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Mortal Kombat 11 v20.04.2019 Premium Edition (Preload)

Mortal Kombat 11 Game Free Download Torrent
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Mortal Kombat 11 — another part of the fighting game dedicated to the deadly battle. This time you are waiting for even more epic battles, improved graphics and well thought-out plot mode. And the first thing I would like to say that this time at the heart of the game is an advanced improved graphics engine, thanks to which the developers managed to create an unimaginable atmosphere. Realistic arenas with the environment that will be involved in the battles, a huge number of new combinations, including the final, realistic animation of characters and faces on which you can even see emotions — all this is not a complete list of what awaits you in the new game.

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Agony UNRATED Update 4 - CODEX

Agony Game Free Download Torrent
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Agony is an adventure horror game, in which players have to manage a «soul in hell», capable of settling into demons and people. The purpose of this soul is to find your memories and escape from confinement. Along the way, players will have to go through several circles of Hell, in which not only demons and sinners dwell, but also other creatures that can be useful to the hero. The key feature of the game is the ability of the protagonist to «move» from the body to the body, taking control of certain creatures, which helps in passing the levels and tests. However, you can not move in all, so sometimes players will have to act carefully.

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God's Trigger v1.1.58505 - RELOADED

God's Trigger Game Free Download Torrent
God’s Trigger is a cooperative action that takes place in an apocalyptic world. You have to take control of a demoness named Judy and angel Harry, who must act together to defeat the four horsemen of the apocalypse and their minions before they destroy all life on Earth. Co-op shooter with a top view that challenges players to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. God’s Trigger gameplay most closely resembles Hotline Miami, the same top view, the same fierce shooting and bloody melee, the same rapid dynamics. The main difference is the setting and plot. In God’s Trigger, the Angel and the Demoness join forces to destroy the Four Horsemen and stop the end of the world. The game is designed with an emphasis on the cooperative interaction of two players performing joint combinations using melee and ranged weapons, as well as an arsenal of supernatural abilities.

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Hurtworld v0.7.3.0 - SKIDROW

Hurtworld Game Free Download Torrent
In the summer of 2015, the gaming company Bankroll Studios unveiled the release of a new computer game for survival in the cooperative mode of Hurtworld. Even at the moment of appearance of the test version, the project was very liked by the players, who expressed a lot of positive feedback. It is compared to games like 7 Days to Die, or Rust. The game is powerful graphics, the story line can be called non-trivial. We offer everyone who wants to download Hurtworld torrent, and enjoy the gameplay to the fullest.

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Overcooked 2 v18.04.2014 (Campfire Cook Off) - PLAZA

Overcooked 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Overcooked 2 — filled with a positive and bright colors game, which can please any user with its dynamics and fascination. Here you have to go to a fantastic world where you will encounter incredible adventures, and also you can pass a series of tests to get to the goal as quickly as possible. Be focused on winning and do not make mistakes that can lead to adverse events. You can become a real cook, and then do everything possible to achieve positive results in your difficult business. Under your management are all the aspects of the kitchen, where you will control every process, so that the work goes smoothly and gives positive results.

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EndlessHell v18.04.2019 - PLAZA

EndlessHell Game Free Download Torrent
EndlessHell is a captivating action-adventure game with elements of the left game where you go to hell for real. The whole game is presented with a third-person view, where the player will have to take control of the brave justice warrior to resolve the situation with the enemies. You are a very angry and tired warrior who has passed many tests with cold, severe frosts, you are clearing hell from evil. Players have dozens of special skills that can effectively kill various monsters using various matching methods. Currently, the game completed 3 levels and dozens of monsters and bosses with different behaviors. There are more levels and monsters to upgrade, so look forward to it.

Generation Zero v20190417 - CODEX

Generation Zero Game Free Download Torrent
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Generation Zero is a great first-person shooter. Here you will have to go to the territory of Sweden in the 80s and fight with the robots that destroy everything in their path. According to the plot, robots of unknown adventure were attacked in Sweden, with which almost all of the living defenseless population of a particular region of the country was destroyed. As a result, the region has become a deserted place, an abandoned zone, into which stalkers and adventurers rush. You just have to play the role of one of these seekers in Generation Zero.

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Fight the Horror v1.0.1 - CODEX

Fight the Horror Game Free Download Torrent
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Fight the Horror is a very dark and unusual third-person horror in which you will have to survive, fight for life, solve puzzles and do much, much more. According to the plot, the main character was in a confined space, a building where they put a straitjacket on her and closed her up with other similar «patients» in the same room. But the heroine was able to free her hands and thus got a chance to escape. But before she escapes, she will have to overcome a huge number of obstacles, which include puzzles, riddles, and monsters, and not only.

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Running With Rifles v1.71 - SiMPLEX

Running With Rifles Game Free Download Torrent
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Isometric shooter Running With Rifles Pacific opens before the players a lot of opportunities. The game with a view from above allows you to conduct fascinating military events. For the process to be effective, a large number of weapons were introduced. Developers have created a variety of missions of any complexity, passing them will be quite difficult, but it is very interesting. Large-scale game locations with an unusual environment make it possible to move around and recapture the territory.

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World War Z v0.1 - RePack

World War Z Game Free Download Torrent
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World War Z — a cooperative shooter with an emphasis on survival, the plot of which is based on the eponymous filmtape 2013 release. In the game, the action takes place from a third person, and the gameplay resembles Left 4 Dead. The game was created by Saber Interactive, which consists half of Russian employees, so that this project can be partially positioned as domestic. In the War of the Worlds Zet you have to go through several unique tasks and survive in the conditions of a zombie apocalypse. You will visit New York, Moscow, Jerusalem and other cities. In the game you can use various weapons, traps, barriers and elements of the environment. Your enemies will be hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, which, at the sight of a living person, run rather quickly.

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