Monster Hunter Rise v1.1.1 + 10 DLC + Ryujinx Emu for PC

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Monster Hunter Rise — the interactive world of adventure is unique and engaging, so it’s no surprise that the developers create truly original stories. One of these universes is the world with monster hunters. Previously, each player already had the opportunity to get to know this world closely, enjoying epic battles with huge and dangerous creatures. And now the developers have decided to expand the gaming adventure, inviting players to go to a village called Kamura, which is famous for its innovative technologies. This time, hunters will have the opportunity to visit the most mysterious area, which is famous for its mythical creatures, mountainous terrain and unusual weapons. This time, users will have the opportunity to face a new danger that has been reborn due to legends, the absence of gods and human hatred.

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Looking for Heals upd.27.03.2021

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Looking for Heals — is a pixelated RPG roguelike game that successfully incorporates strategy elements. Here you will take on a rather responsible role the role of a healer, who needs to lead his army of warriors to victory in any possible way. You will become a support, protection, and also be able to resurrect a warrior who fell on the battlefield. Become a part of a colorful, but at the same time gloomy and dangerous pixel world, which has prepared for you many challenging, but very exciting missions.

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Realms of Magic v0.19.0 (upd.27.03.2021)

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Realms of Magic is a very interesting pixel role-playing game with a touch of survival. Then you have to survive, travel the vast two-dimensional world, gather resources, survive and do much more. But at the very beginning of the game you will have to create your character. All in all, you will be available 10 game races, and each with its own unique features and benefits. Create a hero, adjust his characteristics and go on the most dangerous and long journey in your life. And remember, in this world, no mistake will go unpunished — think about every action you take, make only thoughtful decisions, look to the future and fight as if you have only one life, as in reality.

This game has been updated 27-03-2021, 06:55 to the latest version v0.19.0 (upd.27.03.2021).

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Gordian Quest Build 103b (upd.26.03.2021)

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Gordian Quest is a roguelike adventure in which you will have to assemble a squad of powerful heroes, go on a journey through the world crumbling before our eyes, and try to defeat Evil. The once prosperous world began to crumble literally before our eyes, Evil began to absorb it from the inside. Robbers, bandits, representatives of different races and all kinds of villains began to destroy the world, and now it needs heroes. Well, you have to collect a detachment of those same heroes and go on a journey, during which your main task will be to destroy the root of Evil. Think manage, then go ahead. But remember, this adventure promises to be very, very challenging.

This game has been updated 26-03-2021, 02:47 to the latest version Build 103b (upd.26.03.2021).

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla v1.1.2 (upd.25.03.2021) - EMPRESS

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Game Free Download Torrent

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — project represents a completely new chapter in the legendary series of action RPG games. Get ready to plunge into a new journey, which this time will devote you to all the details of the confrontation between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons for the lands of the British island. Here you are assigned the role of a mighty Viking named Eivor, who from the cradle was preparing to become the strongest and fearless warrior. Gaining combat experience and wisdom, you have to lead your own clan, which must be led from the devastated and desolate Norway to the prosperous and fertile lands of England in the 9th century.

This game has been updated 28-03-2021, 08:00 to the latest version v1.1.2 (upd.25.03.2021).

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No Place Like Home v0.14.91 (upd.23.03.2021)

No Place Like Home Game Free Download Torrent
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No Place Like Home — is a post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG with elements of a farm simulator in which you will find yourself in the role of one of the last people left on the trash-littered Earth. Humanity filled up the Earth with garbage and went to Mars. There are only a few people left. Clean up the environment and gather resources. Find new furry friends and robot allies. Rebuild your village and environment, and build your own farm on Earth as there is no place like home.

This game has been updated 23-03-2021, 13:09 to the latest version v0.14.91 (upd.23.03.2021).

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Pathfinder Kingmaker v2.1.5d (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

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Pathfinder Kingmaker is an adventure game that sends you to a fantasy world where you fight your rivals and try to gain dominance. Under your control comes the team of four people at once, each of which has its own distinctive features and characteristics. Together you will go to meet adventures, solving world secrets and passing numerous missions. The goals will be more than residual, and to achieve from will not be so easy if you do not develop skills and do not improve abilities. You will be able to visit dozens of different locations, as well as conduct fierce battles in a multi-level, gloomy dungeon dungeon.

This game has been updated 23-03-2021, 05:47 to the latest version v2.1.5d (Definitive Edition).

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Banners of Ruin v0.37.12 (upd.23.03.2021)

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Banners of Ruin — who would have thought that among the various entertainment it would be possible to find a truly unique option. You’ve probably heard of card games and played them at least once. Now we invite you to pay attention to a game whose gameplay is entirely built on card decks, while the game itself is adventure. Yes, now the developers decided to experiment a little to get a good result and try to achieve success. They tried to combine several game genres in one game at once and made the cards the usual basis. It turned out quite curious and interesting, you can safely look free time and begin to comprehend all the delights of this adventure.

This game has been updated 23-03-2021, 05:53 to the latest version v0.37.12 (upd.23.03.2021).

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Star Dynasties Build 6408700 (upd.22.03.2021)

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Star Dynasties — is a game about an alternate future. In this story, the Earth was destroyed due to a very large catastrophe, so humanity was forced to take a step into the unknown. It takes the first and timid steps into space in order to find a new habitat. After hundreds of years, colonial humanity was able to survive. Humanity has decided to create a feudal society, which is completely incapable of providing the necessary conditions for life. The equipment that is needed to maintain life, created by the feudal lords, constantly breaks down.

This game has been updated 22-03-2021, 16:39 to the latest version Build 6408700 (upd.22.03.2021).

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Maritime Calling v0.3.1.9 (upd.22.03.2021)

Maritime Calling Game Free Download Torrent
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Maritime Calling — marine role simulator with elements of roguelike, which will send you, Captain, on a journey on the high seas. The game is inspired by great classics Sid Meiers Pirates, FTL and Age of Piracy, the game is designed to awaken the once promising genre of marine RPG. Take control of a team of unskilled peasants in a comprehensive simulation of all the troubles and riots of sailing ship control with maximum historical accuracy. Guide your ship from the rigging to the cargo bay that heads the island expeditions, explore innovations and own the New World. At Maritime Calling, the developers aim to show the ship as a living city full of activity.

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