Dwarf Shop Build 4876356 (upd.04.05.2021)

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Dwarf Shop Game Free Download Torrent

Dwarf Shop — is an adventure RPG-simulator of the Dwarfs store who want to accumulate a lot of gold in order to lure the dragon. You will play for the gnomes who previously consisted in a strong and powerful dragon clan, because they included a real dragon. But time passed and the power was lost along with the dragon. At the moment, the player’s task in this strategic game about the store is to catch the dragon.

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And you can lure him only with gold, in large quantities. As a seller, you decide what price will be in the goods sold, it should be pleasant both for the buyer and for you, so as not to be in the red. Send the gonom to the caves under your store so that he can use the pickax to get more useful resources. So, the game has a crafting system, you can collect items and valuable resources.

Dwarf Shop — is a store simulator, but not a simple one, but one in which the gnomes work. You will have to lead the store and the whole clan of gnomes. do sales, manage the store’s economy, and do much, much more. The events of the game take place in the most ordinary fantasy universe, in which all sorts of mythical creatures live, different races get along, there is magic, and not only.

Well, you will take control of an entire clan of gnomes, who located their small shop right above the mysterious caves. You now need to lead the management of this store and try to make it truly popular. You can manage it, get various items for sale, upgrade your gnomes and much more. And all for the sole purpose of earning as much gold as possible for the Dwarves.

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, or Windows 8 Classic
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbook class devices
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 2006 or newer graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 500 MB available space
Sound Card: Any sound card.


Dwarf Shop Game Free Download Torrent Dwarf Shop Game Free Download Torrent Dwarf Shop Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. After downloaded, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. At the end of the unpacking process, a shortcut appears on the desktop.
5. Start the game.

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Game Update History:
  • Dwarf Shop v1.3 → Build 4876356 [ 04.05.2021 ]
  • Dwarf Shop v1.2 → v1.3 [ 24.05.2020 ]
  • Dwarf Shop → v1.2 [ 28.03.2020 ]

This game has been updated 4-05-2021, 05:12 to the latest version Build 4876356 (upd.04.05.2021).

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