TFM The First Men v0.7.11 (upd.23.09.2023)

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TFM The First Men Game Free Download Torrent

TFM The First Men — is a global fantasy real-time strategy in which you will need to create the first people and try to build a new civilization in the vastness of the universe with their help. The events of the game take place in the vast fantasy world, just starting life, just got the first people. And so, you will have to manage the first such people. Create the first two people that will become the head of a new civilization, and help them settle in this world, create your own society, guide it through the centuries, make friends among other races, and just survive.

Game Details

About This Game


The gameplay TFM The First Men, if in general, is quite simple here and is based on the simplest mechanics. You will develop your civilization, manage settlements, arrange expeditions, extract resources, fight against other races. The game does not offer anything fundamentally new. But at the same time, there are many features here. One of the main features is the individuality of the characters. Each character here is unique, and each has its own unique traits, characteristics, skills, special abilities and predispositions, and more. And you will have to take all this into account when passing the game, because all this will affect how your society will develop.

The management of the settlements here is at the head of everything that is natural. You will have to manage the settlements to the fullest, devoting a lot of time to each aspect. For example, you will have to build different buildings, study technologies, create items that will somehow help you in development, and not only. And in TFM The First Men you will find many different modes, including training, real-time battles, dozens of maps for single and multiplayer games, random events that will affect the gameplay, and more.

Key Features

  • Campaign maps offer a simulation, city builder, colony sim experience, where you embark on an adventure of your chosen story, fine-tuned and hand-made to provide a strong sense of polished settings, plots, and characters with tailored events, conflicts, and end-game objectives.
  • Skirmish maps offer a classic 4x game experience, where you compete and cooperate with other settlements on balanced, optimized, multiplayer maps to experience the classical, shortened RTS adrenaline. All players start as a separate settlement in this map mode.
  • Custom maps have deep roguelike mechanics in an RTS game, offering endless replayability, where you define starting rules and modifiers and enjoy a procedurally generated, randomized world that’s never been explored by any of «the first men» before.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7+
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended

Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Open GL 3.2+ Compliant
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: Windows Compatible Card
Additional Notes: 1080p, 16:9 recommended


TFM The First Men Game Free Download Torrent TFM The First Men Game Free Download Torrent TFM The First Men Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. After downloaded, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. At the end of the unpacking process, a shortcut appears on the desktop.
5. Start the game.

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Game Update History:
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.10 → v0.7.11 [ 23.09.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.9 → v0.7.10 [ 15.09.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.8 → v0.7.9 [ 08.09.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.7 → v0.7.8 [ 01.09.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.6 → v0.7.7 [ 18.08.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.4 → v0.7.6 [ 12.08.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.3 → v0.7.4 [ 29.07.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.1 → v0.7.3 [ 22.07.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.7.0 → v0.7.1 [ 07.07.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.6.5 → v0.7.0 [ 29.06.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.6.4 → v0.6.5 [ 03.03.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.6.3 → v0.6.4 [ 25.02.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.6.1 → v0.6.3 [ 17.02.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.5.14 → v0.6.1 [ 03.02.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.5.12 → v0.5.14 [ 14.01.2023 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.5.10.1 → v0.5.12 [ 29.12.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.5.6 → v0.5.10.1 [ 21.12.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.5.1 → v0.5.6 [ 18.11.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.4.30 → v0.5.1 [ 03.11.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.4.29 → v0.4.30 [ 20.10.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.4.28 → v0.4.29 [ 19.10.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men v0.4.13 → v0.4.28 [ 18.10.2022 ]
  • TFM The First Men → v0.4.13 [ 24.08.2022 ]

This game has been updated 23-09-2023, 06:15 to the latest version v0.7.11 (upd.23.09.2023).

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Skigameco 18 November 2022 13:33
◆ [Content] 5 new passions have been added for elemental domain believers. A believer can submit to the will of their domain as a new passion at any time for the cost of an Essence, and Path Points will be converted to their domain's associated settlement point every moon. It is a lifelong commitment that cannot be reversed.
◆ [Content] New icons for the new cleric perks, craftable fist weapons, and crossbows.
◆ [Content] New stackable perks for Earth, Water, Fire, and Shadow Clerics: Harvester, Tidecaller, Heartburner, Voidrunner.
◆ [Content] New consumables: Harvesting Essence, Tidecalling Essence, Heartburn Essence, Voidrun Essence.
◆ [Content] New hand outfits for essence consumption activities have been added to reflect their domain.
◆ [Content] New visuals for craftable bows.
◆ [Balance] Enlightening Essence now permanently increases Soul by 1.
◆ [Balance] Removed unnecessary "Rings" of Haste with wrong stat modifiers. Real Haste granting rings begin with the string "Band".
◆ [Balance] Essence costs have been removed from the new "Will of..." passions for believers.
◆ [Balance] Animal Husbands no longer carry Grassland Seeds in their inventory; instead, they use them directly from the Stockpile once the feeding process is complete.
◆ [UI/UX] The Crafts panel's options are now presented horizontally.
◆ [UI/UX] New guide texts for the tutorial to hint at impregnation & learn to play panel.
◆ [UI/UX] UI borders were changed to simpler versions.
◆ [UI/UX] The item names for haul interactions are now being displayed on the character panel.
◆ [Bugfix] Fixed issues with the pregnancy flow.
◆ [Bugfix] Fixed the incorrect trait stack count for Essence consuming activities.
◆ [Bugfix] Fixed the trait stack counts of all point-granting essences crafted by Clerics.
◆ [Bugfix] Fixed an issue where spawned critters would become stuck on top of each other when repopulating.
◆ [Bugfix] Fixed a bug in which mothers who are supposed to deliver infants with bad genetics end up with the trait themselves.
◆ [BugFix] Fixed item not found for tooltip error caused by items that are destroyed from decisions.
◆ [BugFix] Bonding Salves are now correctly consumed by non-pregnant adult females.
◆ [BugFix] Prevented an issue in which newborn characters were spawned on the hills and became stuck.
◆ [BugFix] Fixed the issue with Meatbugs and Adders dropping the wrong carcass.
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