Phlyndir v1.0 - PLAZA

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Phlyndir is a fascinating three-dimensional PC game, with elements of a role-playing game, where the action takes place in a fictional world called Phlyndir. According to the idea of the developer and the storyline, you had the honor to save the whole world from evil, by order of the king. A difficult task, and high hopes for the main character — a guy who has an unchaste talent for military art, and is capable of big things. The ancient evil does not slumber, it sneaks into our world every minute in order to destroy humanity.
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Delivery from the Pain v1.0.7368

Delivery from the Pain Game Free Download Torrent
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Delivery from the Pain is a game in the genre of survival, where you will strongly resist with the terrible conditions of the world. Here you will have the opportunity to fully experience the full horror of life in a world destroyed by the apocalypse. A distinctive feature of this game project is that here there are several scenarios that will be directly dependent on your actions and well-thought-out decisions. Here you will be able to face both the troubles and the feeling of complete adrenaline from what is happening.

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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem v1.1.5 (upd.30.07.2019) Beta - SKIDROW

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Game Free Download Torrent
Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is an action-RPG game that is based on the Diablo principle with inherent advanced features. You will have to explore the world during the completion of the apocalypse, your hero will gradually evolve, he will not be tied to any class, but will be smart enough and unique. The game’s plot will be an adult, you will have the opportunity to destroy the world around you, unexpectedly generate your skills, external effects and weapons, as well as you will build housing for yourself, and many more that suggest interesting game events.

This game has been updated 30-07-2019, 15:08 to the latest version v1.1.5 (upd.30.07.2019) Beta.

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Warbanners v1.3.2 (Death Speaker)

Warbanners Game Free Download Torrent
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Warbanners is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements, in which you are waiting for more than 40 levels in the story campaign. The combat system allows not only to fight, but also to use the terrain. You can erect barricades or freeze the river so that your army quickly overcomes it. Such interaction with the surrounding world gives tremendous opportunities in terms of tactics. All your fighters are gaining experience, and can also use various found or obtained artifacts.

This game has been updated 29-07-2019, 14:41 to the latest version v1.3.2 (Death Speaker).

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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition v2.8 + DLC - PLAZA

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition — this is the case where the developers managed to revive their legendary video game, just correcting all the components for the new generation of gamers. This project is known to everyone, and who does not know, but very fond of RPG — a strange person, immediately obliged to pass the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. The authors have made a huge number of changes that will affect your perception. Especially it touched the gameplay, where new characters and opponents were added, bugs fixed with additional tasks, improved graphics due to the possibility of setting a high resolution, and added the ability to scale.

This game has been updated 25-07-2019, 07:42 to the latest version v2.8 + DLC.

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Niffelheim v1.0.009.1

Niffelheim Game Free Download Torrent
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Niffelheim is a great RPG sandbox that can impress users with a huge drawn world with an indescribable and unique atmosphere, as well as Scandinavian mythology. Gamer will take control of the brave Viking, who happens to join the bloody battle with the demons of death. The sole purpose of the protagonist will be a victory over the demons at any cost, even if this fight will be extremely inequitable. Fortunately, according to the creators, the players will be able to pump their character, giving it a lot of new skills in the process of passing, from which it will become more powerful and more powerful, creating more fierce competition to its enemies.

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Titan Quest Atlantis v2.8 - PLAZA

Titan Quest Atlantis Game Free Download Torrent
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This addition Atlantis will be part of the regular game, and players will be able to continue with the passage of the new storyline with their TQIT characters. The new act will be absorbed in the same Greek mythology as Titan Quest itself. We strive to make it a high-quality product, maintain a high level, and where it is possible to improve the relatively high quality of the original game. We also focus on a few gameplay changes that we see as improvements and plan to introduce you a bit later to what we are trying to achieve.

This game has been updated 25-07-2019, 04:56 to the latest version v2.8.

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Immortal Unchained Storm Breaker Update 18 - CODEX

Immortal Unchained Storm Breaker Game Free Download Torrent
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Fall Apeksiona was swift and brutal. Unstoppable undead hordes broke through the defense of the outpost Immortal Unchained Storm Breaker and continued its relentless invasion. Discover the truth about how it was possible in an entirely new field of Immortal relaxed, and eliminate the terrible threat. New replenishment in the huge world of action with RPG elements, which is a completely new and multi-functional development. Here you have to go on a long, and in some places even a very dangerous adventure, where you will conquer the multiscale expanses of space. Here you have the opportunity to conduct your activities in several unique worlds at once, each of which has prepared for you a lot of interesting and fun.

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Underrail v1.1.0.9 - GOG

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Underrail Expedition is a game project presented in the old-school RPG genre based on the style of the popular game called Fallout. Here you will go to explore the mysterious world, as well as fight with various opponents in turn-based combat style. Game events will send our main character to a distant future, when humanity can no longer live on the surface of the planet, and therefore decides to move to another object. This object is a large-scale underground metro station system, where humanity has the last chance to survive. You will take control of the life of one of the survivors, who was also forced to go to the underground kingdom.

This game has been updated 10-08-2019, 06:14 to the latest version v1.1.0.9.

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Gloomhaven Build 200719

Gloomhaven Game Free Download Torrent
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Gloomhaven is an exciting role-playing tactical game in which you have to go on a dangerous journey through uncharted dungeons full of monsters, wild beasts and demons. And first of all it would be worth saying that this project is based on the eponymous board game. Here you will also have to play the role of commander of a combat detachment consisting of 2-4 characters. Together with your squad, you will go on a journey, you will fight with enemies, be pumped through, perform various tasks and not only.
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