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Lets School Game Free Download Torrent

Lets School Game Free Download Torrent

Lets School is a comprehensive school simulator. In the role of director, the player can build a school, manage teachers, and train students. In addition, each character has its own attributes, with which they can cause various troubles. Students have their own individual interests and life plans, which leads to much more difficulties for the headmaster. The prestige rating of the school, the basic needs of students, clothing, food, and even travel. To make this game more realistic, taking exams also requires attention and control from the principal. Outside of school society, he also has to take care of the threats posed by mysterious evil forces and all sorts of potential threats that can infuriate him. He decides the fate of his school, choosing a strict oriental style or a freer western one.

How the school will look like also depends on him. You can freely plan dozens of functional rooms and hundreds of pieces of educational equipment, determine the style of the building. Expanding the area horizontally is not the only thing that can be done. It is possible to expand multi-storey buildings vertically and even construct fancy buildings. Apart from the two main gameplays school building and student/teacher management the player can also control the development of the school.

NOTE. Uploaded version: 05 October 2023 [v03.02.00] + Update v03.02.02. This is Full Release and latest version of game. The game is already Pre-Installed and ready to run the game, read the instruction below. DLC is included: Lets School Original Soundtrack.

Game Details

System Requirements


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 10/11
Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 or AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 2GB / Radeon R9 200 Series or Nvidia GeForce GTX660
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes: Game should run in at least 30 FPS on LOW video settings

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 10/11
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770k or AMD Ryzen 5 equivalent
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible
Additional Notes: Game should run in at least 30 FPS on HIGH video settings


Lets School Game Free Download Torrent Lets School Game Free Download Torrent Lets School Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. Unzip the archive to the hard disk.
3. Mount or burn the ISO image in the disk emulator (UltraISO program). 
4. After mount ISO, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
5. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
6. Copy the contents of the folder «CRACK» in the folder with the game.  
7. Download and install Update v03.02.02, in game folder. [ how to update the game  ]
8. Launch the game!

Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.02.02-TENOKE [ 178.1 MB ]

  1. Extract.
  2. Run Update\PATCH.exe and install the update.
  3. Copy crack to install dir.
  4. Play!

Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.01.04-TENOKE [ 170.8 MB ]
Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.01.03-TENOKE [ 171.0 MB ]
Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.01.02-TENOKE [ 168.1 MB ]
Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.01.01-TENOKE [ 177.2 MB ]

Download Lets School v03.02.02 (upd.13.11.2023) - TENOKE [ 2.76 GB ]

lets_school_v03_02_00-tenoke.torrent (downloads: )
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Game Update History:
  • Lets School → Update v03.02.02 [ 13.11.2023 ]
  • Lets School v03.02.00 → TENOKE RELEASE [ 05.10.2023 ]
  • Lets School v03.01.04 → v03.02.00 [ 03.10.2023 ]
  • Lets School v03.01.03 → v03.01.04 [ 26.08.2023 ]
  • Lets School v03.01.01 → v03.01.03 [ 11.08.2023 ]
  • Lets School Build 11803233 → v03.01.01 [ 04.08.2023 ]
  • Lets School Build 11788115 → Build 11803233 [ 29.07.2023 ]
  • Lets School → Build 11788115 [ 27.07.2023 ]

This game has been updated 13-11-2023, 03:32 to the latest version v03.02.02 (upd.13.11.2023).

Comments 2

Skigameco 4 August 2023 04:07
Download update only: Lets.School.Update.v03.01.01-TENOKE [ 177.2 MB ]
Run Update\PATCH.exe and install the update.
Copy crack to install dir.
Skigameco 12 August 2023 04:44
Fixed the price slider misalignment issue after setting facility prices.
Fixed the inaccessibility problems with the Art Gallery and Multipurpose Stadium.
Fixed the display bug in the training list UI.
Fixed the issue where teachers' clothes didn't update after changing jobs.
Fixed the student pathfinding problem near the edge of the teaching building when the parking lot is adjacent.
Fixed the centering problem of the satisfaction bar after loading a saved game.
Fixed the edge scrolling.
Fixed the problem with the schedule not opening for some classes.
Fixed the issue where loading rooftop styles resulted in all of them being the same.
Fixed the headmaster getting stuck during speeches.
Fixed the bouncing problem of the soccer ball against fences.
Fixed the issue where stair navigation indicators didn't display correctly based on keybindings.
Fixed the inconsistent building rules for glass and blind panels.
Fixed the incorrect display time of wonder.
Fixed the potential text obstruction issue with the event circle monitor.
Fixed the problem where facility maintenance costs didn't change after upgrading.
Fixed the saving issue for renamed positions after changes.
Optimized the feedback on demolishing facilities/furniture.
Optimized the management placement to the forefront in the research group chief's view.
Optimized construction guidance prompts for multi-story buildings (school library).
Optimized grid-based placement for light fixtures; now light fixtures can be placed freely.
Optimized dimensions of the wondrous campus library to even numbers (9x10 → 10x10).
Disabled automatic scheduling for the teaching pathway.
Optimized the Steam Cloud save solution.
Added reminders when lunch box holders are insufficient.
Optimized the outdoor pavement construction rule: can only be built on the ground floor.
No more club courses will appear after the final class.
Optimized research panel label categorization icons.
Reduced the bonus effects of some dishes as follows:
-Kung Pao Chicken Rice (bonus trigger probability: 30% → 10%)
-Spicy Mince Meat Combo (bonus trigger probability: 30% → 10%)
-Squirrel Fish Rice (bonus trigger probability: 30% → 10%)
-Curry Rice (bonus trigger probability: 30% → 10%)
-Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (all attribute bonus probability: 30% → 5%, bonus level 3 → 1)
Adapted the statue plaque UI.
Added an abandoned school icon corresponding to the school icon.
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