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Guilty Gear Strive — is the next installment in the 1998 classic Guilty Gear fighting game series. As with the previous installments, Arc System Works is responsible for the development of the game. Playing Guilty Gear Strive, players take part in dynamic battles in which they take control of one of the available warriors. Each of them is characterized by a unique fighting style, special attacks and combos.

This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 13:25 to the latest version v1.23 (upd.25.11.2022).

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  • Overhaul Build 9880556 (upd.25.11.2022)

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    Overhaul — choose the direction of the story in this fairly fast-paced roguelike-style puzzle game. Try to outsmart strange creatures and explore the mysterious power plant. This game combines fast action and logical thinking at the same time. The protagonist is Ikali, who goes to the power plant to restore electricity to his village. But only there were hostile and mysterious creatures. That is why try to solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible, dodge enemy attacks, collect the necessary items and avoid all dangers. Gradual improvement of the hero by collecting energy in a special Well. Ability to combine different items to explore their interactions. A hand-drawn 2D world and a dull, melancholy atmosphere.

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  • Sackboy A Big Adventure Build 10009103 (upd.25.11.2022) - FLT

    Sackboy A Big Adventure Game Free Download Torrent
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    Sackboy A Big Adventure — among the many adventures, you can often stumble upon family pastime options. Among various games, arcade games based on popular and well-known virtual universes are not uncommon. It is this game that we came across today and highly recommend that you try it, as it has a whole collection of interesting entertainment that will please you with its originality and increased positive attitude. And as for the basis of this adventure, Little Big Planet became such a world. This is an adventure with knitted men, which was very popular among the players. Therefore, it’s time to return to the familiar universe and enjoy the game.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 13:25 to the latest version Build 10009103 (upd.25.11.2022).

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  • Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness v1.2.45 (upd.25.11.2022) - DOGE

    Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness Game Free Download Torrent
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    Black Geyser Couriers of Darkness — game for pc tells the story of the world of Ismerald, who was mired in greed and envy when the goddess Zornilsa cast a curse. The main character will have to decide on whose side he is. You can destroy evil or go to its side, making sure that greed, along with envy, reaches every corner of the universe. The user will have a team of 5 characters at his disposal, and only he will decide which path he will take during the game. Every decision has consequences. The goddess will receive nourishment not only in the case of theft or offerings in the temple, but also when collecting items and receiving bonuses.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 13:16 to the latest version v1.2.45 (upd.25.11.2022).

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  • X4 Tides of Avarice v5.10.479084 - FLT

    X4 Tides of Avarice Game Free Download Torrent

    X4 Tides of Avarice — the third application for X4 Foundations, invites you to new research adventures. Meet new factions and learn their stories. Meeting and interacting with previously unknown illegal factions of pirates and scavengers will challenge your perception of public order and justice in the universe X. plans and actions. What is all this about, and who are these mysterious manipulators who have learned to master a rare and vital resource. Your journey will lead to answers. Go and discover the new X4 Foundations section.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 13:34 to the latest version v5.10.479084.

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  • House Flipper v1.22320 (60326) - GOG

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    GOG version this latest and full release of pc game House Flipper. If you still have not guessed, this time it will be a question of a home repair simulator. That is, in the game you have to redeem old houses, carry out cosmetic repairs in them and then try to sell more expensive. Cope with this task? Then do not waste time! The game is developed by the company Empyrean, which is confident in the success of their offspring. In fact, success can be quite, because no one has done this kind of game projects. Therefore, you just have to wait for the release of the game and right after you can download House Flipper torrent for free. Now you can do detailed repairs and try to do it as best you can, whether you succeed, for now just stock up in patience.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 13:05 to the latest version v1.22320 (60326).

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  • The Mystery of William Moore Build 9978137 (upd.25.11.2022) - DARKSiDERS

    The Mystery of William Moore Game Free Download Torrent

    The Mystery of William Moore — is a first-person detective adventure that invites you to go to your mysterious grandfather’s house and try to find a secret car and blueprints in it. Considering that grandfather was an inventor and designer, you will face a lot of puzzles. Just do not rush too much, because you need to take into account a large number of various nuances, try to find clues and even prepare for dangerous traps. Almost every element of the house, furniture and other items are interconnected and can be used to solve a variety of problems. Grandfather was extremely smart and was able to connect a large number of different mechanisms.

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  • MotoGP 22 upd.25.11.2022 (Update 12) - FLT

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    The game content of MotoGP 22 reflects the 2022 season of the MotoGP World Championship. The game allows us to take part in the race for victory on more than twenty real tracks, in the Moto3, Moto2 or finally MotoGP classes. In addition to all the drivers taking part in the races of the 2022 season, the game features more than 70 characters who have left their mark on the history of the championship. The game emphasizes realism, which is reflected both in the driving model and in the need to pay attention to a number of parameters.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 04:38 to the latest version upd.25.11.2022 (Update 12).

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  • Street Fighter 6 upd.25.11.2022

    Street Fighter 6 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Street Fighter 6 is the next version of the famous fighting games, which brought not only more realistic graphics, but also gameplay features. For example, the ability to use the characters supercombo in an attack returns. As before, the player will have to fight with rivals for the title of champion. Many new fighters will join already beloved protagonists like Ryu and Chun Li Jamie with Dranken Fist, ninja girl Kimberly and others. The energy scale now fills automatically and affects many points. For a small part of it, you can: apply a technique that absorbs the attack of another fighter block a blow, immediately striking back strengthen the special attack by pressing 2 buttons of the same type. The changes also affected the control. Fans of the classics will still have access to the familiar scheme using 6 buttons. The innovation, in turn, will allow you to assign special moves of the main characters to 1 key.

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  • American Theft 80s v1.1.061 (upd.25.11.2022) - FLT

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    The project with the colorful title American Theft 80s — is an action-adventure Nearly Dead with elements of stealth simulator, survival, sandbox, and also with a third-person camera view. Travel to the 1980s United States of America and start stealing VHS players, tape cassettes, vintage cars, and much more. If police officers spot you, try to run away from them at any cost. Be prepared for the fact that every house, bank, store, museum or premises you meet on the way, you can rob calmly the main thing is that you have the necessary tools at your disposal.

    This game has been updated 25-11-2022, 03:24 to the latest version v1.1.061 (upd.25.11.2022).

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