Cartel Tycoon v0.9.0.1350 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Cartel Tycoon — after the success of the series «Narco» and a new wave of popularity for one of the most famous drug lords Pablo Escobar, it’s no wonder that the developers released a business simulator based on drug trafficking. You have to build a real empire in Latin America of the 80s. Your main market: USA! Of course, you have to build the most thought-out distribution networks. The price of error is extremely high. You need to be one step ahead of UBN, the armed forces and even the CIA! The criminal business requires ingenuity. Look for ways to deliver your product in a variety of ways.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:49 to the latest version v0.9.0.1350 (upd.16.04.2021).

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Drova Forsaken Kin v1.0.6 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Drova Forsaken Kin — is an RPG that focuses on combat and discovery. The developers are trying to revive the old aspects of RPG that we all lack in modern RPGs, and they also want the game world to be intuitive. Pixel RPG game that has prepared a lot of activities for users. Among them: battles, pumping, exploring locations, traveling and much more. The plot takes place in a fantasy universe where you play the role of a hero who is destined to go a long way, oversaturated with adventures and random events. You must save the world from all threats.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:31 to the latest version v1.0.6 (upd.16.04.2021).

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Exit From v1.0 (upd.16.04.2021) - PLAZA

Exit From Game Free Download Torrent

Exit From — is a hardcore first-person horror stealth with elements of a quest and rogue-lite, in which you have to get out of the old Soviet house, which changes every new game. The protagonist wakes up from a storm and does not understand where he is. All apartments are empty and no one. You decide to leave, and eventually realize that the house is not so empty. Will you be able to find a way out and not give up. It’s something like a hardcore rollback simulator. From the features and functions of this game, we can highlight RTX and DLSS 2.0, the detailed location of the old Soviet house, the change of house and the location of items with each new game. Depressing atmosphere, shelter system in the shade.

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Fishing North Atlantic v1.5.578.6664 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Fishing North Atlantic — is a realistic fisherman simulator in which you go commercial fishing, surf the ocean, fish, pack fish and more. Your goal here is to make as much money as possible and become successful. The game takes place on the vastness of the ocean in Nova Scotia. Here you will be engaged in commercial fishing, plow the immense waters of the ocean and look for fishing spots, develop your business, making money by selling your catch, discover more and more new opportunities, and much more. And don’t think fishing is easy. In fact, this is a work in which you have to invest so much effort and patience that it is difficult to imagine.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:05 to the latest version v1.5.578.6664 (upd.16.04.2021).

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Kingdom Builders v0.14.2 (upd.16.04.2021) Alpha

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Kingdom Builders — a mixture of urban simulator and Action-RPG. By building your kingdom you are forcing the inhabitants to join you. Lead them to expand your empire by defeating enemies that hinder the growth of your country. Faithful comrades who will help you in everything. Your residents follow you and help in everything. You cut down a tree, and they will also cut firewood. Attack the enemy and they will do the same. Build houses, farms, smithies and many other buildings to create a kingdom to your liking. Fight enemies in your adventures. Meet different enemies in your research. Be sure to prepare by creating a blacksmith’s weapon for your group.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:33 to the latest version v0.14.2 (upd.16.04.2021) Alpha.

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Solasta Crown of the Magister v0.5.41 (upd.26.03.2021)

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Solasta Crown of the Magister — is a new tactical RPG designed especially for those users who are used to spending their free time immersed in virtual reality. This game is based on a list of specific D&D laws. The user will have to control a squad of four characters. They all have their own skills and talents, which will complement one another. With this game, you will begin to express yourself, going through various adventures and events. Actions and some dialogues will be an integral and very important part of the whole huge story.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:36 to the latest version v0.5.41 (upd.26.03.2021).

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Buoyancy v3.1.0415 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Buoyancy — game projects are unique in that they provide an opportunity to carefully consider certain situations. Today we offer you to take the role of the manager of a small settlement, which is forced to drift in the expanses of the water and survive only thanks to the garbage and resources that you will encounter while swimming. But first you need to Buoyancy download torrent and only after that start doing everything to achieve success.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:47 to the latest version v3.1.0415 (upd.16.04.2021).

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Motor Town Behind the wheel v0.4.24+1 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Motor Town Behind the wheel — is an ambitious open world driving simulator with proper tire physics from a developer who worked on big AAA games for the past 14 years but has now quit to create his dream game. The developer wants players to enjoy realistic driving in a living open world. You start with a muscle car. You can just go for a drive and pick up fellow travelers or go to the warehouse and pick up the goods to make some money. If you wish, you can get trucks or pickups from the warehouse for free.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:25 to the latest version v0.4.24+1 (upd.16.04.2021).

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Wastenauts Alpha v0.25.661 (upd.16.04.2021)

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Wastenauts — is a collective map collector that tells you what the robot apocalypse has given you. Grab your friends, jump to the surface and hit as many cars as you can to rent this month. Dungeon Crawler dressed as a card game. Take on the role of a mercenary loser and explore the logs filled with boots, equipment and tons of scrap metal. Your unlocked cards are tools that you will use to get to the boss. Unlock and improve power ability maps, drawing maps to create as a last resort, and add-on maps to increase your stats.

This game has been updated 16-04-2021, 15:30 to the latest version Alpha v0.25.661 (upd.16.04.2021).

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iBLiS v1.0 (upd.16.04.2021) - TiNYiSO

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The game iBLiS — takes place in a country house. It’s a gloomy situation, you’re alone at home, but I wonder where and why these sounds come from outside of you. You will feel that your mind is curiously disappearing. Unwanted marriage and related supernatural events. A terrible event happened in this house. You will witness the partnership of an innocent woman with the devil. Trust your instincts and study the details carefully. Over time, the tension will increase, your heart rate will increase, and you will be amazed enough to plunge into your night dreams. It will not be easy for you, as a religious figure, to reveal paranormal phenomena in this cursed house. The spirit of a woman killed in a car accident and a demon who cooperated with her. They can appear in front of you at any time and tire your mind.

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