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Selection Process v1.0 (upd.21.06.2021) - DARKZER0

Selection Process Game Free Download Torrent

Selection Process — is a platform shooter in which we will try to get the job of our dreams. To get the job, we will need to arm ourselves with our grenade launcher and defeat other candidates. In addition to overcoming the numerous platforms and traps that will emerge as we progress in the selection process. If we succeed, we will be able to fight human resources in an epic battle. Will you be able to pass the interview. Of the main features of this casual game for the PC, you can note photos of kittens, printers, resume flight. People are attacking you with chairs. Lasers come out of the ground. Human resources.

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  • Dungeonite v1.0 (upd.19.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Dungeonite Game Free Download Torrent
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    Dungeonite — choose a character and destroy your friends in this dynamically generated procedural-dynamic arcade hero with a top-down view, shoot at them. Start a game placed in a random room in the dungeon, and choose to search for other players or destroy objects in the environment to uncover game-changing power-ups that help defeat your enemies. However, you need to move fast because the map shrinks over time as the rooms close. Each room can be one of 7 different themes with different ways of interacting with them, which sometimes gives great merit. Play up to 10 players in one game, 10 unique characters, 7 unique room themes. Widely customizable settings for your games. Accelerate or slow down the pace of the game as you like, 17 different bonuses. Create private rooms just for your friends or public to play with anyone.

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  • Lasagna Boy v1.0 (upd.19.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Lasagna Boy Game Free Download Torrent
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    Lasagna Boy — is an adventure horror with Gameboy aesthetics. It combines puzzle, adventure and platformer as well as some minor shooting elements. Lasagna Boy has a charming but exciting style of pixel graphics, which uses a lighting system that will make you ask yourself what is hidden behind these shadows. One stormy night, a lasagna delivery courier named John finds himself in the woods near a spooky, somewhat outlandish castle. In search of help, John accidentally falls into a trap in the castle, where he meets a girl named Guild. When John explores the mystery of the girl in the cage, he discovers the unspeakable horrors that are hidden in the walls of these castles, and the darker mystery that underlies it all.

    156 MB
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  • Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day Game Free Download Torrent
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    Depths Of Horror Mushroom Day — is a three-dimensional first-person horror adventure game that allows you to immerse yourself in your fears. During the celebration of the National Mushroom Day, you decided to try your hand at mushroom picking. Collecting mushrooms on the lawn, you will come across an abandoned hut. Exploring it, you find yourself in a cave full of unexpected inhabitants and surprises. From this moment, your struggle for survival begins, which means that you have the opportunity to test your intelligence and endurance. Will you be able to find a way out of the cave, bypassing enemies and various obstacles, and gain a worthy victory over evil and your fears. Good graphics and excellent optimization, atmospheric sounds and music.

    345 MB
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  • A Murmur in the Trees v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    A Murmur in the Trees Game Free Download Torrent
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    A Murmur in the Trees — this short mysterious adventure, which takes place in the forests of America in the era of prohibitions. Play as a reporter sent to the mysterious forests of the Lonely Falls. A local says she has information about recent moonshine killings, but you’ll have to find her to hear what she knows. This is a scary first-person detective adventure in which a reporter is sent to investigate a series of murders in the forests of America’s era of prohibitions. You play the role of a reporter sent to investigate a chain of mysterious murders called murders in the moonlight. You have been sent for an interview with a woman who claims to know what is happening, but first you need to find her. Explore the mysterious forest of the Lonely Falls. Solve simple puzzles to advance the plot. Interact with the residents of the region through an extensive dialogue. Make decisions with consequences.

    341 MB
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  • Garlic v1.0 (upd.16.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Garlic Game Free Download Torrent
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    Garlic — immerse yourself in an exciting hardcore platformer, where you will play the role of Garlic, a boy with a bulbous head, and you want to climb the Sacred Tower to meet the Cyber Goddess, fulfilling the wishes of the heroes who have reached the top. But this time it seems that everything will not go as planned. Jump on the walls, jerk, many traps and several enemies, with many moving backgrounds, stages on one screen and large stages, many checkpoints so as not to get upset, simple and fun mechanics, with the possibility of advanced gameplay, performing amazing combo jerks just try to spam the dash button on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. Inspired by Super Meatboy, Celeste, Gato Roboto.

    356 MB
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  • Mercenaries Blaze v1.0 (upd.13.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Mercenaries Blaze Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mercenaries Blaze — is the fifth installment of a fantasy tactical RPG with turn-based battles on an isometric map. The strength of the attack and the degree of defense depend on the direction, distance and height. All this makes the game quite challenging that hardcore fans will love. The plot of the game will affect the heroes who decided to overthrow the corrupt rulers of the kingdom. In the new part, the developers promise more freedom. Characters can now move after an action during a battle. Also worth noting is the 3D battle map mode, which allows players to examine the battlefield from all angles and so make the right tactical decisions.

    401 MB
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  • EERIE v1.0 (upd.12.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    EERIE Game Free Download Torrent
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    EERIE — is a game based on the Touhou project. The three main characters are Dayosei, Kidzin Sage, and Ringo. They have their own special skills and attributes. Unlike the usual game with several main characters, each main character has its own mission goal, factional relationships and stories. In addition, the three main characters are hostile to each other. E.E.R.I.E has a huge arsenal, including pistols, submachine guns, small-caliber submachine guns, medium-caliber submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and grenade launchers.

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  • Valley of No Roads v1.0 (upd.11.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    Valley of No Roads Game Free Download Torrent
    DARKZER0 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Valley of No Roads — is a city-building puzzle that creates beautiful landscapes while you find a way to expand it. You place blocks of houses of different shapes and sizes, surround fields, towers, earn points for abilities and build bridges to cross lakes and rivers. In Valley of No Roads you can enjoy the view and build the city the way you want, or try to make it as dense and optimal for participating in tournaments. You start the game with several blocks made of houses, placing them in the corners of previous houses. Each area has its own tasks that require you to perform, requiring you to place a certain number of blocks, create new reservoirs or move the market area to this area.

    32.2 MB
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  • A Sketchbook About Her Sun v1.0 (upd.11.06.2021) - DARKZER0

    A Sketchbook About Her Sun Game Free Download Torrent
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    A Sketchbook About Her Sun — confused by her feelings for someone, Lucia, the main character, decides to flee her city and wanders around a small town where she has never been, in search of herself, still tormented by the thought of a man she likes. The project is an interactive experience divided into 11 segments, each of which corresponds to a song from the new album Red Ribbon Planet X. Immerse yourself in the imaginary world of Lucia, divided between her thoughts, drawings and music she listens to on her journey to rediscover herself.

    342.0 MB
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