Gloomhaven v13880 (upd.29.06.2020)

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Gloomhaven is an exciting role-playing tactical game in which you have to go on a dangerous journey through uncharted dungeons full of monsters, wild beasts and demons. And first of all it would be worth saying that this project is based on the eponymous board game. Here you will also have to play the role of commander of a combat detachment consisting of 2-4 characters. Together with your squad, you will go on a journey, you will fight with enemies, be pumped through, perform various tasks and not only.

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Tangledeep Dawn of Dragons v1.33f - PLAZA

Tangledeep Dawn of Dragons Game Free Download Torrent

Dawn of Dragons is the second expansion to Tangledeep, introducing brand-new dungeons, bosses, gameplay mechanics, items, and monsters to challenge players of all levels. Tangledeep is an RPG made in the style of 16-bit graphics and is filled with a huge number of fascinating adventures in the magical world. At the choice of the player several characters, each with their unique abilities. Also you will get a pumping system, lots of interesting items, different weapons, dungeons with dangerous enemies and much more. All in the best traditions of the old school RPG, but with the addition of modern chips.

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Sand A Superfluous Game v0.3.17

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Sand A Superfluous Game is an RPG game with elements of survival, where the world is open to conquest and exploration. The external component of the game is unremarkable, but this only complements the overall atmosphere, making it completely unique. There are plenty of opportunities for the user and dynamic gameplay, with which you definitely will not be bored. Before you open our huge planet, but in the future. The future will not be the most pleasant, since the surface of the Earth has become a real ruin field of the fall of an asteroid. Most of our vast planet has said goodbye to life and only a few managed to survive.

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Verdant Village v0.2.8 (upd.27.06.2020)

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Verdant Village — while life in this world is constantly boiling. Well, you can do a lot of different things here. For example, you can just go fishing. Moreover, it will not be monotonous, because, firstly, the fishing process itself is quite interesting in Verdant Village, and secondly, more than a hundred species of fish will be waiting for you in the reservoir. In the same way, you can do a lot of other things here. For example, you will be able to breed cow livestock. sheep, hens, or even devote a lot of time to exploring the local world.

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Cardaclysm upd.27.06.2020

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Cardaclysm — a collectible card role-playing strategy with endless generation of the world, where you have to fight with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in epic card battles! Collect creature and spell cards throughout the journey and reveal their power if someone attacks you. You are a dark wizard who should not have bothered with magic and spells too powerful for you. But you did it. And this time you really ruined everything you released the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their minions into your world. So hurry up, take your magic cards and send them back to the hellish dimension until the Apocalypse destroys everyone and everything and, more importantly, before the old council of wizards discovers what you did.

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Planet Centauri v0.11.3d - SKIDROW

Planet Centauri Game Free Download Torrent

Immediately it is worth noting that the game Planet Centauri can be attributed to amateur projects (above it only three people work). The developers immediately said that inspiration is drawn from the popular game «Terraria», hence the great similarity. Of course, there are also distinctive features in the game: various huge monsters, the ability to tame monsters and create robots, a variety in the creation of weapons and armor, various spells, a huge interesting world and much more.

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Minoria v1.084b (upd.26.06.2020)

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Minoria — Pleasant worlds, exciting stories, interesting characters, and much more. All this sometimes becomes the basis for a favorable pastime and good mood. But today’s story will make you think about a lot, because it tells about how important is the faith and hope of loved ones, how much they need to be valued and go to the end. You will have the opportunity to download Minoria torrent — a game in which you take on the role of a brave girl who decided to go on a dangerous adventure to avenge her sister. She has to pass a lot of tests, defeat a large number of dangerous enemies and achieve justice.

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Iron Danger v1.02.05 - PLAZA

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The game Iron Danger is an exciting role-playing game, the battles of which are performed in tactical mode. The main actions unfold in a unique world that successfully combines technological progress and magical powers. You will get the role of the young village girl Kupina, who turned out to be a chosen higher power, so ancient that her existence began long before the appearance of the universe itself. This power was supposed to be converted in the future humanity, however, it became a tasty prey for the powerful sorcerers and demigods. By the will of fate, the treasured energy was in the body of your heroine, as a result of which she received unprecedented opportunities.

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Iratus Lord of the Dead v176.11 - CODEX

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Iratus Lord of the Dead — role-playing strategy with turn-based battles, made in the style of dark fantasy and mixed in the features of different genres. You are waiting for battle, chaos, dark forces and the sea of the undead. Once the dark lord Irathus was imprisoned in the dungeon by people and the forces of light, but he was released by his henchmen and now he decided to plunge the world into Chaos and Darkness. Well, you will have to help him in this, taking responsibility for the creation of the army, the development of the lair and much more. You will destroy humanity, wreak havoc, shed blood and create monsters, evolve, build shelter.

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A Legionarys Life v1.3.10

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A Legionarys Life is an interesting and unusual in its essence text role-playing game in which you will have to become a real legionnaire, serving in the army, participating in wars and not only. The plot of the game is quite simple and tells only about an ordinary legionnaire, a warrior who lives his life and tries to somehow succeed. You will play for him. But do not think that in his role you will have to fight or participate in battles — or rather, you will do it, but only indirectly, controlling everything through a text menu. There are no cool special effects or spectacular fights — everything is much cooler here.

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