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Wizard of Legend is an adventure action from the company Contingent99, where you have to try on the role of the aspiring magician. The Council of Magic holds a meeting of magicians every year at the same time in the kingdom of Lanov. Participants who successfully perform all tasks and demonstrate excellent sorcery, get the right to become the Wizard of the legend! Collect valuable relics and spells and create your own magical arsenal.

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  • Beside Myself v1.0 (upd.28.07.2021) - PLAZA

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    Beside Myself — is a first-person psychological horror in which you have to explore another hospital with a dark past. Learn the secrets of this place and tell the whole world about them if you manage to get out of here alive. One day, journalist Michael received an e-mail in which he referred to an abandoned hospital where the military was rumored to have conducted inhumane experiments on patients who were kept secret. This story displeased the protagonist, and when all the information about this hospital was classified as top secret, it forced him to go to the place and understand everything himself.

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  • Hobo Tough Life v1.02.006 (upd.28.07.2021) - PLAZA

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    Hobo Tough Life is one such game. At its core, this is a homeless simulator, or more simply, a homeless person. You have to survive on the streets of the city. Look for food and shelter through the indifference of the inhabitants of the city and try to prepare for the approaching winter. The gaming industry is sorely lacking new ideas, which is why many developers sometimes try to create games that are insane on the concept. The output of various delusional simulators is an example.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 05:48 to the latest version v1.02.006 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • Hades v1.38177 (upd.28.07.2021) - CODEX

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    In Hades we will play a man who is trying to get out of the title Greek Hell. To do this, we will, of course, have to kill legions of all types of enemies — using a very dynamic and impressive arcade combat system. The game also boasts a beautiful graphical installation. Challenge the god of death when you hack and exit the underworld in this rogue, similar to the rogue from the creators of the Bastion and Transistor. This is a live game in active development! Expect regular updates with new features, events, characters, places, abilities, and more.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 05:43 to the latest version v1.38177 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • Teamfight Manager v1.3.2 (upd.28.07.2021)

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    Teamfight Manager — is a pixel simulator in which you act as the coach of an esports team whose goal is to win the world title. You have to prepare players for matches, develop them and find the best strategy to win. Find the best combination of champions among many of them. Remember the champions your players often choose, the champions your opponents often choose, and the compatibility of the combination for best results. Each champion follows the rules of the fight to the death for 1 minute, and wins the team with the most kills.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 06:48 to the latest version v1.3.2 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • Knock on the Coffin Lid v0.3.8 (upd.28.07.2021)

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    Knock on the Coffin Lid — rain is knocking on the coffin lid, the wagon bounces on the bumps of a village road, a gloomy charioteer spurs horses to catch it before dark before the ghouls go hunting, and looks displeasedly at the edge of the visible forest, hearing a wolf howl. An unremarkable wooden coffin, like the three others before it, remains in a cold crypt and a gray-haired middle-aged man in a dark mantle passes a bag of coins into the driver’s hand, which the latter hides grumbling in his bosom and, with his free hand, makes a protection gesture from the evil eye and rushes to the wagon in a hurry to leave home.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 11:48 to the latest version v0.3.8 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • BeamNG Drive v0.23.4.1 - DEVO

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    Computer game BeamNG.drive is sometimes referred to as simulators of soft bodies. Ask — how is it? Everything is very simple. The main focus of the game product is the damage to the body of the car. At the heart of this game is a game product, quite similar to ours, presented on the site, with the game Rigs Of Rods. It’s only in the new game that physics and graphics are more visible. You are offered the opportunity to test cars, driving them on special tracks, to find out what will remain of them at the end of the races. Or, for more interest, add your car, do some modeling of the route, using a special editor for this. Also, you will have many settings that will give you almost limitless possibilities in this matter.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 06:53 to the latest version v0.23.4.1.

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  • Patron v0.650.1 (upd.28.07.2021)

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    Patron — immerse yourself in survival and build a real big city in the game called Patron, challenge yourself in the most difficult situations, try to become a respected ruler and lead your city to prosperity. At first glance it may seem that this is a typical city-planning simulator, of which there are more than enough at the moment, but in reality this is not at all the case. This game differs from many others in that it focuses not on the construction of buildings, but on the social component and the inner life of the city as a whole. But that’s not all.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 06:54 to the latest version v0.650.1 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • The Hand of Merlin v674160 (upd.28.07.2021)

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    The Hand of Merlin — is a turn-based strategy game with elements of bagel and RPG. According to the plot, you find yourself during the reign of King Arthur and are faced with the problems inherent in science fiction novels. The world is on the verge of an apocalypse, the passages between universes are open to all comers, and demon creatures twist crowds from dark worlds, capable of completely mowing any kingdom without any problems.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 16:12 to the latest version v674160 (upd.28.07.2021).

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  • Highrisers v1.0.4 (48849) - GOG

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    Highrisers — is a side-view role-playing game with quest elements. A terrible cataclysm happened in the city, the incident led to incredible consequences. The four friends understand that they need to somehow get out of this place and find help, but it is not known exactly what is happening in the surrounding miter, since there is no connection. The metropolis itself is destroyed and stands in ruins, and strange and terrible monsters and mutants roam its narrow streets, buildings and all sorts of places. The heroes have scarce resources and you need to look for them in order to replenish health and improve characteristics. The game also contains role-playing elements, as well as combat episodes.

    This game has been updated 28-07-2021, 11:53 to the latest version v1.0.4 (48849).

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