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Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent
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Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent

Gold Rush The Game Anniversary is a highly specialized gold miner simulator, with a unique gameplay and many interesting gaming solutions. Get ready for the fact that for a long time you will have to poke around in the muddy ground, using all sorts of techniques suitable for searching for valuable metals. Dirt, rain, strong wind — all this should not break your desire to get rich in one of the most valuable natural resources and become the greatest gold miner in all of Alaska. Gold mining, or at least attempts to find it, the player will lead to a huge open map, for convenience, divided into four regions.

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At the beginning it is recommended to analyze the terrain for the presence of the desired precious metal there. The game does not burden the user with the story company. Instead, gamers are encouraged to look for gold in the so-called sandbox mode — when the environment and the likelihood of finding something are randomly generated.

Tractors, excavators, drilling equipment, rock cleaning complexes — all this equipment is available to the player, but not all of it can be used at the start. At the very beginning of the game, the gamer has a fixed budget, funds from which can be realized in the rental of a particular technology. However, the amount is so small that it is barely enough to buy a bucket, a sieve and shovels. As you find the golden grains of sand, your financial situation will improve, and then you can afford a more expensive and perfect technique.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) or Newer
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 760
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit) or Newer
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 970
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible


Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent Gold Rush The Game Anniversary Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files. 
2. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it. 
4. Wait until the installation process is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. 
5. Download & install Update v1.5.3.11950, in game folder.
6. Copy the contents of the folder «CODEX» in the folder with the game. 
7. Start the game.

Download update only: Gold.Rush.The.Game.Anniversary.Update.v1.5.3.11950-CODEX [ 9.08 GB ]
Download update only: Gold.Rush.The.Game.Anniversary.Update.v1.5.2.11476-CODEX [ 205.85 MB ]
Download update only: Gold.Rush.The.Game.Anniversary.Update.v1.5.1.11018-CODEX [ 90.16MB ]
Download update only: Gold.Rush.The.Game.Anniversary.Update.v1.5.10715-CODEX [ 22.28MB ]
Download update only: Gold.Rush.The.Game.Anniversary.Update.v1.5.10684-CODEX [ 94.78MB ]
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Download Gold Rush The Game Anniversary v1.5.3.11950 - CODEX [ 12.75 GB ]

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This game has been updated 18-10-2019, 06:04 to the latest version v1.5.3.11950.

Comments 4

Admin 30 October 2018 05:26
Full changelog:
  • Added new vehicle skins with Halloween theme available to get for a limited time.
  • Decorated game area with spooky pumpkins for a limited time.
  • Added music during the night.
  • Fixed bug with Mouse cursor appearing when panning.
  • Fixed bug with Washplant machines improperly occupying Claim's slots (without such information being displayed). Only vehicles occupy slots.
  • Made Map center on the player after opening it.
  • Adjusted LODs (Level of Detail) of replaceable parts.
  • Localized most of the game's content to Greek. Remaining translations will be added in the future. We're as always grateful to our awesome community translators!
  • Fixed Painting approval bug on the gamepad - choosing a paint job resulted in purchasing it without confirmation.
  • Corrected Trailer's destroyed wheel prompt - previously it stated that the
  • Pickup Wheel has been destroyed.
  • Fixed the inability to close popup window informing about the lack of money when using the gamepad.
  • Fixed DJ Sluicebox worker bug - worker no longer swaps Mosses when resting.
  • Fixed in-game Laptop display scaling on FOV (Field of View) higher than 60.
  • Added background blur to Fast Travel purchase window.
  • Added lights to Trailers.
  • Added outline to Car Jacks in the warehouse.
  • Adjusted Journal text alignment.
  • Added possibility to go back to the top of the Settings list when scrolling down on the gamepad and reaching the last option.
  • Added possibility to close Blacksmith window with [Esc] button on the keyboard.
  • Added prompt after taking the loan.
  • A pickup truck is now a default machine for painting.
  • Painting UI fixes.
  • Blacksmith gamepad UI fixes.
  • Transport UI fixes.
Admin 7 November 2018 05:15
Patch 1.5.10684

