Surviving the Aftermath v1.0.3.5017

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Surviving the Aftermath is a city-planning simulator, but in which you will have to build not a city, but a settlement or even a colony, and even in the conditions of the apocalypse that happened the day before. The plot tells the story of a world in which, after several climatic cataclysms, a real apocalypse happened. At first the cities were destroyed, after which the world began to change, and later a virus appeared at all, which began to destroy everything around. But humanity still has every chance of survival, and you will have to multiply these chances by becoming the founder of a real colony. Get ready for trials, illnesses, work, endless worries and adventures.

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Little Big Workshop v1.0.11510

Little Big Workshop Game Free Download Torrent
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Little Big Workshop — presents an opportunity to create a huge enterprise from a tiny workshop. You will definitely enjoy working on this project. The authors tried to do everything to play it was interesting and fun. Cute characters, rich tools and great gameplay. Meet the hardworking staff, you need to work hard with them.

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Close Combat The Bloody First v1.0.4 - CODEX

Close Combat The Bloody First Game Free Download Torrent
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Close Combat The Bloody First is the latest version in the popular Close Combat series, the first to use the new 3D Archon engine. The game combines the classic tactical gameplay Close Combat with battles that take place in a variety of three-dimensional landscapes, including rocky ridges, narrow valleys and dense villages. The transition to 3D also allows you to increase the level of detail for example, specific types of ammunition used by each weapon are simulated with more realistic movement and physics of shells.

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EarthX v0.2.8.1

EarthX Game Free Download Torrent
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EarthX is an exciting space-based project that combines the features of strategy and a simulator. Here you will have to build rockets, engage in logistics, develop a company, and do much more. In the story, suddenly you became the owner of a space company, on whose account there are only a few million dollars. It is not enough for a start, but even this money may be enough for you to build the first, albeit a small space rocket, which could be launched into orbit. But you should not be too skeptical to look at your first project, because after all, the most interesting will begin. By launching the first rocket, you will be able to show sponsors and potential companions what you are capable of, and then they will start giving you money for your new projects, begin to charge you with the construction of new rockets, and this will bring you fame, money, and power.

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Northgard v1.9.4.15341 (Conquest DLC) - PLAZA

Northgard Game Free Download Torrent
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Northgard is a new creation of the studio «Shiro Games», which once created a popular series of games «Evoland». This time the players are waiting for a strategy filled with Scandinavian mythology. You have to create a settlement and expand it. Give orders to your Vikings, explore the world, fight with various undead, giants and dragons. Can you survive in the harsh winter season? Will not you be defeated by your enemies? Can you manage resources correctly? The success of the settlement will depend on your decisions and your tactics.

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First Strike Final Hour v1.0.5 (upd.29.10.2019)

First Strike Final Hour Game Free Download Torrent
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First Strike Final Hour — another space-themed strategy where you need to unleash a real nuclear war with the super powers of the world. For this purpose, you choose your own state, starting from North Korea and ending with the United States, and begin to conduct scientific research in order to subsequently protect your territory from nuclear bombs. A very unique real-time strategy game where you need to go to war, capture enemy territories and protect the people of your chosen country. You can fully automate your defense systems, look for new weapons and new technologies to perfectly protect your gaming sector. You have a difficult but feasible task — to arrange global wars and protect your people from another world war, which can completely destroy the whole world.

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Dawn of Man v1.3.2 (upd.28.10.2019) - PLAZA

Dawn of Man Game Free Download Torrent
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Dawn of Man is a strategy game where you go to a large historical world to fight for your own life. The adventure spans more than ten thousand years of history related to human development. Here your main task will be to establish and then develop the settlement. You will control the settlement of the first modern people, leading them through the centuries and trying to fully develop. I went to explore the world, to get as much useful resources as possible, and also to find a suitable place for the construction of the city. The environment will often become your enemy, but in many cases it will help you to achieve your goal. Turn to the hunt to get food for your settlement.

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Signs of Life v0.15.8 - SKIDROW

Signs of Life Game Free Download Torrent

Signs of Life — a science fiction game with simple graphics and an open world. The next global war led to the death of our planet. The earth is no longer fit for life and humanity has only one chance — to find a new home! Under the leadership of the United Nations, two spacecraft were created: Hephaestus — the main ship for overcoming enormous distances and Hermes — a fast and small reconnaissance ship.

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Her Majesty's Ship v1.1.1 - PLAZA

Her Majesty's Ship Game Free Download Torrent
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As for the gameplay Her Majesty’s Ship, so it can be divided into three parts. The first part is based on traveling around the global map and completing tasks — in this case, everything happens from the top. Before you will be a huge map on which you will be guided in terms of their movement. The second part is battles with numerous opponents, which are played by enemy ships — here everything is happening from the side, and the ship itself is seen in the section. Well, the third part is management and management — here, too, everything happens with a side view, but the tasks are a bit different.

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Ostalgie The Berlin Wall v1.6.1 (Aftermath) - PLAZA

Ostalgie The Berlin Wall Game Free Download Torrent
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You have not seen the most strategic game yet. If the same Civilization seems childish compared to the Ostalgie The Berlin Wall. The game originates from the split of Germany. You have nothing to do but think. The plot is as follows: German Chancellor Germut Kohl and Gorbachev shook hands for a long time. Socialism is winning and the Cold War is coming to an end. Germany remains divided, and the people inside the country are raising a row. The ropes of power fall into your hands. Manage officials, encourage them to side with your ideology.

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