Dreams in the Witch House v1.03 (upd.01.03.2023)

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Dreams in the Witch House is a pretty spooky adventure with a huge open world to explore! Where the main character will prepare for a terrible witch ritual in a small but legendary town called Archema. Decide on your approach, immerse yourself in the secrets of the House of Witches and try to survive at the same time. District of Massachusetts, 1929 Our protagonist is a very outstanding math student and is moving to the city to attend Miskatonic University. And, despite the fact that the boarding house where he will live is quite notorious, Walter decides not to pay attention to the old rumors.

This game has been updated 1-03-2023, 06:07 to the latest version v1.03 (upd.01.03.2023).

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  • Garden In v1.0.2.2 (upd.27.01.2023)

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    Garden In — is a casual gardening simulation game. The gamer will be given a small room where he can grow the garden of his dreams. Only the protagonist can choose how to place the table, shelves, flowerpots with seedlings and other interesting decorations. This customization does not affect the gameplay in any way, so no one limits the designers imagination. The basis of the gameplay is planting and caring for various plants. First you have to choose a beautiful pot, pour a suitable type of soil into it, and then add a seed and pour water over it. From this begins a leisurely adventure into the world of greenery and flowers. It is worth remembering that each plant has its own needs. If some of them adore water, then others may die from its overabundance.

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  • Shadow of the Guild Build 10152595 (upd.02.01.2023)

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    Shadow of the Guild is a side-scrolling 2D beat-em-up adventure. Use and develop your skills with combo attacks, powerful spells and stealth kills to defeat your enemies. Aridia is a scorched planet where water is a scarce commodity. Where magic is everywhere. Where a blacksmith is a pyromancer, and a builder is a telekinetic. The kingdoms of the planet turn to the Guild of Rain Traders, the most powerful organization dedicated to providing water to their people, for help. From their Flying Fortress, the Guild sends out hundreds of ships to capture the clouds and sell them to the kingdoms. Their reign in the sky is complete, despite the attacks of the Pirate Guild.

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  • Mythargia upd.14.12.2022

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    Mythargia is a chance to go on a 2D retro adventure. The plot of the game is based on a story about a unique island. The player assumes the role of a journalist in search of a sensation. To this end, he will have to go to the mysterious island of Mitargia. In this place, the hero will spend time studying the mysterious history, and also try to understand a couple of completely different dimensions. The feeling of constant surveillance will not leave the player throughout the gameplay. In order to advance through the game, you should find a variety of tools. Unique puzzles to solve which you need to find clues. Travel to another dimension. Acquaintance with the inhabitants of the island. The presence of a diary in which you can make notes and post pictures.

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    JANITOR BLEEDS is a first-person psychological horror game set in an abandoned arcade park. It is there that the ill-fated JANITOR BLEEDS arcade machine is located, which released a terrifying something into our world. The only way to survive is to keep playing, but the further the hero goes, the more the game affects the real world. In the game you will find a frightening atmosphere, retro-style graphics and exciting puzzles.
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    Sunblaze — a game in the genre of action, arcade, logic, the game is developed by Games From Earth. Once released, the Sunblaze game will be available on the PC platform. The developers have recreated the game in Retro style, but the main features of the game are indie, platformer for accuracy, action, platformer, challenging, protagonist, adventure, puzzle-platformer, 2d-platformer, puzzle, side view, cute, pixel graphics, atmosphere, retro, controller, single player, linear, soundtrack, deep plot, steam achievement.

    This game has been updated 1-07-2021, 12:50 to the latest version Build 6903523 (upd.01.07.2021).

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