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Roxy Raccoon — is a cute, fun 3D platformer for all ages, reminiscent of collectors of the past. Help your raccoon friends put an end to the witch’s insidious plans and overcome her many trials. Feel free to explore four unique themed worlds, delving into the witch’s territory and adorning her treasures. When an egocentric, selfish witch spreads her dark magic on the ground, she can be stopped by one raccoon. Play as Roxy, a young adventurer who jumps, fights and rolls through four unique worlds to put an end to the witch’s plan.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:50 to the latest version v1.02 (upd.05.12.2021).

660 MB
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  • DEVOUR v2.2.6 (upd.05.12.2021) - PLAZA

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    DEVOUR — puts you in the role of one to four players who try to survive together by driving the demon out of Anna Puerta. Puerta is the leader of the cult and summoned the goat demon Azazel, thinking she could control him. But of course something goes wrong and Azazel instead takes possession of her and takes control of her. As former cult members, you and your group must wrest possession of the Puerta from Azazel, which requires gas, a fire pit and, according to a press release, enough ritual goats to burn.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:43 to the latest version v2.2.6 (upd.05.12.2021).

    3.0 GB
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  • Edge Of Eternity v1.1 (upd.05.12.2021) - CODEX

    Edge Of Eternity Game Free Download Torrent
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    Edge of Eternity — is a game that was presented to us by developers from Midgar Studio, who said that the fundraising company was over, and it turned out to be quite successful. Now the developers are going to actively engage in their gaming projects and will soon release it on various gaming platforms and first of all on the PC. Edge of Eternity is a typical jRPG with a great storyline and beautiful surroundings. True, there is one difference from other similar games — this game project is developed not by the Japanese, but only by fans of this genre. Therefore, it will be quite interesting to see what they will do. Edge of Eternity is a story about how three peaceful, fantastic cities lived in the world and fed on the energy of crystals.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 03:38 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.05.12.2021).

    18 GB
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  • Flynn Son of Crimson v1.1 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Flynn Son of Crimson Game Free Download Torrent
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    Flynn Son of Crimson — at the center of the gripping plot is the touching story of a young man named Flynn: he was orphaned a long time ago and never knew his parents. However, and other relatives too from early childhood, the boy was brought up in a state institution and dreamed of at least something to know about his roots and a possible family. And as soon as the main character came of age, he immediately decided to go in search of the truth, even if it was bitter and unsightly. And very soon the villainess-fate threw the young man into such impassable jungle, from which it is not so easy to get out, if you do not know the way back.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:28 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.05.12.2021).

    270 MB
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  • Fights in Tight Spaces v1.0.6853 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Fights in Tight Spaces Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fights in Tight Spaces — is a mixture of a collectible card game and tactical strategy. In the tactical part, the user controls an agent of the Section 11 organization and performs various tasks to eliminate criminals around the world. Anent uses various card techniques to fight opponents. Techniques can be improved as you progress through the game. On maps, you will have to actively use elements of the environment. A game that combines card collecting, turn-based tactics and animated combat scenes. Learn to choose the optimal maps, pace and location, allowing you to defeat your opponents even in extremely disadvantageous conditions.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:08 to the latest version v1.0.6853 (upd.05.12.2021).

    1.5 GB
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  • Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks v0.6.5 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks Game Free Download Torrent
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    Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks — a simulator in which you have to lead a small and young arms trading company specializing in the construction and sale of tanks around the world. You will change the history of the tank war by researching, designing, manufacturing and selling the most advanced combat vehicles from the beginning of the tank war to the present day. Each of your design decisions will be tested on the battlefield, from small skirmishes to world wars. Every action you take will affect your company and change world history. Develop your arms trade empire, monopolize markets and prove that you deserve to be called a real arms tycoon.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:31 to the latest version v0.6.5 (upd.05.12.2021).

    2.3 GB
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  • Breakwaters v0.1.94 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Breakwaters Game Free Download Torrent
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    Breakwaters — is an adventure game about survival in the archipelago, where players must gather resources, build dams and walls to protect themselves from water, as well as explore the world in search of the Titans especially dangerous enemies who roam the world and cause destruction by their very existence. Players must not only craft and build buildings, but also fight monsters to eventually destroy all the titans that threaten humanity. The main difference between Breakwaters and similar militants is how we handle water.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:12 to the latest version v0.1.94 (upd.05.12.2021).

    1.5 GB
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  • Baba Is You v446b (upd.05.12.2021)

    Baba Is You Game Free Download Torrent
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    Baba Is You is a very unusual puzzle game in which all the conditions on the levels, all goals and actions are set and dictated by the player himself using the fragments that appear. More specifically, in this game, the gameplay is based primarily on the collection of special phrases, presented in the form of blocks-words, scattered throughout the levels. At each level has at least six to nine fragments, and from them you can collect phrases. To do this, you only need to take blocks with separate words and substitute them to other blocks. In the center of the phrase is always the word is, and on the sides are other words substituted by the player.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:10 to the latest version v446b (upd.05.12.2021).

    285 MB
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  • Make Your Kingdom Playtest v20.11.2021 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Make Your Kingdom Game Free Download Torrent
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    Make Your Kingdom — is a voxel urban simulator in a fantasy world. Build houses and everything you need for your residents to fully satisfy their needs. After all, happy subjects will make your kingdom stronger, and embittered residents can easily take the side of the enemy or even go to the camp to the orcs and further help them rob your possessions. To attract new residents, you need to develop your settlement, making it bigger. And to increase the settlement, you will need a variety of resources, which in the first place still need to be found, and after it is mined.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:24 to the latest version Playtest v20.11.2021 (upd.05.12.2021).

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  • Death Trash v0.7.30 (upd.05.12.2021)

    Death Trash Game Free Download Torrent
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    Death Trash — is an extraordinary game project inspired by the Fallout series in the world of computer games. It provides unimaginable horizons for adventures. The game is designed in RPG style. You will be asked to survive in a post-apocalyptic situation. By downloading Death Trash, you have the chance to personally play the successor of the world-famous Fallout series. On top of that, this game is free to download. It has been fully translated into Russian. A rare opportunity to see the hero’s ability to empty the esophagus. Post-apocalyptic isometric RPG with horror elements in a futuristic setting. You will go into a world filled with big creatures hunting for flesh, references to sex and the most vomit dialogues. The most disgusting monsters, ubiquitous dismemberment and the ability to kill every character you meet are waiting for you.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:18 to the latest version v0.7.30 (upd.05.12.2021).

    450 MB
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