Tangledeep Legend of Shara v1.28 - PLAZA

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Impact Gameworks has completed work on Tangledeep Legend of Shara — in addition to the recently released step-by-step role-playing game Tangledeep for personal computers. According to the developers, it will add additional scope and depth to the gameplay for players, regardless of experience and skills. The DLC will include both new levels and monsters, as well as additional content awaiting you after the completion of the main part of the game. Release Tangledeep Legend of Shara is expected in March this year.

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Train Sim World 2020

Train Sim World 2020 Game Free Download Torrent
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Train Simulator 2020 — the next part of a series of railway simulators. In the new game you will find many more tasks, a huge game map, realistic trains and much more. As in previous games in the series, this game will also not have any specific plot binding. But in return there will be a story campaign in which you will have to travel across the expanses of several different countries, follow difficult routes, develop, carry passengers and cargo, and do much more. In general, everything is the same as in previous games, with the exception of only a few innovations.
This game Train Sim World 2020 will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Widowers Sky Update 2 - CODEX

Widowers Sky Game Free Download Torrent
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The adventure game Widowers Sky, the torrent of which we offer on our portal, will tell you an unusual story of one family. During the journey of the father, mother and son, the woman mysteriously disappeared and now her husband and son intend to find her at all costs. On their way, they will have to go through numerous difficulties, visit the most unusual worlds and face serious danger. But they are ready to overcome all this in order to find the most important woman in their life.

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ScourgeBringer Alpha 4

ScourgeBringer Game Free Download Torrent
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ScourgeBringer is a fast high-speed platform game with a side view in which you have to play the role of a fighter of one of the most powerful clans, and even on the eve of the apocalypse itself. No one knows what happened — it is only known that an unknown mystical creature has hit all of humanity and now people are on the verge of extinction, like a race. All warriors and armies have fallen, and only you, acting as a powerful fighter from the Kyhra clan, can give humanity one more chance. But it will not be easy to do this, because you will have to face not only the main culprit of everything that is happening on the planet, but also with all its henchmen.
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Protolife v1.2.2 - SKIDROW

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Protolife — the Tower Defense genre has recently lost its relevance and goes to the plan of second-rate games, which in due time buries this direction even more. Although Protolife is not a pure Tower Defense, it has nevertheless collected some elements. The game demonstrates that a seemingly unpretentious graphics can delay for a long passage. Before you is a distant future: humanity colonizes a new planet.

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Domina v1.2.23 (upd.16.09.2019) - SKIDROW

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Domina is not just an arena, but a real simulator of gladiator fights, in which you will not be a gladiator, but the head of one of the noble families, a slave owner who earns money on gladiator fights. The most interesting feature of this game is that for the time being you yourself will not be able to take part in the battles. Your task is different: you have to buy slaves, evaluate their capabilities, train everything you need and send them to the gladiatorial arena, where they will have to, either fall from the hands of the enemy, or win.

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Neon Tide - HOODLUM

Neon Tide Game Free Download Torrent
Neon Tide — the game will take you to 2048. A new computer virus has appeared, it is spreading by robots, and it is not clear exactly how. You play as three different characters whose travels are needed to uncover the cause of the virus and stop its further spread in this visual novel about the world of cyberpunk.
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Make War v16.09.2019

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Very interesting and unusual game Make War for PC in its essence voxel military simulator in which you have to play the role of a powerful alien that can influence events and time. Game events take place on Earth, but in different time streams. The player is invited to play the role of an alien in Make War, which can influence time in a variety of ways. The main function is to rewind time and view options for the future. Using these functions, you will have to influence the wars in the way indicated in the task.
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NASCAR Heat 4 v1.0 - HOODLUM

NASCAR Heat 4 Game Free Download Torrent
A game called NASCAR Heat 4 is a continuation of a series of racing simulators. You have to make an incredible return to the track, experience a huge amount of drive and adrenaline. It is impossible not to say that the atmosphere here is simply unrealistic, and the physics is performed at the highest level, which makes it very realistic. I would like to say that in the new part of the legendary game, the gameplay thought out to the smallest detail in the career building mode will be waiting for you. Now you have the opportunity to assemble your own team of professionals and take part in the most incredible tournaments that are held around the globe.

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Crying Suns Demo beta 4 (upd.15.09.2019)

Crying Suns Game Free Download Torrent
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Crying Suns is a space adventure in a fantasy world where you have to become part of the battles and fully demonstrate all your tactical abilities. All actions will take place in real time, which will allow you to plunge headlong into the essence of what is happening. The main feature of this game project is that the world here has the feature of being randomly generated. Moreover, here the development of the plot line will directly depend on what you will do and what actions you will take.
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