Fire Emblem Engage v1.1.0 + Wave 1 DLC + Ryujinx/Yuzu Switch Emulators

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Fire Emblem Engage is a RPG that features tactical turn-based combat. The game belongs to the popular series launched in 1990 by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. The gameplay does not deviate too much from the schemes known from the previous parts, but the developers decided to turn to some solutions known from the free mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. Thus, we got, among other things, the ability to call on the help of previous heroes of the series, some of which received alternative weapons. A thousand years ago, the continent of Elyos was attacked by an evil being known as the Fallen Dragon.

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  • Siege Survival Gloria Victis Build 10278570 (upd.24.01.2023)

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    New version for PC Siege Survival Gloria Victis — is a fun RPG with elements of survival, the main events of which take place in a distant medieval world. The city, which was the stronghold of the whole kingdom, was almost completely destroyed after the invasion of the barbarians, but the well-fortified castle of the capital still holds the defenses. You must help the trapped townspeople survive this misfortune and organize protection until help comes. Inspect walls and place combat units that will resist constant attacks from the outside.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 09:40 to the latest version Build 10278570 (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • Above Snakes v0.4.8.5 (upd.24.01.2023)

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    Above Snakes — is a survival sim that invites the player to travel to mysterious lands inspired by the Wild West and immerse themselves in a series of events that can change a lot. You will have to play the role of a lonely woman who found herself alone in the middle of forests and wastelands and now must survive. But it’s not easy to survive here. The world is dangerous and shrouded in secrets, zombies and infected are everywhere, evil spirits live in the forests, and in general, dangers can await you at every step.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 03:55 to the latest version v0.4.8.5 (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • Planet Centauri v0.13.8b (upd.24.01.2023)

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    Immediately it is worth noting that the game Planet Centauri can be attributed to amateur projects (above it only three people work). The developers immediately said that inspiration is drawn from the popular game «Terraria», hence the great similarity. Of course, there are also distinctive features in the game: various huge monsters, the ability to tame monsters and create robots, a variety in the creation of weapons and armor, various spells, a huge interesting world and much more.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 09:04 to the latest version v0.13.8b (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • Cygnus Enterprises Build 10348314 (upd.24.01.2023)

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    Cygnus Enterprises — Take control of an abandoned outpost somewhere in a distant world. Gradually restore this place, recruit employees and try to do everything to make the base flourish. Plus, don’t forget epic battles against powerful creatures, resource gathering, and a diverse alien environment. This game combines the classic RPG action and sandbox, as well as base management and exploration of the border world called Mytilus. Here, hostile creatures and amazing locations await you ahead. Construct various buildings and study advanced technologies. Mining and trading a lot of items. Ability to customize the main character and choose skillsTake control of an abandoned outpost on a distant planet. Rebuild your base and manage your employees so it thrives. Fight ferocious creatures and collect resources in a lush alien environment.

    This game has been updated 24-01-2023, 10:02 to the latest version Build 10348314 (upd.24.01.2023).

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  • Dream Engines Nomad Cities v0.11.478 (upd.23.01.2023)

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    The project, called Dream Engines Nomad Cities, is a city-building simulator with elements of RPG, survival and post-apocalyptic style. Get ready for the fact that you have to rebuild a real flying city that will give you a chance to survive in a crazy world full of nightmares and horrible things. Here you can be transported into a crazy, but at the same time bizarre world filled with strange science and dreams. The only way to survive in these conditions is to build an entire settlement soaring in the sky. Use the numerous buildings of the old world, explore the surrounding territories in search of the necessary resources, and also fight mysterious monsters.

    This game has been updated 23-01-2023, 04:18 to the latest version v0.11.478 (upd.23.01.2023).

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  • Dark Quest Board Game v0.80 (upd.22.01.2023)

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    Dark Quest Board Game is a tabletop RPG that has been brought to life as a PC game. Exciting adventures and exciting battles with the evil that is advancing on your lands await you. Choose a hero to your liking and hit the road. You will have to confront a powerful sorcerer who managed to acquire an assistant. Together with his apprentice, the insidious magician rebelled against the existing way of life and fixed his views on the lands that lived peacefully until recently. Their magic is so strong that only the best warriors of all tribes can resist it. You must send out the sad news and assemble a full-fledged army that will repel the created monsters.

    This game has been updated 22-01-2023, 02:50 to the latest version v0.80 (upd.22.01.2023).

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  • Darkest Dungeon 2 v0.18.42328 (upd.22.01.2023)

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    Immerse yourself in a series of battles in the sequel to the famous 2D roguelike, Darkest Dungeon 2 and moved into a full 3D dimension. The dark mystical adventures of famous heroes continue, but now on a new scale. Players are now invited to plunge into a series of even crazier adventures, even better imbued with the atmosphere of the local world, and not only. But unfortunately, at the moment, practically nothing is known about the storyline. It is only known that the events of the game will once again confront players with nightmares, madness, terrible creatures.

    This game has been updated 22-01-2023, 02:47 to the latest version v0.18.42328 (upd.22.01.2023).

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  • Across the Obelisk Build 9990451 (upd.21.01.2023)

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    Across the Obelisk — a cooperative card RPG with elements of roguelite, in the spirit of Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon, where you alone or with friends choose heroes, create your deck of cards and fight powerful enemies. Embark on a journey through the Senetia, an old peaceful land defiled by a mysterious force. Help the villagers, fight the evil bosses, take away the treasures and travel through the developing world, which will change with each step you take. You can play alone or with three other players. Each of you will control the hero in battle, but you all have to work together and decide what is best for the group will you help the farmers and fight against a group of little fiery demons or will look for easy prey among the ashes.

    This game has been updated 21-01-2023, 10:58 to the latest version Build 9990451 (upd.21.01.2023).

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  • Sea of Thieves v2.115.9637.2 (upd.20.01.2023)

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    Sea of Thieves — all of us though approximately, but we know, that the life of the pirate represents. Robbery and seizure of foreign ships, the eternal sea on the horizon, swearing, girls in taverns and, of course, rum, where without it. In many games we have all seen it somehow, but unlike the rest, Sea of Thieves gives a unique experience in the field of teamwork. And it’s not just about digging up the treasure together, but also about real actions in the team. Someone will take on the role of captain, and the rest will perform the work of the sailors lower and raise the anchor, change the direction of the sail and ring the bell at the approach of someone else’s ship.

    This game has been updated 20-01-2023, 10:10 to the latest version v2.115.9637.2 (upd.20.01.2023).

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