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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a space action game in which players are waiting for the story of a girl named Juno Markev, who was on the edge of the galaxy. She needs to track down the killer, return the debt and get out of trouble — and at the same time try not to lose her own head on her shoulders. Sci-fi adventure game with intense space battles, charismatic characters and an incendiary soundtrack.

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Space Mercenary Shooter Episode 1 - PLAZA

Space Mercenary Shooter Episode 1 Game Free Download Torrent
Space Mercenary Shooter Episode 1 — space shooter mercenary-episodic indie FPS inspired by shooters of the early 2000s. With manual levels and fully acted characters. Fight your way through multiple levels in this action filled adventure. Classic FPS weapons with a Sci-Fi twist. Keep moving to stay alive and survive the onslaught of space mercs. Explore Highly detailed hand crafted levels throughout your adventure. Space Mercenary Shooter features a fully voiced cast of side characters and enemies to improve your immersion in this finely crafted world. Replay campaign levels with various gameplay modifiers.
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Surviving Mars v20190529 (Green Planet) - CODEX

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Deep in the possibilities of the game Surviving Mars, you understand that this is not just another colony simulator on an unknown planet, but a well-designed science-fiction sandbox that requires attention to the smallest details. Well think about how to place your colony, because it will depend not only on the effectiveness of the work of the colonists, but also on their life. Separately, it is worth noting the schedule, where you will find a unique retro-futuristic style. The colony itself will consist of huge domes, under which can be placed as various factories, as well as bars, restaurants and scientific centers. Each colonist is a person with his own character and mentality. And the behavior of one colonist affects all those who contact him. In general, you will face a complex simulation of the society, which requires a lot of attention.

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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock v1.2.77 (Complete Edition) - CODEX

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Game Free Download Torrent
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In the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, users have to make an intergalactic journey and take part in the First Cylon War, where it will be necessary to competently approach the issue of strategic and tactical planning, position their troops, and build up military power not only through the production of units, but also through colonization worlds. A hostile race, Cylon has already enslaved about 12 planets, basing on each of them their bases with their own orders and laws.

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