Dark Fall Ghost Vigil v10.01.2020 - HOODLUM

Dark Fall Ghost Vigil Game Free Download Torrent

Dark Fall Ghost Vigil — a mystical point and click adventure. Your hero is a beginner at the Oxford Paranormal Research Team. You, along with your group, will go to an old abandoned mansion and collect enough evidence to prove the existence of ghosts. The place of your research is a huge house full of secrets and mysteries. Its history begins in 1749, when, under tragic circumstances, the son of the owner of the estate dies. This year is the start for the appearance of paranormal phenomena in this house.

This game has been updated 16-03-2020, 10:39 to the latest version v10.01.2020.

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Batman The Enemy Within v1.0.0.3 (Shadows Edition) - CODEX

Batman The Enemy Within Game Free Download Torrent
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Batman The Enemy Within — is a direct continuation of the popular game, distributed in episodic form. Although it is completely independent and does not require an original or reproduction, it refers to it, which allows us to transfer the consequences of our choice from the first part. The story told in the game once again puts us in control of the character of Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, who this time faces a completely different threat. The city again suffers from Riddler’s, which is becoming an enemy not only of Bruce, but also of other antagonists, including the Joker. Batman will have to team up with his current rivals to get rid of the new threat. However, the line between good and evil is fragile, and the hero will have to constantly walk along it.

This game has been updated 10-01-2020, 13:54 to the latest version v1.0.0.3 (Shadows Edition).

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Election simulator v10.01.2020 - PLAZA

Election simulator Game Free Download Torrent

Election simulator — we all know what corruption is, even children are familiar with this concept. This game is the embodiment of a corruption scheme with bribing voters at the polls. Imagine that you are a rich man whom you want to win in the elections for this to happen, you need the voices of people, it is simply unrealistic to get them honestly, you just need to financially help. In this game, you have a first-person view, in one hand you have a bundle of dollars, in the second a better shield, with which you can cool the fervor of people, and you need to throw the degi into the crowd that attacks you.

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Super Robot Wars X v10.01.2020 - 3DM

Super Robot Wars X Game Free Download Torrent
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Super Robot Wars X — is a tactical role-playing story game in which you are waiting for dialogs with different characters, battles, magic spells and epic boss battles, and much, much more. Unfortunately, practically nothing is known about the plot of the game at the moment, but it is known that the events of the game will also take place in a huge fantasy world in which there was a place for magic, and epic battles, and a huge number of colorful characters. In other words, another adventure awaits you here, from which you just can not help but be delighted.

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