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Unruly Heroes — the harmony of our world has been broken. The magic scroll, which kept balance, was torn into several pieces and scattered across the most remote corners. Without this manuscript, our universe was threatened: all creatures literally went crazy and plunged into chaos. In the game Unruly Heroes you have to collect all the parts of the balance spell and use it to break the spell. This spell turns good animals into evil and terrible monsters who attack at the slightest approximation. In the process of searching, you will have to face these creatures and try to destroy them if they do not leave the road.

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About This Game


There are four heroes in your team who are distinguished by their abilities and skills. These skills will be useful to you in the process of overcoming a variety of obstacles. Keep in mind, where one character cannot cope, another may well be different. Solve problems, solve puzzles, try various options and go through all the territories in search of scroll remnants. Only by bringing together all the parts, you can cast the spell you want and dispel the chaos that has settled on your lands. Feel free to move forward and do not stop in front of obstacles, logic and bravery will help you cope with an impossible task.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 (32/64bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i3 2100
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GeForce GTX 650
Storage: 4 GB available space


Unruly Heroes Game Free Download Torrent Unruly Heroes Game Free Download Torrent Unruly Heroes Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. 
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it. 
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop.
5. Download & install Update v20190129 / v20190201 / v20190213 / v20190531 / v20200123, in game folder.
6. Copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» in the folder with the game. 
7. Start the game.

Download update only: Unruly.Heroes.Update.v20200123-CODEX [ 440.0 MB ]
Download update only: Unruly.Heroes.Update.v20190531-CODEX [ 377.31 MB ]
Download update only: Unruly.Heroes.Update.v20190213-CODEX [ 114.99 MB ]
Download update only: Unruly.Heroes.Update.v20190201-CODEX [ 39.52 MB ]
Download update only: Unruly.Heroes.Update.v20190129-CODEX [ 56.75 MB ]

Download Unruly Heroes v20200123 - CODEX [ 2.27 GB ]

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Download Unruly Heroes v1.3 - GOG [ 1.97 GB ]

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Game Update History:
  • Unruly Heroes v20190531 → v20200123
  • Unruly Heroes v20190213 → v20190531

This game has been updated 18-03-2020, 15:39 to the latest version v20200123.

Comments 2

Admin 29 January 2019 10:55

1) Fix - Skull Canyon Level 01 - The camera remains locked if one of the players stays on the upper platform during FS1

2) Fix - GENERAL - Sandmonk missing animation during his ultimate - when the player use the power up of Sandmonk and do a Y combo , it seems like 1 or 2 animation are missing during the combo

3) Fix - Skull Canyon Level 05 - Music of the Captain Wolf arena will not stop - in coop (at least 2 players ) in the big wolf arena , if the players kill one big wolf and enter in it and kill the second big wolf with it , the music of the battle won't stop and will be played during the rest of the level

4) Fix - Taoist Temple Level 05 - Camera issue - in the last area of the level, near the scroll, when the player try to reach it and pass a certain point the camera will go back and won’t show the correct place.

5) Fix - Flaming Mountain Level 02 - The collision of the broken bridge is still active - If the player goes near the middle of the bridge before it breaks, the player won't fall down.

6) Fix - PVP - Missing hitting sound on Sandmonk - in PvP when the player attacks another player who plays as sandmonk a lots of attack won't have any hitting sounds.

7) Fix - PVP - If a CPU is transformed in baby form while is in the air, the character will remain stuck.

8) Fix - Skull Canyon Level 05 - Player is stuck in the arena - For some unknow reason, the player will get stuck in the second arena of the level, the wolf will spawn but won't move and once the player have kill them, the camera will not move and the player will be stuck in the arena

9) Fix - Skull Canyon Level 04 - Rhynehard is invincible and can float in the air - for some unknown reason , Rhynehard won't reset his gravity correctly after the player swing him in his first phase , Rhynehard will be invicible and if he do his jump attack he can float in the air
Admin 14 February 2019 05:24
Gameplay and Fix bug Patch - 02/13/2019
1- Fixed collision issue with Rhynehard (mini-boss)
2- Fixed collision issue with Lady White Boss’ horizontal root platforms
3- Fixed collision offset on inflated Kihong
4- Fixed root of player character offset during some animations
5- Fixed an issue when playing PvP Harvest mode with empty gaps between players slots leading to some players being unable to pick up fruits
6 - Damage received when playing with 3+ players has been tweaked
7 - More intuitive default keyboard control scheme
8 - Enabled switching connected gamepads in the controls menu
9- Player can now cancel combo finisher by dashing
10- Players souls now move toward the player more often when playing in solo
11- Made the stick direction change more responsive when it comes to direction sensitive attacks
12- Fixed dash animation
13- All Attacks can be canceled except for Wukong’s Bird and Sanzang’s Heavy Down attack
14- All Air Combos and first attack generate more stun value.
15- All finishers have maximum stun value
16- Sanzang’s Air Combo is faster and deals more damage
17 - Sanzang’s second attack in his moving combo is faster
18- Buffed SandMonk’s Heavy Down attack
19- Air combo from a launcher is easier for KiHong & Wukong
20 - Sanzang’s launcher can be canceled earlier
21 -Fix several issue that happen with wireless controllers
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