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Chronicon — an adventure game, which is based in the RPG genre. The game is original in its execution, because here all missions have already been completed, all rivals are defeated, secrets are revealed, and jewels have been found. What then should our main character do. The thing is that you have to learn about the presence in the fairy world of a certain device called the Chronicon. This device is able to ensure that a select few representatives of humanity can relive the memories that remain from those who died on the battlefield.

This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 04:37 to the latest version v1.51.0 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • Stoneshard v0.8.0.24

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    Stoneshard is a serious RPG with an interesting pumping system for true connoisseurs. You have to fight in turn-based battles, and this is not easy. Experience skills and mastery. It’s never too late to learn. Develop characters in the chosen direction, without restrictions. All of the above, stimulates the creation of a unique style of play. Stoneshard is a few hundred abilities, features and skills. Try to combine them — creativity in its purest form. There are many opponents and everyone is strong. Risen dead, orcs and others. Think over your actions, the one who chooses the right tactics wins. The game has a health system. Learn to heal your wounds, recognize ailments, to continue to move forward.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 06:22 to the latest version v0.8.0.24.

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  • We Who Are About To Die v0.1.6 (upd.05.02.2023)

    We Who Are About To Die Game Free Download Torrent
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    The action of We Who Are About To Die takes the user to the time of Ancient Rome. In this case, you have to be embodied in the role of a brave gladiator. These are former slaves who earn their freedom with blood and sweat, or remain in the arena forever. The game offers a multiplayer mode. You have to fight other gamers in battles where few will survive. At the beginning, the player is invited to undergo training and choose one of the fighters. In this case, you can find out the history, characteristics and available weapons of each eminent warrior.

    This game has been updated 5-02-2023, 04:59 to the latest version v0.1.6 (upd.05.02.2023).

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  • Ultimate Flight Simulator Pro Build 10316751 (upd.05.02.2023)

    Ultimate Flight Simulator Pro Game Free Download Torrent
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    Ultimate Flight Simulator Pro — are you ready for a nice airplane simulator. Great, different planes are waiting for you in this simulator game. Enjoy a great driving simulator by choosing the plane that suits your character. Choose your desired character and aircraft, complete all the challenging missions in different weather conditions and become a real pilot. You can use many planes like fighter planes and passenger planes in the airport for free. Complete challenging missions in Ultimate Flight Simulator Pro, one of the best graphical flight simulator games for PC. Fly anywhere in the world with 3D cities, houses, tracks and high definition graphics, explore landmarks and airports and get unique experiences.

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  • There Is No Light v1.1.7.2 (upd.05.02.2023)

    There Is No Light Game Free Download Torrent
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    There Is No Light — what would you do if the world plunged into the abyss of chaos, darkness and total destruction. Surely you would go to fight and try to rectify the situation. So our hero decided to challenge the darkness, however, the further he moved, the more he learned about the situation and the more he wanted to leave this world. You have to go through hell, which broke out and destroyed all life. And for what reason did this happen, and why in a sense did the demons take the right step? You will learn about this personally.

    This game has been updated 5-02-2023, 12:12 to the latest version v1.1.7.2 (upd.05.02.2023).

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  • Tortuga A Pirates Tale v1.0.2.46660 (upd.04.02.2023)

    Tortuga A Pirates Tale Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tortuga A Pirates Tale is an exciting strategy game for those who love pirates. Step into the Caribbean Sea of the 17th century and lead a fleet of brave and valiant pirates who have decided to save four great powers from excessive wealth at the cost of their lives. The English, Spanish, French and Dutch colonies are overly confident in the sea, but you’ll be happy to fix that. Cut across the water surface, take part in epic battles, and then take all the most valuable as a treasured reward to become even stronger and prepare for the next battle.

    NOTE. Uploaded version: 04 February 2023 [v1.0.2.46660]. This is Full release and latest version of game included DLC. The game is already Pre-Installed and ready to run the game, read the instruction below.

    This game has been updated 4-02-2023, 11:24 to the latest version v1.0.2.46660 (upd.04.02.2023).

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  • No One Survived v0.0.3.1 (upd.04.02.2023)

    No One Survived Game Free Download Torrent
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    No One Survived is a large-scale multiplayer project that takes the user to the abandoned locations of typical European and American cities. A deadly epidemic of an unknown virus has covered the entire planet. The infected lost control of their own minds and turned into bloodthirsty monsters, thinking only of fresh meat. Their charm and ear have improved, and their organization has increased, so survival in harsh realities has been transformed into an art of virtuosos.

    This game has been updated 4-02-2023, 09:18 to the latest version v0.0.3.1 (upd.04.02.2023).

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  • Trinity Fusion v0.1.10203 (upd.04.02.2023)

    Trinity Fusion Game Free Download Torrent
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    Trinity Fusion — take control of several of your personalities at once and try to save the entire multiverse as soon as possible! In addition, explore the distant alien worlds and take part in epic battles to enjoy this exciting process. The multiverse is constantly changing. So you can immerse yourself in the passage of procedurally generated levels and manually recreated arenas. Where you can definitely test your skills! A large number of all kinds of weapons and attack systems, allow you to use the previous experience gained in the fighting game. Glide through space, rush forward and try to dodge all attacks, and also deal damage with the help of special abilities and powerful weapons. In addition, each of your parallel personality received its own world and many biomes to explore.

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  • SpellForce Conquest of Eo Build 10453466 (upd.03.02.2023) - FLT

    SpellForce Conquest of Eo Game Free Download Torrent
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    SpellForce Conquest of Eo is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements in which you have to become a powerful magician and try to spread your influence over the entire kingdom called Eo. True, if earlier magic was something unusual and powerful, now you have to prove your superiority. Be careful, there are a lot of different enemies around, many of which are extremely powerful. Being a magician means constantly developing and discovering a lot of new things. On your adventure, you will face various enemies, find various artifacts and meet heroes who can join your squad. All this will allow you to extract a piece of pleasure, understanding of what is happening.

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  • Death or Glory v0.4.0 (upd.03.02.2023)

    Death or Glory Game Free Download Torrent
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    Death or Glory — is a card duel game in which fighters compete in the arena. Defeat your opponent using any character imaginable, with a unique deck that embodies this style of combat. Unlock more and more cards to adjust your deck on the way to becoming the ultimate champion. In a world where magic and balls collide, where gods and monsters fight for dominance, whether you’re beating with claws or a hammer, light or prayer. Only one can go to the last battle for death or glory.

    This game has been updated 3-02-2023, 13:33 to the latest version v0.4.0 (upd.03.02.2023).

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