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Pendragon — s an interesting turn-based strategy game with rather unusual mechanics and a dynamically developing storyline. You have to go to the distant 673 AD, when the life of King Arthur is threatened after the fall of Camelot. Now the knights of the Round Table must join forces at any cost to fulfill their main mission and protect the ruler. You get the opportunity to act solely on your own. Each decision or action taken will have its own consequences, which must be taken into account. Choose minimal interference policies and watch how events unfold. Don’t forget about the need for military resistance.

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Library Of Ruina v1.0.2.1c (upd.22.09.2020)

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Library Of Ruina — you can go on an amazing adventure, which promises to be not only interesting, but at least unusual. The fact is that the story in this game will be directly related to the library. But you definitely won’t have to read books here, since the library is not so ordinary, but magical and designed to keep secrets together with the souls of carriers. In simple terms, you have to play for hunters who collect souls. And the victims are those who dare to encroach on your treasure or just think about the bad in your presence. The time has come to strike back and simply send in conclusion such negative personalities.

This game has been updated 22-09-2020, 17:18 to the latest version v1.0.2.1c (upd.22.09.2020).

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BlazeSky Build 5537041 (upd.22.09.2020)

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BlazeSky — is an action rpg game developed by Double Robot for the PC platform. A game reminiscent of both Asteroids and Rebel Galaxy. In BlazeSky, we will play the role of an independent space pilot, which explores three dozen different unique hand-crafted star systems. The game’s plot is inspired by classic and modern science fiction. Starting in the safe Terran Republic, players will be able to meet a wide variety of friendly and helpful characters in a series of missions to explore the ancient mysteries of the galaxy.

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Neon Tail v0.11.1.34 (upd.22.09.2020)

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In the dynamic action game Neon Tail, you will play as a girl on roller skates who is saving the city of Blupulse from a massive disaster. The gameplay is presented in an open world. You can freely move along it, communicate with various NPCs, take side quests and acquire super powers. In developing the game, the creators were inspired by games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The heroine freely travels around the city, but at any moment she can interact with the environment: slide along the railing, walls and cables. With the help of objects available in the city, you can climb the roofs of buildings and soar over the city.

This game has been updated 22-09-2020, 11:39 to the latest version v0.11.1.34 (upd.22.09.2020).

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Ortharion project Build 5540446 (upd.22.09.2020)

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Ortharion project — is an rpg game developed by Ortharion project for the PC platform. This is a classic style RPG fantasy that has been made by one single person for many years. Not that everyone needs to run and play this adventure, but for anyone wondering what relatively large games look like, single-handed ones can put this project on a pencil. The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style, and to highlight the features of an action adventure, a slasher role-playing game, with elements of indie fantasy, for one player. The game has been developed by only one person for almost three years, which causes only respect for the work done and done. But for some people, this game can be just a godsend and sparkle with precious sparkle.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt v1.31 + 18 DLC + HD Reworked Project v12.0

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt — is a role-playing action game in the setting of a fantasy open world filled with monsters, monsters, cities, ordinary people, intrigue and mysteries. You will have to play as the legendary Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher, who was entrusted with a very important and dangerous mission. He must at all costs find the Child of purpose. But it will be very difficult to do this, because, firstly, the local world is too huge and it is simply impossible to find someone in it without prompts, and secondly, on the journey you will encounter so many dangers that it will eventually drag on for long, long days.

This game has been updated 21-09-2020, 09:18 to the latest version v1.31 + 18 DLC + HD Reworked Project v12.0.

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Gedonia v0.19a (upd.21.09.2020)

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Gedonia is a rpg, adventure and action game developed by Kazakov Oleg for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the style of fantasy, role-playing game, open world, single-player, fantasy, character customization, adventure, magic, classic, dragons, crafting. Do not forget about effective crafting. Hunt animals, inspect corpses, collect raw materials and make useful objects. The game offers a variety of ways to complete the same quest. You can leave on charm and charisma, use natural secrecy, or take what is owed by brute force.

This game has been updated 21-09-2020, 07:54 to the latest version v0.19a (upd.21.09.2020).

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Plebby Quest The Crusades v1.56 (upd.21.09.2020)

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Plebby Quest The Crusades — a turn-based, strategic game project that sends you to the vastness of the medieval world. The game will teach you the art of negotiating, and also allow you to have a great free time. Events will tell you about the Crusades taking place in Europe in the Middle East. You will take control of the whole kingdom and try to achieve success in agreements with your neighbors. The main task is to create your own powerful and invincible state, which will allow you to leave your mark on the pages of history. To cope with such a mission will not be so simple, you need to prove yourself as a strategist, think through logical actions, and also be able to connect the trick in time. Build the most solid empire that will not be afraid to face the test of time. It will not do without numerous opponents who strive to destroy you.

This game has been updated 21-09-2020, 16:33 to the latest version v1.56 (upd.21.09.2020).

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Gamedec v0.106.6.r23433 (upd.20.09.2020)

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Gamedec — is a cyberpunk RPG adventure set in a distant future using an isometric camera and dark tones. The gloom of the visuals and musical accompaniment creates a serious atmosphere for the story. A feature of the gameplay is the fact that it lacks combat as a mechanic. The development of characters and the settlement of conflicts between all sorts of personalities occurs through elaborate dialogues or decisions made by the gamer. The pumping is done in the form of obtaining new abilities from a huge skill tree, where the strongest improvements can be obtained only at the end of the single-player campaign.

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Ragnorium Build 5565337 (upd.20.09.2020)

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Ragnorium — is a simulator for the recolonization of an alternate universe planet where the privatization of space exploration has led to the commoditization of cloned colonists. The player’s task is to lead a self-sufficient colony, find a way to lead his faction to prosperity and survive the upcoming Crusade. Clone colonists travel to a distant planet to develop the colony and bring it to prosperity. Players can customize clones, collect resources, fight invaders, and fight local fauna. The gloomy one survived in the post-apocalyptic world.

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