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Perhaps today the interest of gamers to the topic of space is greater than ever. And many would like something unconventional. You are welcome! The company Squad has created the Kerbal Space Program. As the last word says, this is not just a game. We fall into the system of Kerbal. On it there are seven planets with their companions. Only Kirbin is habitable. As expected, the locals are green, yet they differ in cylindrical heads. And cook these heads as necessary! Humanoids built their own cosmodrome. Here you can conduct all sorts of experiments to create rockets, shuttles and absolutely amazing ships.

This game has been updated Today, 04:21 to the latest version v1.12.0 + DLC.

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  • The Slormancer v0.2.05 (upd.25.06.2021)

    The Slormancer Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Slormancer — is a gripping 2D action game in which the player has to travel back to the Middle Ages and fight the insidious magician Slormancer. The attacker surrounded himself with an army of monsters. The sorcerer aims to seize power throughout the kingdom. And he is close to realizing his plans as never before. Only you can turn the situation around and save all of humanity. You will play as a brave knight hiding under massive armor. In your hands is a sword with which you can fight hundreds of enemies.

    This game has been updated Today, 05:24 to the latest version v0.2.05 (upd.25.06.2021).

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  • Wildermyth v1.0 (upd.15.06.2021) - PLAZA

    Wildermyth Game Free Download Torrent
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    Wildermyth — belongs to the RPG genre, where procedurally generated levels and turn-based battles are offered. You have to find yourself in vast lands, keeping a lot of secrets and secrets. The main characters are a group of farmers who, by the will of circumstances, are forced to spend their whole lives on earth. As soon as the opportunity arises to change an unloved affair, they are happy to change the usual suit and shovel to a leather vest and a warrior’s sword, after which they set off on their journey. Your heroes have to meet with a huge number of warriors protecting treasures hidden deep underground.

    This game has been updated Today, 05:17 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.15.06.2021).

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  • The Survivalists upd.24.06.2021 (Expeditions Update) - PLAZA

    The Survivalists Game Free Download Torrent
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    Adventure combines elements of survival and strategy. The Survivalists — find yourself on a mysterious uninhabited island alone or with friends. The game was released by the famous Team17 Corporation, which is familiar to fans of hits such as Worms and Alien Breed. The game takes place in one of the worlds of The Escapists cycle. You play the role of survivors who find themselves on a desert island. It is necessary to explore a two-dimensional environment, to collect and create buildings, objects, hunt animals real and mythical.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:14 to the latest version upd.24.06.2021 (Expeditions Update).

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  • Demon Skin v1.1005 (upd.24.06.2021) Crossroad of the Worlds - CODEX

    Demon Skin Game Free Download Torrent
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    Demon Skin — is action, RPG and indie at the same time. However, at the same time, a rather tough hack & slash can be traced here. So the project is designed for the widest possible range of gamers. A toy with its own unique style and aesthetics. What contributes to the harmonious fusion of graphics and soundtrack. It is noteworthy that Russian-speaking players will also be able to enjoy the game. After all, it is completely Russified. The main character Roy is a member of the Wanderer Order. He fights evil creatures from different hostile worlds.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:59 to the latest version v1.1005 (upd.24.06.2021) Crossroad of the Worlds.

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  • Hellish Quart v0.222 (upd.24.06.2021)

    Hellish Quart Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hellish Quart — is a 3D fighting game in which we fight using 17th century melee weapons, including sabers and rapiers. The game is focused on a realistic representation of such encounters, as well as the historical realities on which it is based. The Polish independent studio Kubold is responsible for the development and publication of this game. Hellish Quart we are transported to the 17th century, to the crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania also known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This pc game is a rather unusual 3D fighting game that is closer in gameplay to the little-known Bushido Blade series than.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:59 to the latest version v0.222 (upd.24.06.2021).

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  • Borderlands 3 upd.24.06.2021 + all DLC - CODEX

    Borderlands 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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    A reckless shooter with mountains of guns and valuable junk returns, his name is Borderlands 3. Take the place of a new vault finder, who is waiting for spectacular skirmishes with enemies of different calibers. Fight alone or challenge your friends to earn unique trophies together. And don’t even think about relaxing, because ordinary bells sent to your house will gradually be replaced by ruthless ringleaders of the most formidable sects in the observable galaxy. The game brought not only a new figure in the title, but also four original characters at once.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:51 to the latest version upd.24.06.2021 + all DLC.

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  • Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build 115819 (Fusion) - CODEX

    Planetary Annihilation TITANS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Planetary Annihilation TITANS — is an excellent global military strategy in which you have to go into deep space and begin to conquer a variety of planets, using the power of your faction. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game the developers did not limit the players and simply allowed the players to independently think up the storyline. At the same time, there is another small «but» — the fact is that in this game there is no specific visual or military division into fractions. The fractions have the same technique, the same opportunities. On the one hand, this plays a negative role for diversity, but on the other hand, a balance has been created in this way, thanks to which in battles everything will depend only on your tactics, strategic thinking and abilities.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 16:48 to the latest version Build 115819 (Fusion).

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  • Equestrian Training v1.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Equestrian Training Game Free Download Torrent

    Equestrian Training — discover a new way to learn more about horses and horseback riding alone or with friends. Based on the official FFE diplomas of the French Riding Federation, known as Galops, the game will help you improve your training mode, test your knowledge in exam mode and enjoy learning through various educational mini-games you will soon become an expert in riding. Multi-user mode for 4 players. Challenge your friends to riding knowledge and do practical exercises with them 2500 questions about horses and riding, written by riding professionals and based on official FFE diplomas. A large glossary of terms related to horses and horseback riding.

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  • Shipwreck Escape v1.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - CODEX

    Shipwreck Escape Game Free Download Torrent
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    Shipwreck Escape — is a 2.5-dimensional immersive game with puzzle elements. The crash happened when a cruise liner sailed from Athens to Dubai. The protagonist is a croupier in a ship’s casino, and he is stuck in this sinking hell. Solve puzzles, rescue other passengers, control two characters to go through all the levels to freedom and find out the cause of the disaster. The atmosphere of a sinking ship and panic around. Control two characters who have to help each other escape. Many passengers are trapped, but the time to escape is limited, and only you decide whether to stay and help or escape. Find your way through all obstacles fire, steam, electrical hazards.

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