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Dragon Star Varnir Game Free Download Torrent

Dragon Star Varnir — you can already download one of the famous Japanese games torrent. This work is directly related to the genre of turn-based games. Everyone can learn the style of this entertainment. After all, the manufacturer is not releasing the first game that differs by this moment. The plot of Dragon Star Varnir will be able to truly please the user. This is an unusual game that will definitely appeal to those who love adventure. Entertainment just appeared, and many wanted to have it on their computer. After all, everyone wants to try their abilities in a fantasy world.

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PAGUI Game Free Download Torrent

PAGUI — In the early days of Taiwan, an orphan taken by the temple keeper accidentally learned about his family and life. Late at night, an orphan escaped from the temple to look at his family. An exciting game for PC, with support for Windows systems, which tells a very unusual story of the origin of the protagonist. You, an orphan in Taiwan, who grew up in poverty and not knowing your parents. But one day, you will find out your true origin in order to restore justice, you need to go on a long but very interesting journey. The place of action is the 50s of the 19th century, in Taiwan, where you have to override the whole atmosphere of life and the then life style.

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OTHER Her Loving Embrace Update 6c

OTHER Her Loving Embrace Game Free Download Torrent
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OTHER Her Loving Embrace — is a retro-pixelated role-playing game in which players are invited to embark on a long and very dangerous journey, during which they will have to fight, solve puzzles, and much more. The game takes place in a mysterious fictional Chestertown. Here Evil is literally everywhere, monsters and various mystical creatures destroy everything in its path. and the world itself is full of secrets, intrigues and secrets. Well, you’ll have to play the role of a guy named Gershom and his companion in a black mask will have to go in search of the source of Evil and try to stop it. In general, it will not be easy, but very interesting.

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Isles of Adalar

Isles of Adalar Game Free Download Torrent
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The young studio Peakway Software has announced its future fantasy role-playing game called Isles of Adalar. In honor of this event, the creators presented the debut trailer of their brainchild. Isles of Adalar is an open-world RPG project. The developers focus on the storyline campaign with a single passage and separately highlight the joint passage in the cooperative.

This game Isles of Adalar will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

Fallout New California v2.21 (upd.06.10.2019)

Fallout New California Game Free Download Torrent
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Fallout New California — new part of the post-apocalyptic shooter with RPG elements. The player will be able to create his character, and leave the shelter 18 to begin exploring New California. Brand new story, scene and faction. The ending of Fallout: New California depends solely on the actions of the player — 13 types of termination of the main plot are available. In each dialogue, there are several possible answers. The game world is completely interactive and dangerous: the player can win the location of some factions, and cause the anger of others. The time of day and night is changing, shops operate on a schedule.

This game has been updated 6-10-2019, 10:20 to the latest version v2.21 (upd.06.10.2019).

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Troubleshooter v4256396

Troubleshooter Game Free Download Torrent
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Troubleshooter — is a turn-based role-playing strategy in which you will wander in the role of the main character in a large open world, fight opponents, communicate with various characters and more. The plot in Troubleshooter revolves around a guy named Albus, who happened to return to his hometown after a while and become the so-called «troubleshooter,» a person who has incredible responsibilities. Moreover, there is no clear separation of responsibilities here — you will be involved in a very large number of cases, and your main task will be to study the world around you. Although there are other equally important tasks that underlie the storyline.

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Neo Cab Build 87D8C886B8

Neo Cab Game Free Download Torrent
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Neo Cab — an unusual game with elements of survival, which tells about all the difficulties of life in the distant future. The plot tells about a brave and sensitive girl named Lina Romero, who is trying to survive as one of the last taxi drivers in the new world, which has become almost complete. Neo Cab is an extremely fascinating alloy of a detective, noir, cyberpunk and taxi driver simulator. Welcome to the futuristic world, where there are literally few people left, humanoid robots have taken their place, and almost everything has turned into automatism. You Lina — one of the last representatives of the human race and the only «live» taxi driver of Los Ojos. Taxing is your only way to survive and find your missing girlfriend.

This game has been updated 6-10-2019, 07:54 to the latest version Build 87D8C886B8.

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Stoneshard v0.4.8.16

Stoneshard Game Free Download Torrent
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Stoneshard is a serious RPG with an interesting pumping system for true connoisseurs. You have to fight in turn-based battles, and this is not easy. Experience skills and mastery. It’s never too late to learn. Develop characters in the chosen direction, without restrictions. All of the above, stimulates the creation of a unique style of play. Stoneshard is a few hundred abilities, features and skills. Try to combine them — creativity in its purest form. There are many opponents and everyone is strong. Risen dead, orcs and others. Think over your actions, the one who chooses the right tactics wins. The game has a health system. Learn to heal your wounds, recognize ailments, to continue to move forward.

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Spaceland v1.0.9

Spaceland Game Free Download Torrent
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Spaceland is a sci-fi tactical strategy game. You have to take control of a squad of space racers to set off to explore an unfamiliar planet. After landing, the team begins to be constantly attacked by the local race of monstrous creatures who are trying to destroy the earthlings. You must make every effort to build your own base and clear the territory from alien monsters.

This game has been updated 18-10-2019, 09:45 to the latest version v1.0.9.

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Cardpocalypse v1.2 - SKIDROW

Cardpocalypse Game Free Download Torrent

Cardpocalypse — a fun card role-playing game with turn-based battles, the events of which unfold in the 1990s. The game tells the story of ten-year-old Jess, who moved to a new school where all children play with Mega Mutant Power Pets. You have to help her in epic card battles and together to find new friends.

This game has been updated 5-10-2019, 16:20 to the latest version v1.2.

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