Earth Atlantis

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Earth Atlantis is a dynamic action-style game that includes good visual performance, as well as a fascinating story with unexpected turns of events. Here you have to move into the future, namely at the end of the twenty-first century. You will learn that climatic conditions influenced the state of the planet to the maximum, which led to a global catastrophe. Most of the land is now under the water column. Such events led to the destruction of almost all of humanity. Also in the future world there are cars that have managed to adapt to such conditions of existence, so they became residents of the underwater kingdom. You will assume the role of one of the lucky ones, who nevertheless managed to survive.

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Last Year The Nightmare v1.0.3 Build 20190301 - SKIDROW

Last Year The Nightmare Game Free Download Torrent

Last Year The Nightmare is an asymmetrical shooter with elements of a typical production movie — blood, teenagers and a psycho killer. It was he who became the first exclusive store Discord. On the sly, a completely unexpected character made his way to the lists of successful genres — an asymmetrical multiplayer horror movie. Millions of views collect threading moments from Friday the 13th, Dead by Deadlight and similar projects.

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Deadly Kingdom upd.01.03.2019 - PLAZA

Deadly Kingdom Game Free Download Torrent

Welcome to the Deadly Kingdom, an incredible medieval experience you’ve always dreamed of. You play the role of Sir Gareth, the commander of the Lord appointed by the king to protect the land. Once upon a time the kingdom was ruled by a very powerful king, and his guards had a mission — to protect the red crystal, which would give the army immortality. But it is expensive, and it means that you are trying to fight all the possible enemies that are in your way. The king got angry, and so he appoints Gareth with the idea of defending the castle and preserving the army of the invisible king, who is really trying to capture this crystal and rule all lands.

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Offworld Trading Company Market Corrections DLC - RELOADED

Offworld Trading Company Market Corrections DLC Game Free Download Torrent

Offworld Trading Company Market Corrections DLC — a strategy in which players expect an expedition to Mars, which was recently colonized. Before them will be a serious task — to master the planet and prevent the competitors, also landed on Mars, were able to select the tidbits of the territories. Gamers will have to constantly mine minerals on the surface of the planet and try to sell them, systematically crowding out competitors. You will also need to rebuild production buildings, increase production capacity and monitor the colonists, creating good living conditions for them and providing them with everything they need. However, the development of Mars will be very difficult, because competitors will relentlessly writhing intrigues, creating industrial sabotage.

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Fimbul v1.0 - RELOADED

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Fimbul — role-playing adventure action from the top, in which you have to go on a long journey through the world, shrouded in darkness and darkness. You are waiting for adventure, battles, demons, gangsters, a sea of puzzles and otpadny plot. Once there was only emptiness, but then light and heat came into the world, and then the age of people began. But after many centuries the light disappeared again and the whole world plunged into darkness. You are an ordinary knight warrior named Nix, who is entrusted to deliver the daughter to the last place on the planet, wherever there is light, by all means. Only in this way can the world be saved and restored. But the journey promises to be very difficult and dangerous.

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Otokomizu - PLAZA

Otokomizu Game Free Download Torrent

Otokomizu — a very non-standard game, where the logic is completely absent, there is the world of kung fu and the rules of the city of Edo City. There is no such thing in other games, the main character has reactive capabilities, is able to soar in the sky over the city and moves with the speed of wind. The main character is almost undressed, all his advantages are visible, before the game starts, there will be a display of several training slides where you can get acquainted with the management in detail. Then you see a burning city and many people who run away in panic, leaving their homes to save their lives.

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Wounded - HOODLUM

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Wounded — a game project, which was presented in the horror genre, and is ready to plunge into you in a cruel, creepy, insane world. Here you are in a death trap. The game includes a dynamic gaming environment, as well as well-executed graphics. Moreover, there is a tangled story, and it may seem at first glance. You are waiting for frightening events, trials and unpredictability. The main task: to find a way out of this unfortunate place before. The storyline, when after a family dinner, decided to spend the night in one of the roadside hotels. Understand that we are in the real trap. Our hero dreams to behave badly. Lies in response.​

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Party Hard Tycoon v0.9.014.a

Party Hard Tycoon Game Free Download Torrent
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Party Hard Tycoon is a game that will allow you to become the real king of the parties, where you take control of everything that happens. This project was founded in the genre of party organization simulator, where you invite all your friends to have a great free time. Here you can easily realize your dream and make the most crowded party that your imagination will be capable of. Here you will not be bored for sure, having fun for glory is your main task. The game is able to give positive and good mood from spending time in it. Your earnings will directly depend on the organization of such an event. The more fun and large-scale the so-called party is, the more people will come to you, which means that the arrival will be more than enough to improve their future plans.

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Trials Rising v26.02.2019 (Gold Edition)

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Trials Rising is a new game from the Trials series. Waiting for you even more furious gameplay, even more «hardcore» trashes, advanced multiplayer, a new mode of single races, updated graphics, improved physics and much more, for which we all love and value this franchise. As in the previous parts of the series, the player can improve his motorcycle and motorcycle racer, pumping him through experience points, obtained for the successful completion of insane levels and for performing dizzying stunts.

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Cities Skylines Industries v1.11.1-f4 - CODEX

Cities Skylines Industries Game Free Download Torrent
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Cities Skylines Industries — city planning simulator, where you will have plenty of opportunities. Create the whole city where you will release your fantasy. You start small, start building small houses and hire people. In your hands full control over all aspects of the activity. Be attentive when creating a city, take into account all situations that may occur. Your residents should be as comfortable as possible. Equip the city sleeping area, and then create the infrastructure. Create more and more new jobs, as well as improve the scale.

This game has been updated 27-02-2019, 16:16 to the latest version v1.11.1-f4.

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