Skellboy upd.21.06.2020 (demo)

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Skellboy — peace reigned in the fairy kingdom until the king’s evil court magician was repelled by the princess. With a broken heart and burning fury, he called upon evil spirits to resurrect the dead and long-forgotten monsters of the kingdom. But he did not understand that in this way he accidentally summoned the ancient hero Skippy. Travel the beautiful kingdom and make full use of your resurrected, skeletal body. Swap body parts to gain new abilities during your adventure, or pick up new weapons to defeat the evil magician’s lackeys.

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Heavy Rain Build 5187887 (upd.21.06.2020)

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Heavy Rain 2019 for PC is a noir thriller that revealed the new genre of interactive cinema. The plot tells of a missing boy named Sean, who, according to detectives, could be put into the hands of a serial killer nicknamed «Origami Master.» He gained this nickname because of the manner in which a strange paper figure supplemented with an orchid was left on the bodies of his victims. According to the investigation, they have only three days before the boy dies. First, the father of the stolen boy, Ethan, is promoted.

This game has been updated 28-06-2020, 08:26 to the latest version Build 5187887 (upd.21.06.2020).

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Starmancer v0.5.1 (upd.21.06.2020)

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In a space strategy called Starmancer, you have to go to the distant future, when a planetary catastrophe hit Earth. The only option for civilization to avoid death is to find a new home among the stars, but such a journey can take too long. Therefore, an artificial intelligence called Starmancer was developed that would control a colony ship while generations of people continued on their journey to the stars. Almost all spheres of the ship’s life will be under the control of artificial intelligence, from maintaining the route to growing food and researching technology. Do not forget that not all colonists are in suspended animation, some of them are awake, therefore they need resources.

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Conscript upd.21.06.2020 (demo)

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Conscript — is a two-dimensional horror in the setting of the First World War. The protagonist is a French soldier looking for a missing brother during the Battle of Verdun. The hero has few resources, in addition to the real enemies, he has to fight with the demons of reason. There are melee and ranged weapons, large locations, labyrinths of trenches and forts. Players will also have to solve puzzles, and alternative scenarios, bonus weapons and difficulty settings give high replayability.

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AVICII Invector v1.4.4 (The Smooth) - PLAZA

AVICII Invector Game Free Download Torrent
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AVICII Invector is a classic rhythm game in which you will have to rush along the tracks and enjoy music, develop incredible speeds and just enjoy the unusual atmosphere to the rhythms of cool tracks. And the first thing to say is that this game does not have a plot as such, but there is an essence, and it is primarily to leave a memory of the departed musician «AVICII» and capture his work in the game world. The game offers to enjoy the music of the author during a speedy race through the space and how to have fun.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 12:13 to the latest version v1.4.4 (The Smooth).

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Conan Exiles upd.21.06.2020 (Architects of Argos) - CODEX

Conan Exiles Game Free Download Torrent
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Epic adventures of the famous hero, in which you can now take part. Conan Exiles is the brainchild of Funcom. Conan the barbarian meets us with a special atmosphere created by a beautiful picture, wonderful soundtrack, excellent design. The focus is on the Survival genre, popular in recent years. Here you can build your own home, expand your possessions, but remember that there are always those who want to encroach on your property and life. This can be felt especially well in multi-user mode.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 11:34 to the latest version upd.21.06.2020 (Architects of Argos).

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MUSYNX v21.06.2020 + All DLC - PLAZA

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MUSYNX — is a unique inherently musical rhythm game in which you have to catch rhythms by pressing keys to a wide variety of musical rhythms and compositions. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot reference in this game, but it is not really required, because the essence of the game is not to go through the storyline, but to set records and go through numerous music levels at which you will need to show maximum reaction, speed, and rhythm. In general, it will be interesting.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 11:24 to the latest version v21.06.2020 + All DLC.

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Angry Bunny 3 Virus upd.21.06.2020 (Update 6) - PLAZA

Angry Bunny 3 Virus Game Free Download Torrent
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Angry Bunny 3 Virus — is an adventure and action game developed by Tero Lunkka for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, adventure, indie, casual, fantasy, deep plot, fighting game, funny, for one player, 3d platformer, black humor and others. In addition, the game added dangers. For example, several times during the passage of the game you have to fight with the bosses, among which, for example, a huge virus. You will also have to run away from the huge worm, which also cannot be killed. And you will find many new mechanics, among whom there is the opportunity to swim under water. True, the rabbit cannot drown for too long. A plus. You are waiting for traps, trials, obstacle courses and moving platforms, and much more.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 12:19 to the latest version upd.21.06.2020 (Update 6).

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Subsistence Build 20200621 - ALI213

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The Subsistence Project is a sandbox game. Users will be able to enjoy not only high-quality graphics, but also a lot of opportunities in the vast open world. It is worth noting and the need for survival in an environment that is welcoming or vice versa, very dangerous. To do this, you will need to build your own base, equip it, search for useful resources and items, arm yourself and secure your existence in a hostile environment. It will be necessary to protect ourselves not only from wild animals, but also from not very friendly neighbors, hunters, who seem to be distraught from the atmosphere of rivalry. You will be able to carry out various activities to ensure a decent life.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 12:37 to the latest version Build 20200621.

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Littlewood v0.96

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Littlewood is a cool game, atmospheric pixel role-playing sandbox in which you can build the village of your dreams, put together different characters, create a society and just live the life of an ordinary hero. And the first thing you should do is to say that in this game you will get such freedom that no sandbox has offered before. Here you can build houses, engage in various agricultural activities, communicate with various characters, make objects, trade, and do many, many other things. Moreover, there are no useless cases — your every action will definitely benefit. Explore a vast world called «Celebration» and travel around the outskirts of your village.

This game has been updated 21-06-2020, 16:07 to the latest version v0.96.

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