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Aeioth RPG — is an rpg and action game developed by Ahndong Studio for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, action, adventure, role-playing, indie, early access, adventure. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. In turn, it can be noted that this is a single-player game, which did not change the classical concepts of traditional MMORPG. Of course, Aeioth RPG could not do without numerous loot. At your disposal will be various accessories for the hero, weapons, shields, equipment, various resources required for crafts, pets, pets, and much, much more. And believe me, even with such an abundance of content, there is nothing superfluous. Each item that you find is sure to come in handy for you, or at least be sold.

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Unforgotten upd.16.06.2020 (demo)

Unforgotten Game Free Download Torrent
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Unforgettable — atmospheric non-linear novel in Reigns style about mysticism, riddles, runes, rituals and a winter forest, inspired by the ethnic group of the northern peoples. Within a few days you have to get to know the locals, witness mystical rituals, uncover the secrets of the past and solve the mystery of the lost village. As for the gameplay, so in the game Unforgettable it combines several different mechanics at once. Here you will not only have a visual narration and dialogs, but also many additional actions and processes.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - A Womans Lot v1.9.6 - CODEX

Kingdom Come Deliverance - A Womans Lot Game Free Download Torrent
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The epic of the first part of the Kingdom Come Deliverance is over, the release of the final addition to the game called A Womans Lot, which tells about the difficult female fate in the cruel world of Bohemia of 1403, took place. This is already the fourth addition, which will bring a lot of new gameplay chips into the game, because now Henry the main character of KCD fades into the background and you have to get into the role of the girl Teresa during all 15 hours of the game.

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Enderal Forgotten Stories v1.6.0.0 (upd.23.06.2020) - ALI213

Enderal Forgotten Stories Game Free Download Torrent
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Since 2016, the SureAI group has been releasing large-scale modifications to the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Enderal The Shards of Order first came out, then the creators announced an addition to it, Forgotten Stories. And now all created worlds and adventures will be combined and released on Steam. The premiere of Enderal Forgotten Stories will take place on February 14th. All owners of Skyrim will be able to download the modification for free. Players waiting for an adventure length of 30-125 hours. Based on the game, the group created its own open world and wrote original plots for it, so Skyrim experts will find few familiar aspects here, apart from those of the object and character models. In addition to the storyline with a hidden ending, twelve side quests will be found, as well as two new guild rulers.

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Project Zomboid Build 41.39 - SKIDROW

Project Zomboid Game Free Download Torrent

And you are already bored of zombies? They just missed wait, hope, when the user still decided to download Project Zomboid through the torrent, to feel their power. Will he be able to resist the crowd of zombies, will he survive in the new world? The planet has become almost all filled with these nasty and terrible individuals, but you can not say that there is that ugly - former teacher. There are of course also wrestlers! Which, no matter what, survived and continue to fight. Among them there will be also a user, do not expect allies here, it's better to find yourself only on yourself. And there already time will tell, on how much you will suffice in this world - will die in five minutes or will stretch for half an hour, and can still win? The Apocalypse does not spare anyone, so go ahead, fight to survive - even if you need to kill a hundred or two zombies.

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Surviving Titan v0.7.6 (upd.23.06.2020)

Surviving Titan Game Free Download Torrent
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Surviving Titan — is a dynamic game that successfully combines the genre of adventure, RPG, action and survival, where you will become part of a spacious open world. Play the role of the main character, who went on a long journey on his space ship. Suddenly there was a breakdown on the ship and you had to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. To survive here, you need to get useful resources. Moreover, as a result of the accident, amnesia occurred and now you need to do everything possible to restore memories.

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The Hand of Merlin upd.22.06.2020 (demo)

The Hand of Merlin Game Free Download Torrent
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The Hand of Merlin — is a turn-based strategy game with elements of bagel and RPG. According to the plot, you find yourself during the reign of King Arthur and are faced with the problems inherent in science fiction novels. The world is on the verge of an apocalypse, the passages between universes are open to all comers, and demon creatures twist crowds from dark worlds, capable of completely mowing any kingdom without any problems.

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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos upd.22.06.2020

The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos Game Free Download Torrent
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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos — universe is an original creation by French author John Lang. It began as a very popular audio comedy series parodying role-playing games, board games, and heroic fantasy trails. Now the world of Naheulbeuk is available in English and as the video game The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk The Amulet Of Chaos for the first time. Leading a company of motley motley heroes, players will embark on an epic adventure through the terrible dungeon Nahelbyuk, using both power and mind to overcome the worst that the evil Lord Zangdar has to throw at them. The starry voice, led by Felicia Day, combines the fun, creativity and chaos of an epic fantastic desktop campaign with the challenge of the best tactical role-playing games that bring adventure, unlike everything that you played before.

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Light of the Locked World v0.4.5 (upd.22.06.2020)

Light of the Locked World Game Free Download Torrent
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Light of the Locked World — gameplay, so it in Light of the Locked World is based on classic mechanics for the genre. That is, you will explore a huge partially open world, complete missions, pump and collect loot, fight against all kinds of enemies, including bandits, demons and various undead, fight against bosses, and much more. In fact, the game does not offer anything fundamentally new, but despite this it is literally fascinating. Separately, it would be worth mentioning about battles — these are intense battles with opponents in which you will need to dodge. Avoid enemy attacks, think through every move. Moreover, opponents will do the same, so it will be very difficult.

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Star Traders Frontiers v3.0.69 (upd.22.06.2020)

Star Traders Frontiers Game Free Download Torrent
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Control your own spaceship and your crew. Become a space pirate, trader or bounty hunter. Star Traders Frontiers is an epic space role-playing game with strategic elements. You have to act in the open massive cosmic universe and take its place in it. You are waiting for travel on planets and galaxies, incredible adventures, battles with enemies, establishing trade and economic ties and much more. In Star Traders Frontiers the player is free to choose his own way. By collecting a team and buying a new spacecraft, you will go to meet the stars and new achievements in a galaxy that is constantly developing and living its life, torn apart by internal struggles, political intrigues and threats from outside.

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