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Ex-specialists of Creative Assembly, gathered under the banner of the Tower Five studio, recently announced the release of their debut project, Lornsword Winter Chronicle, on Steam Early Access. This is a mixture of strategy and action — of course, in fantasy scenery. In the earlier version, only the prologue and the first chapter are available. The second and third will appear before the end of the year, then the project will come to PS4 and Xbox One. One of its features is a «coop» for two participants. In fairness, we note that the Tower Five leadership did not work on the «big» Total War — only on Total War Battles: Kingdom and Total War Battles: Shogun. The soundtrack for the game was composed by the Hungarian composer Thomas Adam Habuda (Heroes of Newerth).

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TheoTown v1.8.06p

TheoTown Game Free Download Torrent
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TheoTown is a very cool urban simulation game for PC in which players are invited to participate in the construction of a huge city. Dozens of interesting objects, tasks, tests and more are waiting for you. You have to start small. First you will have to choose the location on which you will build the city, then the complexity, depending on which the starting money amount in your account will vary, and then you will have to start construction. But do not rush to build residential buildings and skyscrapers, because they will be empty until you provide the city and its inhabitants with work and everything necessary.

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Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics v1.0.10b (upd.20.01.2020)

Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics Game Free Download Torrent
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Gunslugs 3 Rogue Tactics — is a pixel-based bagel platformer that doesn’t put you in tight bounds! Take a shotgun and point all the annoying enemies. Tired of crazy action? Then use stealth elements and make your way through difficult enemies undetected. Combine tactics and just enjoy the gameplay. This is an action bagel with stealth elements that add a tactical element to this platformer. The main feature of the game is that you can act the way you want. Like sneaking through levels? Not a problem. You can do it. Like point blank to spread enemies out of a shotgun. The game does not constrain you into narrow frames; you decide what style to play.

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Ratropolis v1.0.4101 (upd.18.01.2020)

Ratropolis Game Free Download Torrent
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Ratropolis is a bright and quite dynamic two-dimensional game that successfully relates itself to the strategy genre. Here you will take on the role of commander in chief, who takes control of a small settlement of rats. Your main task is to protect the possessions from attack by enemy forces, while trying to develop and improve. The combat system is aimed at card interaction, a lot more will depend on the composition of your deck, as well as on how you cleverly manage to use the card. You have a central base and in no case should you allow the enemy to get to it.

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Another Brick in the Mall v0.31.3 (upd.18.01.2020)

Another Brick in the Mall Game Free Download Torrent
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Another Brick in the Mall is a shopping center simulator. Here is a large-scale economic sandbox in which you will start your way from a small store and try to grow into a huge shopping center. Your main task is profit! The higher it is, the more you can invest in a business. The more your business becomes, the more difficult it will be to manage it. Even a small defect can lead to serious financial problems. Try to think through everything carefully, and if you make mistakes, analyze them carefully and avoid them later.

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A Long Way Down v0.3.33 (upd.17.01.2020)

A Long Way Down Game Free Download Torrent
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A Long Way Down is a great game for experienced and novice gamers. She is inspired by great projects that have had dizzying success. You will become Sam. He seeks to escape from the labyrinth that has long been ruled by an evil and vile brain. Morality and memories will guide you on the true path. But do not go into the dark. Select maps to do dungeon exploration. It is worth deciding how to do it. It is also important to decide what to use to protect against all kinds of horrors. Fate depends on the choice. Take the side of evil or remain extremely good.

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Surviving the Aftermath v1.3.1.5514

Surviving the Aftermath Game Free Download Torrent
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Surviving the Aftermath is a city-planning simulator, but in which you will have to build not a city, but a settlement or even a colony, and even in the conditions of the apocalypse that happened the day before. The plot tells the story of a world in which, after several climatic cataclysms, a real apocalypse happened. At first the cities were destroyed, after which the world began to change, and later a virus appeared at all, which began to destroy everything around. But humanity still has every chance of survival, and you will have to multiply these chances by becoming the founder of a real colony. Get ready for trials, illnesses, work, endless worries and adventures.

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Jupiter Hell v0.8.7.1 (upd.17.01.2020)

Jupiter Hell Game Free Download Torrent
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Chaos Forge studio is not very famous because of its youth, but the guys deserve respect for their hard work and creativity. Their new project called Jupiter Hell. This is an adventure game with elements of survival, although many critics call the project «turn-based Doom», as the main plot unfolds in a remote space colony, where you have to fight various creatures and devilish creatures.

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Weedcraft Inc v1.3.2 - CODEX

Weedcraft Inc Game Free Download Torrent
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You can start your business on almost any product, including a not entirely legal one. Get to know drug smuggling and try to climb in this dangerous area. Weedcraft Inc is an economic strategy game where you need to grow and sell marijuana. At your disposal there is a small farm, hidden from the prying eyes of neighbors and police. For planting the fields you need to hire and train reliable staff. After receiving the first harvest, you should think about the markets. Negotiate with customers, offer interesting prices or terms of delivery and sales.

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No brainer Heroes v1.1.3 (upd.16.01.2020) - PLAZA

No brainer Heroes Game Free Download Torrent
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No brainer Heroes — many chapters on the map allow the player to choose, the player can choose different routes on each map, and different routes will have different heroes and treasures waiting to be collected. Camp, market, gear shop, forge, message, businessman, clock tower. A diverse city management gameplay will help you improve your team. Rich and varied random events, make your choice, get rewards, or accept penalties. Rich hero skills. Understand each character’s characteristics and learn skills based on his or her character, he or she can fulfill his or her full potential. The match between heroes and treasure, heroes and heroes, treasure and treasure, gives you the choice of your strategy based on different levels. At the beginning of each adventure, you can choose from different characters, treasures and initial rewards.

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