Total War WARHAMMER 2 v1.9.2 + All DLC - PARADOX

Total War WARHAMMER 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Total War WARHAMMER 2 — many centuries ago, the High Elves were given the opportunity to create great magical whirlwinds, with the help of which they protected their territories from unexpected guests. With the help of this vortex, they prevented the appearance of dark demons, and today it is used in the form of a shield to block the way for demons to our world. Many centuries have passed, and all this time it was used to contain evil, and as a result of this, its magical energy is running out. Act urgently, and make sure that this vortex is stabilized. It is necessary to replenish its energy reserves, and then use it to protect the universe from Chaos.

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Trials of Fire v0.60 (upd.30.07.2020)

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Whatboy Games is a British indie studio that has been working on Batman Arkham for 11 years as a gameplay programmer. Now Whatboy Games announced their first game — Trials of Fire. The Universe of Trials of Fire is a fantasy world that has survived a massive cataclysm. The inhabitants are constantly threatened with hunger, and your characters are forced to roam the dying wastelands in search of hope. The plot will throw random events, and you will be faced with difficult moral dilemmas and become a judge, jury and executioner in one person.

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic v0.8.2.16

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Game Free Download Torrent
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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic is the economic strategy of 2019 of the 3Division studio, whose task is to create a fictitious state that is part of the USSR. For this purpose, a wide range of buildings and other structures were provided, which allow not only to create an efficient industry, but also to satisfy the needs of residents. In the game Workers & Resources Soviet Republic, the gamer assumes the role of a manager, and his task is to develop the city. An important feature of the game is its freedom. The game does not set specific goals, the direction in which the state will develop, is left to the discretion of the player.

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Before We Leave v1.0074 (upd.29.07.2020)

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If you like urban simulations, then we suggest you definitely use the opportunity Before We Leave. In this new entertainment, you will have the opportunity to embark on an exciting adventure in the open spaces that promise to be not only exciting, but also quite fruitful. You will take on the role of the emperor, who must equip the planet and create all the necessary conditions for the normal existence of the population. We suggest you not to waste much time and just start acting, many tasks and goals await you. The main feature of this adventure is that you can fully use all the necessary functions and try to develop. There is no enmity, war or invasion. You just have to consider the appropriate use of resources and try to expand the boundaries of your possessions. Great things await you, so try to live up to all expectations and succeed.

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Kynseed v0.1.19.2626

Kynseed Game Free Download Torrent
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Kynseed is a life simulator with elements of farming, work simulator, relationships, and more. But you will manage here not one character, but several at once. The main feature of this game is that you have to manage a whole family, or rather even whole generations of the same family. It all begins with a magic acorn, a child, and a grown tree. Your task — by all means, from generation to generation to protect the tree from all sorts of problems.

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Kingdom Under Fire Heroes Update 4 - PLAZA

Kingdom Under Fire Heroes Game Free Download Torrent
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Kingdom Under Fire Heroes — is a prequel to the 2005 Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders game. In terms of gameplay, the game has not undergone significant changes players are again waiting for a mixture of action and real-time strategy with role-playing elements. You take control of several units, ranging from the simplest, such as infantry, archers, spearmen and horse archers, to more complex and advanced ones. In Heroes there are also four new types of troops with elements of the elements: ice maidens, earth golems, electric rhinos and fire ghosts. In addition, it should be noted the appearance in the game of new characters, new campaigns and units, as well as improved battle rules and an improved multiplayer mode.

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Othercide - HOODLUM

Othercide Game Free Download Torrent

Othercide — is a turn-based strategy game where you will plunge into a gloomy atmosphere and go through rather difficult tests to achieve your goal. Here you have to fight for your life and the life of your family, as you are in great danger. There is clearly something on the other side of the mirror, and it definitely wishes us harm. Soon the creepy monsters of the other world will break out and then no one will be able to escape. You have to go to the world of the looking glass and go through the many tests that he has prepared for you.

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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition v1.11 - PLAZA

Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Kingdom Wars 2 Definitive Edition — it is time to go to the dark fantasy Middle Ages, which proposes to create their own unique kingdom, use magic and even invoke dragons. What is all this for? Everything is simple, now there are dark times in the world that require urgent changes, otherwise everything will plunge into irreversible chaos. Due to the fact that you have the authority of the Lord, you decide to create a large settlement right at the turn of the bloom of chaos and now your army will become the only defender of humanity.

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Charterstone Digital Edition v1.1.1 (upd.27.07.2020)

Charterstone Digital Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Charterstone Digital Edition — in a certain kingdom, in a certain state, and more specifically in the kingdom of Gringulli, there lived a certain Eternal King, who did not have enough land. For a long time he issued various decrees and decrees, but for some reason the lands were not added. And then one day he gathered the best in his kingdom, the magnificent six heroes, put them in an airship and sent them into an unknown distance, waving a white handkerchief after them. Long or short, but soon the travelers saw a picturesque valley and decided to land. This is where our adventure begins.

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Griftlands Alpha v423212

Griftlands Game Free Download Torrent
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The development team at Klei Entertainment decided to please their fans with a completely new adventure called Griftlands. This time, players will have to go to an unknown planet as an adventurer, who is forced to look for any ways and means to increase their capital. Ahead of you are waiting for the battle, the adoption of various decisions in relation to others and the original style. To embark on another adventure, you just download Griftlands torrent for free. The goal of the journey through the hero’s inhospitable desert is to gain fortune Execution of dangerous orders, the provision of fugitives in the hands of the law, trade or just robbery — it is important that money be money. During their adventures, gerona must demonstrate good ideas, moisture interests, leadership skills and, above all, a developed sense of diplomacy. In Griftlands, everything is negotiable: price, loyalty, and even morality.

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