  • Added taillights to all Trailers.
  • Restored Mouse Digging option in Settings.
  • Added new confirmation popup for selling gold or magnetite and melting gold.
  • Added Polish Pickup truck skin (celebration of 100 Years of Polish Independence).
  • Fixed black tire tread marks bug.
  • Fixed overlapping Washplant parts bug. After removing a Washplant part with Excavator and assembling a new one, parts used to overlap each other after loading the game.
  • Fixed Excavator LOD (Level of Detail) issue - hydraulic parts are no longer separated from the machine when observing it from distance.
  • Fixed Controller gold bar selling exploit. It is no longer possible to sell gold bars using controller if you don't have any.
  • Resetting to Default in controls Settings fixes the Show Controls issue (if it was bound to a Mouse Button).
  • Disabled possibility to bind the Horizontal or Vertical Mouse Movement and [Esc] to any actions.
  • Fixed bug with Show Controls not appearing when panning.
  • Disabled separate key bindings for walking.
  • Fixed exploit, which allowed to extend hoses further than intended. Hoses with extended length will be broken on existing saves.
  • Fixed bug with Mouse Buttons not being correctly displayed in Show Buttons HUD.
  • Fixed minor Autosave issues.
  • Fixed Pickup's second camera bug (not changing position after loading the game from Main Menu).
  • Resized Loan taking prompt.
  • Blacksmith UI fixes.
  • Laptop Bank UI Fix.
  • Ended Halloween season. One pumpkin remained and it's hidden somewhere on the map.
Admin 6 December 2018 13:31
Update is LIVE and it brings:
  • Balance Changes (improved digging)
  • Tutorial Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • And more.
Here's how to find them:
  • Press the Windows key and R to bring up the 'Run' box.
  • Enter the following without the quotes: '%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\CodeHorizon\GoldRushTheGame\Saves'
  • Copy the content of the entire folder.
Balance changes:
  • Changed Excavator's digging parameters. Digging feeling has changed.
  • Changed Front-End Loader's digging parameters. Digging feeling has changed.
  • Reduced Front-End ability to push dirt.
  • Changed starting fuel of any machine to 20%.
  • All washplant containers fill evenly at the same rate.
  • Increased prices of T4 & T5 machines.
  • Reduced claim upgrade prices.
  • Changed shop prices.
  • Changed machine park prices.
  • Changed Seasons' price multiplier.
  • Adjusted destroyable Parts lifetime.
  • Added Tier 2 tutorial.
  • Added Tier 3 assembly tutorial.
  • Added possibility to end the tutorial at any time (currently only on the keyboard).
  • Added new tutorial steps to the existing quest tasks.
  • Changed order of Small Excavator and Mobile Washplant quest tasks in the tutorial.
  • Changed several tutorial quest task texts.
  • Added new yellow markers (quest task indicators) to better guide the Player.
  • Added more godrays (yellow beams) on the road to the Old Arnold claim.
  • Adjusted existing yellow markers (quest task indicators) positions.
  • Added yellow markers, which are displayed in the corner of the screen, if the godray is not visible in Players' sight.
  • Changed headers of tutorial tasks (T1, T2, etc.).
  • Disabled possibility to use the bucket on machines, that are not in quest task.
  • Changed Tutorial starting season from Spring to Summer.
  • Added new task after smelting first gold bar. Players are now required to get 20k dollars.
Admin 5 February 2019 06:00
v1.5.2 Changelog
  • Added Leaderboards mode.
  • Added Leaderboards tab in Leaderboards mode for players to compare their total amount of gold dug.
  • Added new and updated existing Pickup Truck's national flag vehicle skins.
  • Changed balance values for Normal Mode. It used to have the same values as Easy Mode, but now it's more balanced between Easy and Hard Modes. Players will have a single opportunity to decide, whether they want to switch to New Normal Mode or switch to Easy Mode (which has the same balance values as previous Normal Mode).
  • Workers now only apply to work on machines, which player currently possesses.
  • Blocked possibility to quick-load the game when it's saving.
  • Increased Wave Table's capacity.
  • Doubled Dump Truck's and Conveyor Belt's capacity.
  • Increased Front-End Loader's hydraulic speed.
  • All purchased machines start with 20% fuel.
  • Added Mechanic icon above items that are currently being repaired by a Mechanic.
  • Added provision for gold panning and washing dirt in the Wavetable when in Town.
  • Frankenstein's Belt icon turns off on HUD when the fuel runs out in the second engine.
  • Added new prompt informing about an empty fuel tank in Frankenstein's second engine.
  • Increased Map's zoom in value.
  • Updated Gold Rush posters and banners in Town and tent.
  • Changed save files description to include difficulty level and season.
  • Default keybindings are now displayed in Tutorial's prompts.
  • Reversed Excavator's scoop keys in Tutorial's prompt.
  • Added new Excavator digging prompts in the Tutorial.
  • Changed prompt's background.
  • Added background to Pressure System texts.
  • Vehicle paint UI changes.
  • Workers UI changes.
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