The Star Named EOS v1.0.0_03 (Build 14827301)

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The Star Named EOS is no ordinary adventure. No dragons or spaceships here. You will pick up a camera a seemingly ordinary tool that has become the key to solving a family mystery. In this story, you will play the role of a person whose past is missing a piece. Armed with faded photos, you explore a world filled with locations that beg to be captured. But it’s not just about taking a good photo. Each photo you take becomes part of a larger puzzle, allowing you to recreate moments from the past and learn the truth about a significant person.

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House Flipper 2 Build 15078120 (upd.23.07.2024)

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House Flipper 2 — a game project developed in the simulator genre, where we will repair private houses of various types. The first part gained quite a lot of popularity and now the developers are ready to please fans with interesting innovations, updated, more realistic graphics, and even more opportunities to achieve their goals. In this game, you can feel yourself not only as a builder, but also as a designer, and even as an interior designer, fully connecting your imagination, bringing any idea to life. Basically, the game will take place in the sandbox mode, where you need to think over a plan of action in advance, having prepared the necessary tools and equipment. The main feature worth noting is the complete freedom of action for the player, which will allow you to create unique buildings. Start small and become a real professional in your field.

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SOS OPS Build 15012543 (upd.23.07.2024) - TENOKE

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SOS OPS — a sensation in the world of titles invites you to take part in a complex operation to manage a rescue station. Cooperation with your teammates is a must when completing challenging physics-based puzzles and tasks ranging from rescuing stranded animals to firefighting and even the logistics of rearranging furniture. The project promises to give users looking for a joint solution to problems an exciting experience. In the city where SOS OPS takes place, danger is constantly looming, requiring a prompt response to emergency calls. You and your team race against time to get to the scene, experiencing a real adrenaline rush.

This game has been updated 23-07-2024, 03:46 to the latest version Build 15012543 (upd.23.07.2024).

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Codename Ocean Keeper v0.6.1 (upd.22.07.2024)

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Codename Ocean Keeper plunges gamers into the role of space pirates on a mysterious underwater planet. This roguelike survival game is all about exploration, mining, and fighting waves of enemies — all while unraveling the planet’s mysterious secrets. Inspired by games like Dome Keeper and Vampire Survivors, Ocean Keeper takes players on a deep-sea adventure with a dash of cosmic intrigue. The developers cite StarCraft, Stormgate and Project Entropy as atmospheric influences, hinting at a mixture of exploration, resource management and intense combat. Impressive isometric graphics set the scene for this underwater odyssey.

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Kusan City of Wolves v19.07.2024

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Hardcore shooter Kusan City of Wolves, where the most dangerous bloody port town is located on the outskirts of Asia. The game is based on fierce battles, searching for special weapons, and improving martial arts skills. The most important task for the player is to protect the girl from old acquaintances who decided to stage a planned coup. If you set all your priorities correctly and use your powers correctly, then only the user will be the most powerful and intelligent. Due to his dark past, the main character has a prosthetic left arm. The protagonist is appointed a veteran and underground fixer, who is sentenced to the inevitable death penalty. While eliminating all the problems within the city of Kusan, the player unexpectedly encounters a girl.

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Laysara Summit Kingdom Build 15078384 (upd.20.07.2024)

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Laysara Summit Kingdom — is an exciting city-building game created in the best traditions of its genre. Feel like the mayor of a small mountain settlement who has to complete a grandiose task. Expand the city, located on the slope of an unknown mountain, and climb higher and higher to reach the top. Build a great temple on the peak, which will become a beacon for other people living in the region and the property of the public. Will you be able to complete your task or nature that disagrees with you will take its toll, destroying the fruits of your labors. The project was developed by a small Polish indie studio, and the developers were inspired by the legend of city-building games called Caesar 3.

This game has been updated 20-07-2024, 05:34 to the latest version Build 15078384 (upd.20.07.2024).

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Bo Path of the Teal Lotus Build 14951100 (upd.19.07.2024) - TENOKE

Bo Path of the Teal Lotus Game Free Download Torrent

Bo Path of the Teal Lotus is a captivating action-adventure platformer developed by the renowned release group TENOKE, released in 2024. You can download the latest version of Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus directly from our website and immerse yourself in a beautiful and challenging world. Separate update files are also available to ensure your game is always up-to-date. In Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus, you play as Bo, a mystical warrior on a quest to restore balance to the world by harnessing the power of the legendary Teal Lotus. Set in a vibrant and fantastical universe inspired by ancient myths and folklore, your journey will take you through breathtaking landscapes, challenging enemies, and intricate puzzles. The storyline is rich and immersive, drawing players into Bo’s epic adventure.

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Flock Build 15052255 (upd.17.07.2024)

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Flock is a classic casual simulator based on an urban legend about aliens on flying saucers stealing livestock. However, here users take on the role of aliens who herd sheep and other farm animals. While the lambs fatten up and rest, a fantastic flying mechanism moves around the map, protecting the animals and guiding them. In addition to the UFO, there is also a larger mother ship, where the main character must drive the animals. At first glance, this may seem like a simple matter, but in reality it is not. Livestock in Flock! timid and defenseless if a wolf jumps out of the forest, then the panicking sheep will begin to run in all directions.

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Rise of Gun v4.0.0 (upd.17.07.2024)

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Set in a world where technology and magic intertwine, Rise of Gun transports players to a sprawling landscape teeming with adventure and opportunity. As the protagonist, you embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery, navigating through lush forests, treacherous mountains, and bustling cities while uncovering the secrets of your own past. At its core, Rise of Gun offers a multifaceted gameplay experience that caters to a wide range of tastes and playstyles. Whether you’re embarking on epic quests to vanquish formidable foes, engaging in strategic battles to conquer rival factions, or immersing yourself in the intricacies of city management and resource allocation, every decision you make shapes the fate of the world around you. What sets Rise of Gun apart is its dynamic approach to storytelling, which places a strong emphasis on player choice and consequence. As you interact with a diverse cast of characters, forge alliances, and confront moral dilemmas, the world around you reacts and evolves in response, leading to multiple branching paths and a truly personalized gaming experience.

This game has been updated 17-07-2024, 10:37 to the latest version v4.0.0 (upd.17.07.2024).

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Phasmophobia v0.10.0.1 (upd.17.07.2024)

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Phasmophobia — will give players the opportunity to become an explorer of the supernatural. Psychological thriller games are always something interesting and incredibly addictive spectacle. You and other researchers, in tandem, must complete the mission. But be prepared for challenging tasks and plot twists. Only a few will be able to resist the terrible monsters from the other world and not go crazy. A feature of the game is its visual performance, which is able to immerse us in the most realistic, frightening and stressful atmosphere.

This game has been updated 17-07-2024, 11:51 to the latest version v0.10.0.1 (upd.17.07.2024).

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