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The plot in Tainted Grail — is based on the eponymous board game played by amateurs from all over the world, especially in the USA. Actions take place in a fictional world, which is crammed with a bunch of secrets and secrets. Explore it, find various objects, artifacts that can help you in further battles and battles against the most evil monsters and critters. And there are a lot of them in the game. The same goes for the main boss. The antagonist will be waiting for you in the very last mission, in which you still need to defeat Avalon. It will be a tough, uncompromising battle for life and death. This is a narrative action RPG with a unique storyline.

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Mists of Noyah v0.0.5b (upd.20.06.2020)

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Mists of Noyah — in this adventure you have to take advantage of all available options for survival and take on the role of the people’s avenger who was able to survive the destruction of the world. If you go back to the origins of the story, then the world where the protagonist lived was subjected to massive natural disasters, as a result of which everything was practically destroyed. At the same time, the hero himself was able to survive in deep caves, although he received a split personality. Now he plans to find other survivors and destroy all those who will prevent him from fulfilling his duty. The gameplay is presented in an arcade format with spectacular battles in real time.

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The Iron Oath upd.19.06.2020 (demo)

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The Iron Oath — is a tactical RPG designed for PC in which the player has control over the guild of heroes. It is necessary to manage the organization and its resources and attract new subordinates. We carry them out during adventures, to complete tasks, make decisions with long-term consequences, and, above all, combat a turn-based combat system. Plot. The game is set in a gloomy fantasy universe, which every few decades is visited by an ancient dragon, carrying with it a mysterious plague, which turns people into meaningless animals. The campaign begins when everything indicates that this tragedy will happen again. Players take command of the guild, whose members pay diversified dangerous missions for the corresponding payment.

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Space Haven v0.8.21

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Space Haven is a simulation game with RPG elements and strategy. Here you will go on a space journey through large-scale open spaces and try to cope with various kinds of tests on the way to a given goal. You will take control of a group of astronauts who have embarked on a dangerous path, hoping for a better life. The game gives you the opportunity to design all kinds of aircraft from scratch, collecting them in parts, and then launching them into space. Crew members also need your care, as you must create the safest possible environment.

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The Last Spell upd.19.06.2020 (demo)

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The Last Spell — is a role-playing game enriched with elements taken from bagels and strategy. The action takes place in a fantasy world that, as a result of a long war and an event known as Cataclysm, is on the verge of destruction. During the last, magicians brought a mysterious fog from which hordes of bloodthirsty monsters emerge under cover of night. Those who decided to cross its borders disappeared without a trace or returned as crazy or monsters. Those few who managed to survive the disaster closed in fortresses, where every night they repelled the attacks of hordes of killers. In one of these strongholds, the last wizards try to pronounce the title of the last spell to destroy the magic, and with it the deadly fog.

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Magin The Rat Project Stories upd.19.06.2020 (demo)

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Magin The Rat Project Stories — is a card RPG in a gloomy fantasy world. You are waiting for heroes who are affected by their emotional state. Because of this, you need to make the right decisions that cause less negative emotions. Your main weapon is the collected deck of cards. RPG elements allow you to upgrade your deck with new cards that can be obtained from quests or from a merchant. Although Magin The Rat Project Stories is not yet in development and a full story, the developers promise to emphasize this so that the game intrigues and delays. As you progress through, you will be able to interact with the environment and examine objects in order to better understand the intricacies of the plot. Also in the game there is a mechanics of emotions, you need to maintain a stable state of your characters, make choices and cope with their consequences.

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Stoneshard v0.5.9.4

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Stoneshard is a serious RPG with an interesting pumping system for true connoisseurs. You have to fight in turn-based battles, and this is not easy. Experience skills and mastery. It’s never too late to learn. Develop characters in the chosen direction, without restrictions. All of the above, stimulates the creation of a unique style of play. Stoneshard is a few hundred abilities, features and skills. Try to combine them — creativity in its purest form. There are many opponents and everyone is strong. Risen dead, orcs and others. Think over your actions, the one who chooses the right tactics wins. The game has a health system. Learn to heal your wounds, recognize ailments, to continue to move forward.

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Shores Unknown upd.16.06.2020

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Shores Unknown is a tactical action RPG in the medieval world. The story tells the difficult fate of a brother and sister named Morten and Ren. They are invited by a longtime friend — a sorcerer named Sigvard. He reports that they are elected to change the world forever! The main feature of the game «Shores Unknown» is the original combat system in conjunction with adaptive pumping. Exactly how you fight and will pump your skills.

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HELLCARD Demo v0.21.21405

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HELLCARD — is a bagel strategy game where you need to take care of your card collection to cope with the challenges the game has prepared for you. Immediately it is worth noting the presence of both single and multi-user mode, where you alone or in the company of friends go to conquer the dark underground spaces, teeming with terrible monsters and dangerous traps. Demonstrate your skills as a strategist by building the correct deck, on which the future victory over the enemy’s forces will depend.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot v1.20 - CODEX

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot — is a mix of Japanese role-playing game and slasher, an action game in which you have to go to the Dragon Ball universe and live the life of Son Goku, a guy with supernatural powers. The events of the game offer a new look at the life of young Song Goku and his friends. You can go on a journey through the expanses of the area together with Goku, Gohan, Vejita and other heroes, fight with a huge number of enemies, curb the strength and power that you can only dream of, and not only. In other words, another unforgettable adventure awaits you. As for the gameplay, this time it offers not just battles, but also a lot of other things.

This game has been updated 18-06-2020, 08:01 to the latest version v1.20.

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