Basement v0.7.8 - SKIDROW

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The game Basement, in fact, copies the cult series Breaking Bad, so there are a lot of references to the characters and the plot. What if life did not give you the opportunity to realize your intellect in a positive way? Maybe we should send everyone and start all serious? Play as a brilliant scientist who decided to brew meth in his own room. Making quick money is not so difficult, the police do not care about small lots, and you can sell a couple of packages personally. Much more difficult to build a whole empire. There will have to keep track of all aspects of the business, ranging from disguising its metlaboro, ending with the elimination of various gangsters.

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Songs of Syx v0.2.7

Songs of Syx Game Free Download Torrent
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Songs of Syx is a city-planning simulator in the fantasy world of Scandinavian mythology. First of all, the game will amaze with its scale, before you is a territory covering 260,000 square kilometers and thousands of possible residents of your city. Create an army, follow political intrigues — try to maintain power and succeed in conquering territory. In addition to the sandbox mode, the game has a storyline. The authors do not hide the fact that they have swung at something grandiose, which is why they will work on the game for years.

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Fate Hunters v1.03 Build 911

Fate Hunters Game Free Download Torrent
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Fate Hunters is a card strategy game project where you have to go to the mysterious tower and overcome the ancient evil that has spread across its floors, fight with numerous monsters and collect your unique deck of cards. According to the story in the tower, an ancient evil is devoured, devouring everything in its path, and you need to go to this tower and defeat it, clearing all levels of the tower, without exception, from all sorts of enemies, monsters, demons and not only. But do not be afraid of difficulties, because you will not be the only hero who went here. There will be other heroes with you, and each of them will definitely benefit you.

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Slay the Spire v1.1 Build 10.08.2019 - PLAZA

Slay the Spire Game Free Download Torrent
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Slay the Spire is a well-made card strategy with bagel elements. A dark dungeon, a bunch of different monsters, making your own unique deck of cards, dozens of unique combat combinations, hundreds of interesting items and all this with nice graphics and animation. The game does not forgive mistakes, lost — start the game from the beginning and again try to reach and defeat the main boss. Slay the Spire is a great combination of card strategy and bagel. Recently there have been very few quality card games, which is why the release of «Slay the Spire» is so pleasing to fans of the genre. Here is a great card strategy with bagel elements.

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Foundation v1.3.3 (upd.10.08.2019)

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Foundation is a game project presented to us in the style of a simulator. Ole you will take responsibility for the construction of multifunctional and prosperous cities. The complexity of the gameplay lies in the fact that you will develop your activities during the Middle Ages, where there are no technologies yet, and developed industry. A plus to you will surely be enough developing a construction system that will allow you to create everything that you just think of. Every building that you want to build, an airplane to adapt to any surface, this is what gives you the advantage to build your city in any place you like.

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Galactic Civilizations 3 v3.8 - CODEX

Galactic Civilizations 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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Galactic Civilizations 3 — this is a large-scale strategy in real time. You are waiting for an epic story in which you can take control of an entire galaxy. Start with the smallest, build your fleet, establish trade relations, find allies and try to get the resources of weaker rivals. Galactic Civilizations 3 is a story of survival in an unlimited space. Only military, scientific and diplomatic superiority over the rival will allow you to ascend to Olympus glory and become the main in the whole galaxy. Such a possibility has not yet been provided by any strategy. You personally can design warships and watch their battle, you can explore different planets and even engage in terraforming. Compared with the previous parts, Galactic Civilizations III has significantly improved graphics, new races have appeared (it’s possible to create your own race), and the scale of the game has become simply enormous. The player has a choice: to go by military route, or to try to break his enemy by diplomacy and cunning.

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Phantom Rose v1.0.6 - DARKSiDERS

Phantom Rose Game Free Download Torrent
Phantom Rose is a board card game with roguelike elements. The player’s task is to create a powerful combine a powerful deck of spells to defeat ghosts. Make important and careful decisions, explore the gameplay, because you have only one life. Collect many spell cards and powerful items, defeating phantoms and saving other girls from trouble. The cards you use in battle disappear forever from your deck. Manage and control the ever-changing, truly dynamic deck of cards. Take risks through areas of interest, danger, and safety to gain and defeat crown phantoms for great rewards. Unlock works of art and collect skins and more.
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Order of Battle World War 2 V8.1.0 (upd.08.08.2019) + Red Star DLC - PLAZA

Order of Battle World War 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Order of Battle World War 2 — a game in the style of a classic strategy, where the gameplay is based on step-by-step action. Here you have to take one of the warring parties, each of which has distinctive features and advantages. You will have the opportunity to independently turn the whole story upside down. The interface is quite simple, which is fashionable to say about management. The game world has the ability to change at random, which will make your walk more interesting. The visualization is executed perfectly, it has vivid animation and special effects. You will take control of a huge army, which includes infantry, tanks, ships and air assets, which will allow you to take control of the entire captured territory.

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Order of Battle Red Star - PLAZA

Order of Battle Red Star Game Free Download Torrent
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Order of Battle Red Star is a military turn-based strategy, the events of which unfold in the Pacific theater of operations during the Second World War. In the game you will find three dynamic campaigns both on the side of the Alliance led by the United States and on behalf of the Japanese Empire. In Order of Battle: Pacific, more than 500 unique units are available, including infantry, tanks, ships and planes, 20 different specializations, a rich world of animation and 3D effects, various game modes and much more.
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Terraforming Mars v1.611 - SKIDROW

Terraforming Mars Game Free Download Torrent
Terraforming Mars is, in fact, an advanced simulator of the popular board game. In Terraforming Mars you have to colonize Mars, making it habitable. Practice terraforming, fill Mars with water, create oceans, green zones, a habitable atmosphere — do everything to make Mars become habitable for humans. Build cities and attract new residents to get more opportunities for the development of the planet. Make of a lifeless planet a real paradise filled with fauna and flora.​

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