Fractalis v0.8.4 (upd.27.08.2020)

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Fractalis — is a mixture of an indie role-playing game and a project in the dungeon crawling genre, a toy in which battles with various monsters, adventures, dark dungeons and hundreds of loot items await you. Create a hero and embark on a journey through dark dungeons, ruins, and other equally gloomy locations in search of adventure. Ahead of you are waiting for battles with monsters, a huge procedurally generated world, a sea of loot, a variety of tasks and much, much more. But remember, surviving in this world will not be easy.

This game has been updated 27-08-2020, 12:54 to the latest version v0.8.4 (upd.27.08.2020).

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Fireside Hero v1.1.2 (upd.27.08.2020)

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Fireside Hero — is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements in the style of a board game in which you will find yourself in a cozy hand-drawn game world that is fully developed and contains four classes of the hero and 6 auxiliary skills, an action movie based on the principles of stone-paper-scissors, and original rumor mechanics , an interesting story, a dynamic map of events, 14 monsters with cunning artificial intelligence, 12 artifacts and 6 supplies, procedural generation and rich landscapes with beautiful music.

This game has been updated 27-08-2020, 12:19 to the latest version v1.1.2 (upd.27.08.2020).

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Slasher's Keep v0.99

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Slasher’s Keep is a game that is an excellent representative of the action genre, where all actions will take place from a first-person perspective, which will allow you to plunge deeper into a series of dynamically developing events. Here you have to go on exploring the vast world in order to find useful resources and valuable items, as well as to combat all rivals who will constantly arise in your way. The main focus of this game is on melee battles, where you can use a sufficiently large arsenal of weapons. All levels that you fall into will have the ability to be randomly generated, which will make the whole game process fun. In addition, the world has prepared for you a lot of secrets and dangers, not only in the form of enemies, but also in the form of numerous traps.

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Mr. Prepper v0.83f (upd.26.08.2020)

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Mr. Prepper — under the threat of a nuclear war, the government deprived people of all their freedoms, and all dissenting citizens disappeared without a trace. In this situation, you decide to take matters into your own hands. In your backyard, you build a shelter. Multi-level bunker with a farm, laboratory and other important rooms. Your task is not just to build a shelter, your task is to build an underground complex that can overthrow the government and return freedom to people. There is a threat of nuclear war in the world, and you must be prepared for this.

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Broke Protocol v1.08 - SKIDROW

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Broke Protocol is a multiplayer sandbox with voxel graphics, in which hitting a huge city, you can do whatever you want. Create your character and go look for adventure. You can become a law-abiding citizen, find a job and not have any problems with law and order, but you can also rob and kill or, for example, become a policeman who will neutralize crime. Also in Broke Protocol there is also a single mode.​

This game has been updated 25-08-2020, 15:16 to the latest version v1.08.

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Sand A Superfluous Game v0.5.4

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Sand A Superfluous Game is an RPG game with elements of survival, where the world is open to conquest and exploration. The external component of the game is unremarkable, but this only complements the overall atmosphere, making it completely unique. There are plenty of opportunities for the user and dynamic gameplay, with which you definitely will not be bored. Before you open our huge planet, but in the future. The future will not be the most pleasant, since the surface of the Earth has become a real ruin field of the fall of an asteroid. Most of our vast planet has said goodbye to life and only a few managed to survive.

This game has been updated 25-08-2020, 04:44 to the latest version v0.5.4.

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Pathfinder Kingmaker v2.1.0j (Definitive Edition) - CODEX

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Pathfinder Kingmaker is an adventure game that sends you to a fantasy world where you fight your rivals and try to gain dominance. Under your control comes the team of four people at once, each of which has its own distinctive features and characteristics. Together you will go to meet adventures, solving world secrets and passing numerous missions. The goals will be more than residual, and to achieve from will not be so easy if you do not develop skills and do not improve abilities. You will be able to visit dozens of different locations, as well as conduct fierce battles in a multi-level, gloomy dungeon dungeon.

This game has been updated 7-09-2020, 11:50 to the latest version v2.1.0j (Definitive Edition).

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Iratus Lord of the Dead v176.15 - CODEX

Iratus Lord of the Dead Game Free Download Torrent
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Iratus Lord of the Dead — role-playing strategy with turn-based battles, made in the style of dark fantasy and mixed in the features of different genres. You are waiting for battle, chaos, dark forces and the sea of the undead. Once the dark lord Irathus was imprisoned in the dungeon by people and the forces of light, but he was released by his henchmen and now he decided to plunge the world into Chaos and Darkness. Well, you will have to help him in this, taking responsibility for the creation of the army, the development of the lair and much more. You will destroy humanity, wreak havoc, shed blood and create monsters, evolve, build shelter.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 10:44 to the latest version v176.15.

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Drox Operative 2 v0.813 (upd.24.08.2020)

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Drox Operative 2 — space role-playing action, the main character of which becomes a participant in the galactic war. The player will have to choose one of the parties to the conflict and lead it to victory. In this role-playing action gamers will take part in the wars of alien races. They have to perform various tasks, accumulate credits and create the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy. And then, as the captain of this powerful ship, join one of the parties to the confrontation and help her win the battle.

This game has been updated 24-08-2020, 15:49 to the latest version v0.813 (upd.24.08.2020).

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Children Of Morta v1.1.70.2 (Paws and Claws) - PLAZA

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Children of Morta is an exciting bagel with a wide variety of characters and unmatched pixel animation. The plot tells about the strong Bergson family, who were elected to protect the mystical mountains of Mort. Generations were replaced, but the hill, as before, retained its attractiveness and many secrets. But nothing can last forever and poison leaked into the bowels of the mountain, turning the fragrant «oasis» into a kingdom of darkness and bloodthirsty monsters. Role-playing action, made in pixel art style, from indie developers Dead Mage. The game tells the story of the Bergson family, which for several generations are the guardians of the cursed Morta Mountain. A long time ago, a once peaceful mountain appeared spoilage, which turned the surrounding area into the abode of cruel monsters and demons. You have to save the world and protect your family from impending danger.

This game has been updated 9-09-2020, 03:59 to the latest version v1.1.70.2 (Paws and Claws).

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