Pine Update 9 (upd.03.07.2020) Deluxe Edition - PLAZA

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The game Pine 2019 PC — offers to take part in an exciting adventure, the main events of which take place in a vast world with colorful landscapes. These territories are filled with numerous secrets, the clues of which you have to deal with. Set off to explore open lands, passing through many cities and villages. Your hero, a teenager named Hugh, decides to start an independent life and leaves his native settlement. He will meet with other inhabitants of these territories, learn to interact with the outside world and to unravel all secrets he has found.

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 12:09 to the latest version Update 9 (upd.03.07.2020) Deluxe Edition.

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Rise of Industry 2130 v2.2.4.0307a - CODEX

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Rise of Industry 2130 — 2130 year. You need to create new and technological production lines where goods will be produced that are in high demand in this desolate and gloomy world. Get useful resources from the ruins of cities to rebuild your industrial empire in this apocalyptic future. Rise of Industry — meet you before you an amazing and very exciting turn-based strategy in the genre of construction, which can affect all the most important turns in the history of human development. The events of the game will develop at the beginning of the 20th century — the most crucial and revolutionary era, which was able once and for all to change world for better.

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 12:05 to the latest version v2.2.4.0307a.

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EarthNight v2.0 (upd.03.07.2020) - PLAZA

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EarthNight — is a mix of adventure retro platformer and modern graphics, fun adventure and fantasy. Here you will find adventures, running around on the backs of dragons, and trials. The game takes place in a gloomy apocalyptic future. Once the apocalypse came, received the title of «dragon.» Huge, giant serpentine dragons surrounded the earth, and people were forced to flee from it into orbit. Now for many years now, mankind has been living on a space station in the orbit of the planet, having forgotten itself to force its own home. But Sidney and Stanley decided to change this and go to Earth to destroy as many dragons as possible.

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ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game v1.16 (upd.03.07.2020) - PLAZA

ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game Game Free Download Torrent
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ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game is an independent computer game that developers position as a kind of domestic analogue of the same Fallout, which enjoyed immense popularity among players in the CIS. In this case, it is clearly visible that the developers focused on the players of the old school, because according to the game process this game is reminiscent of the first two parts of Fallout, and not about the third and fourth, which turned into a full-fledged shooter with a first-person view, completely forgetting about that , that it all began as an RPG. Now you will have the opportunity to correct this mistake, while using the capabilities of your personal computer to the fullest.

New Version of the game: ATOM RPG v1.16 full from 2020/07/03 & The Dead City Update + Supporter Pack!

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 15:52 to the latest version v1.16 (upd.03.07.2020).

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Supraland v1.17.5 (upd.03.07.2020) - PLAZA

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Supraland — its singularity lies in the fact that the authors position the game as metro-identification and at the same time make it from the first person. In most cases, metro-dating is a 2D platformer with one big level that needs to be inspected, to search for how to open doors, to kill bosses. In doing so, all this is done in accordance with the nonlinear plot (nonlinearity, however, reduces to fork in most cases — in one very difficult, in another easier, in the third it is quite simple, but long, somehow). Here, we look at everything from the side, moving to the right and left, and our own eyes. Simply put, Supraland is a cross between Super Mario, Portal, Metroid and Zelda.

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Cartel Tycoon v0.5.1.276 (upd.03.07.2020)

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Cartel Tycoon — after the success of the series «Narco» and a new wave of popularity for one of the most famous drug lords Pablo Escobar, it’s no wonder that the developers released a business simulator based on drug trafficking. You have to build a real empire in Latin America of the 80s. Your main market: USA! Of course, you have to build the most thought-out distribution networks. The price of error is extremely high. You need to be one step ahead of UBN, the armed forces and even the CIA! The criminal business requires ingenuity. Look for ways to deliver your product in a variety of ways.

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Scary Hospital Horror Game v1.00 (upd.03.07.2020) - PLAZA

Scary Hospital Horror Game Game Free Download Torrent

Scary Hospital Horror Game — is a horror game for PC, which traditionally sends gamers to a closed building awash with various dangers. The protagonist, for certain reasons, ends up in a psychiatric hospital, where a good doctor decides that the character will be better in another institution. Having refused there, our ward understands that he found himself in a place inhabited by a variety of monsters and ghosts. Madness will wait, first you need to get out of here alive. Gamers have to overcome their own fears, learn to carefully move from open spaces, find safe areas, and also not to be scared when they unexpectedly meet another monster.

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Paper Dolls 2 - PLAZA

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Paper Dolls 2 — this horror game for PC, is a grandiose continuation of the first part of the game, which is definitely remembered by the players. Perhaps not everyone managed to get past the beginning of the story, but you must definitely go through this adventure game. First of all, it is worth noting the storyline, it is at a high processed level. Here, the developers tried to implement not one or two difficulties of passing, there were four of them, starting from the lightest and ending with the fourth, which is hidden initially, this complexity mode is called a nightmare. This story is a direct continuation of Paper Dolls Original, where the main character Yang Ming Yuan will continue his difficult journey, but already on the highest floors of the Yin mansion.

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Amendium v03.07.2020 (Update 1) - PLAZA

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Amendium — is an adventure game from the studio DeWolfe Studios, which is the debut game of the developer. The story and storyline in the game is implemented in an interesting way, you will play for heroes named Axel and Lance. Traveling around the worlds, they found themselves on a planet with which something at first glance is not right, and what exactly happened to her, this can be found out during the passage of the game. You can immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of adventure, you can travel through three different worlds and explore many dungeons. The view in the game can be changed from a third-person view, when necessary in sword fights, as well as a first-person view in the process of shootings.

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 12:31 to the latest version v03.07.2020 (Update 1).

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ARK Survival Evolved v312.27 - CODEX

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From the category of online games on a computer in an open world, we can distinguish the game ARK: Survival Evolved. The official release of the full version is expected by the summer of 2016. Initially it was expected that this would be a PC — an exclusive, but the toy appeared on other platforms. ARK Survival is an RPG in the prehistoric world, where dinosaurs and other creatures are thirsting for your death. Translated into Russian language quality. As soon as you start the game — the player appears on the coast, and, as it turns out later.

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 06:43 to the latest version v312.27.

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