that has survived a massive cataclysm. The inhabitants are constantly threatened with hunger, and your characters are forced to roam the dying wastelands in search of hope. The plot will throw random events, and you will be faced with difficult moral dilemmas and become a judge, jury and executioner in one person.

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Girls civilization v20200114 - PLAZA

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Girls civilization an exciting RPG game in anime style, where you can completely begin to control your character in TPS mode, as well as your own army team in RTS mode. What is most cool and attractive here is an open world where you can walk as much as you want and where you want. Travel through a seamless open world and get more companions. Block building system and editable landscape. Also, you have the opportunity to customize, including changing the face, body proportions, hair type, hair color can be customized in the game. Some fabrics support color, pattern, texture, material, such as velvet, carbon fiber and latex. All satellites can be configured. The system of high heels for each piece of shoes, its height and angle for information on the ankle Technological system from the sword and pike to the tank and machine gun.

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Rise of Industry v2.1.4.1301a - CODEX

Rise of Industry Game Free Download Torrent
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If you like games like Factorio and Transport Tycoon, then you definitely should try download Rise of Industry torrent game for PC. Before you is a strategy-management simulator, in which you try to create an industrial empire. For all its complexity, the game is quite simple in mastering. Your task is to build factories and establish ways of supplying and trading with other cities. Under your supervision, the entire product creation cycle: build a factory, establish efficient supply routes, transport goods and establish trade. The state of the market is changeable, like the success of your competitors — be prepared for everything, be one step ahead.

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