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Achilles Legends Untold — is an action RPG inspired by soul-like titles and hack n slash classics. The game was developed by the independent Polish studio Dark Point Games. Achilles Legends Untold takes us on a journey into the world of Greek mythology. The main character of the game is the titular hero Achilles, who found himself in the epicenter of the conflict between Hades and Ares. To end the eternal battle of the gods, the main character must fight the latters son, Phobos. To do this, he begins a dangerous expedition, in which he is helped, among other things, by Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the Greek pantheon.

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  • Insurgency Sandstorm upd.16.05.2022 + Update + LAN Cracks - Goldberg

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    Insurgency Sandstorm is the sequel to the hardcore multiplayer shooter, the events of which unfold in the Middle East. Players are divided into two teams of 16 people and fight each other in a hardcore and realistic environment, using a variety of weapons and military equipment. Present day. Our protagonist joined the rebel group fighting against the radical rebels. They push through battered villages, strongly attacking the rebels. One day, a key piece of information is discovered, and the world of our hero is not what it seems. It is released from the security of the main group to start a personal task.

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  • Recursive Ruin v22.05.17 upd.19.05.2022 - GOG

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    Recursive Ruin — is a visually stunning puzzle in which the artist goes in search of meaning in a recursive fractal world. In Recursive Ruin, you follow the story of an artist who is experiencing a creative crisis that has long since created works that he would be truly pleased with. One day, a mysterious parcel arrives in your house, unfolded by your cat, which says it contains a game that transports you to a surreal dimension, where strange celestial beings and endless recursive landscapes live. This strange world is spoiled by an evil substance known as Ichor, which you can help defeat and restore the fabric of reality. The current version of Recursive Ruin takes about 20 minutes and the project is quite an exciting spectacle.

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  • Panzer Knights v1.1.4 (55712) - Razor1911

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    Panzer Knights — is a single player tank game. Players will move from Western Europe to Eastern Europe as a German tank commander and participate in the battles of 1939-1943. Experience epic and powerful tank battles to the fullest through detailed tanks. There are many types of missions on the vast battlefield. Breaking through lines of defense, defending important positions or defeating enemies that continue to advance. In games, you can call in bombs or air support, repair your tank when damaged, and quickly switch formation depending on the situation on the battlefield. Players must use all methods to complete missions.

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  • Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This Build 8735238 upd.19.05.2022 - SKIDROW

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    Gas Station Simulator Can Touch This — brings you a business idea. Try purchasing and refurbishing your own gas station. Gradually, as a result of your work, this small business will be profitable. Pay attention to the slightest nuances, try to make your visitors happy and return to you. Try to expand the range of services offered, consider costs and use resources rationally. Your gas station is located in the desert, you yourself will determine the approach to doing business. It is worth remembering that the appearance is the first thing that visitors will appreciate. Repair your equipment, take the time to renovate and restore the premises. The money earned can be invested in the development of the enterprise.

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  • The Hand of Merlin v678732 upd.19.05.2022

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    The Hand of Merlin — is a turn-based strategy game with elements of bagel and RPG. According to the plot, you find yourself during the reign of King Arthur and are faced with the problems inherent in science fiction novels. The world is on the verge of an apocalypse, the passages between universes are open to all comers, and demon creatures twist crowds from dark worlds, capable of completely mowing any kingdom without any problems.

    This game has been updated 19-05-2022, 07:03 to the latest version v678732 upd.19.05.2022.

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  • Rogue Legacy 2 v1.0.2 upd.19.05.2022

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    Rogue Legacy 2 — is a sequel to the eponymous platformer with procedurally generated levels and locations. You have to take control of a small kingdom and try to develop it into a powerful state. Start by building an estate for your own family, where your family will live and prosper. Each of your actions will have certain consequences and affect the outcome of the game. Provide yourself with heirs to make sure the family is safe, dont forget about the element of chance. Your relatives have their own unique outlook on life, which will be reflected in their policies.

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  • Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game v0.8.227 upd.19.05.2022

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    Colony Ship A Post-Earth Role Playing Game — cool tactical role-playing game in which you have to go on a spaceship that has become colonial, and sent on a centuries-old mission. The events of the game take place in the distant alternative future, in which a cargo spacecraft was converted into a colonial one and sent to a centuries-old mission. The end point of this mission would be to arrive on a planet where people could establish a new colony. But the inhabitants of the ship have long been living their lives, they are making coups, waging war among themselves and living a full life, not even hoping that the ship will ever reach its destination. Well, you just happen to find yourself in the role of one of the potential colonists on this ship, and you will have to try to survive.

    This game has been updated 19-05-2022, 06:59 to the latest version v0.8.227 upd.19.05.2022.

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  • Songs of Conquest v0.75.5 upd.19.05.2022

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    Songs of Conquest — is a fantasy strategy game with turn-based battles in which you have to travel across a colorful world, fight against numerous opponents, and complete dozens of challenging tasks. Unfortunately, at the moment, not so much is known about the plot, but information has already appeared that in the local game world there will be four factions for which you can play. These are the Doneriya faction, relying on firearms and mercenaries in wars, the Barony of Lot, living between the world of the living and the dead, and drawing strength from both sides, the Rana faction, which is mainly composed of toadmen, and Arleon, a faction of squires.

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  • NEBULOUS Fleet Command v0.1.0.11 upd.19.05.2022

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    NEBULOUS Fleet Command — is an advanced space strategy with simulation elements where you will lead a fleet of spaceships that will have to defeat insidious opponents in tactical battles. Take command of a fleet of space warships designed to suit your playstyle. Choose from a small task force of rugged, flexible, multi-role warships, a large group of specialized ships, or something in between. Fight in a simulation-based tactical game that has everything from kinetic and beam weapons to realistic radar and electronic warfare. Nebulous seamlessly combines the thoughtfulness of pre-mission planning, the tension of combat decision-making, the pressure of real-time action, and the pain of inevitable casualties in a tense tactical space game that will leave you pondering every decision and mistake for hours after every battle.

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