Oxygen First Breath v1.69 (upd.25.01.2023)

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Oxygen First Breath — the initial version of the project, offering the player to live the starting 50 days. In the passage, you will need to complete the task of building a city near the Oxygen Center. It is necessary to take care of the well-being of its citizens and provide them with everything for survival. The event takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, which is still filled with dangerous natural disasters and is capable of destroying the last survivors in a matter of minutes.

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  • Mahokenshi v1.0.0 (upd.25.01.2023)

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    Mahokenshi combines fast-paced combat with the need to build tactics and build a deck of cards correctly. It is from the selected cards that all the damage will mainly depend, as well as whether the character can withstand the powerful attacks of the enemy. If a player loses all his cards, he will automatically lose and have to start over. Sky Island is in danger. All this time, he was under the protection of the four great houses, but this time they cannot properly resist the impending corruption and darkness.

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  • Persona 3 Portable Build 10034446 + Ryujinx/Yuzu Switch Emulators

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    Persona 3 Portable — is a Japanese role-playing game with an elaborate and highly intriguing storyline. At the center of the story is Makota Yuuki, an orphan who, by coincidence, will have to return to his hometown, where a few years ago his parents died in a car accident. Not having time to settle down in a new place, the main character survives the attack of otherworldly monsters and discovers the ability to summon creatures called Persona. From now on, the young man will have to find out the reason for the appearance of the Shadows and give them a worthy rebuff, protecting not only loved ones, but the whole city from the approaching disaster. The project was first released in 2010 on portable consoles, but after several years, the developers imported it and added additional content that fully reveals the story and adds many interesting details.

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  • Per Aspera Home v1.8.0 (Build 10382182) - SKIDROW

    Per Aspera Home Game Free Download Torrent

    Per Aspera Home — this journey is not over yet, we still have a lot to do. After making Mars a habitable zone, dive into the task of increasing the population and expanding the vegetation cover on Mars. New technologies are available in the development tree. Unlock new technologies including a new giant metropolis to expand your population. atmospheric humidifier. Extended Open Farm Metropolis. Water treatment plant. Booster pump for water water. Too high an increase in the temperature of Mars will eventually lead to the death of plants. Find out how you can prevent this and increase flora coverage in temperate areas at the same time. Accept the challenge and manage to turn veins into sources of fresh water. If you reach the end of the technology tree, you can research a reproducible technology that will make your operations more efficient indefinitely. New special project. Migration of space elevator colonists. Four new achievements.

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  • Plan B Terraform v0.6.0 (upd.24.01.2023)

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    Tribe Primitive Builder — is a calm and meditative sci-fi colony simulation game with terraforming elements. In the near future, it became completely clear that humanity needs a backup option in the face of another planet. You will play as a colonizer who was sent to a lifeless planet that has all the makings to turn from a desert into a real blooming oasis. Initially build a small colony and start extracting the most important resources. Adopt the first colonists to your colony and start multiplying their number by creating new colonies.

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  • Undead Horde 2 Necropolis v0.9.1.15 (upd.24.01.2023)

    Undead Horde 2 Necropolis Game Free Download Torrent
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    Undead Horde 2 Necropolis — is a highly entertaining strategy game with explosive action, RPG and hacknslash elements. Now you will have a whole army of undead in control, which you can raise from defeated enemies. Take command of the immortal army and try to restore the Necropolis after the attack of the living. Reclaim your lost lands, free as many souls as you can, and raise your kingdom from its knees. In addition, here you can choose which warriors to raise and recruit up to 100 different units into your army. Unlock all sorts of talents and get upgrades. Raising minions from graves, each of which is unique in its own way. Epic battles with the living and the restoration of the greatness of the Necropolis. Collecting powerful items to increase the strength of a large army.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 09:05 to the latest version v0.9.1.15 (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • SteamWorld Build Build 10340185 (upd.24.01.2023)

    SteamWorld Build Game Free Download Torrent
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    SteamWorld Build — is not just another arcade platformer. This time, Thunderful Development is making a strategy game where players have to dig up the ground and build houses for their mechanical citizens. There’s an abandoned mine below your city, and it’s rumored to be filled with ancient technology that holds the key to escaping impending doom. Use the natural resources above ground and the abundant ores buried in the mine to expand your city. Incentivize new residential levels to join the quest to dig deeper, unearth untold riches, and ultimately help them escape the planet. The player’s task will be to manage the city, using the potential of a variety of steam robots, each of which has its own needs.

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  • Post-Apo Builder v0.34 (upd.24.01.2023)

    Post-Apo Builder Game Free Download Torrent
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    Post-Apo Builder shows a post-apocalyptic world where users will have to deal with the arrangement of their own city. The game is made in the real-time strategy genre with sandbox elements where you need to survive and restore the fallen civilization. Mankind has experienced a global cataclysm in the past, which led to the devastation of the surface of the planet. People have to fight for resources, food and water. Players will fight off raiders, wild tribes and deal with natural disasters.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 03:29 to the latest version v0.34 (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • Colossal Cave Build 10378434 (upd.24.01.2023)

    Colossal Cave Game Free Download Torrent
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    Colossal Cave is a classic text-based adventure game, also known as interactive fantasy. It was created in the 1970s and has since become a famous and influential game in the history of video games. In the game, the player takes on the role of an adventurer who explores a mysterious cave system, solving puzzles and finding treasure along the way. The gameplay consists of the player entering text commands to interact with the environment and progress through the game.

    6.54 GB
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  • Dune Spice Wars v0.4.16 (upd.24.01.2023)

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    Dune Spice Wars — is a fantasy real-time strategy game with global game elements. The game takes place in the fictional universe of Dune, which has become the subject of numerous books, films, TV series and games. The plot is loosely based on the first book, but relies heavily on a free-to-play game where each user creates their own story. Players will be able to choose one of the 4 available factions, the Great Houses, and lead it to victory in the war for the planet Arax and its resources.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 11:50 to the latest version v0.4.16 (upd.24.01.2023).

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